Siacoin Will Change Cloud Storage Forever – Cryptocurrency Review & Introduction

Siacoin will be explained and introduced in this video. Siacoin has the ability to reinvent the cloud storage industry and become a dominant force in the crypyo economy. With that said, it is definitely a coin that you should have on your radar as it has a ton of potential in the long run.

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Nisa and Grant says:

Nice video

Andre Sandoval says:

Great quality content!

Terry R says:

Thanks for the video! Just picked up 100K coins

Md Robin says:

I’m selling siacoin

Frank Sending says:

I’m currently mining Sia because I also think it got great potential. Altho I struggle to figure out how high the price for this coin can really go if it explodes. Any thoughs? 5-10$ even possible?

HodlersWeekly says:

Amazon can cost much less. How do I know? Because my friend uses it. His bill last month was $18 for 4.5GB of data retrieval which works out to $4/TB, twice the projected cost of Siacoin. One of the biggest issues of Siacoin is that it cannot keep old customers whenever the price of siacoin appreicates because that means existing customers will have paid more siacoins than new customers to get same $2/TB. This is a major issue that needs to be fixed with sia: a volatile crypto that can increase in value particularly if people start pumping it and then it does not present an attractive service to customers with existing hosting contracts. On the plus side, siacoin has 28 billion coins in circulation, each having a price of almost 1 cent which means it takes a lot of cash infusion to move the price up one cent and double the storage costs for existing customers relative to new ones that on-board when sia is worth 2 cents.

Ryan Meunier says:

Good points! Will definitely be getting some siacoins.

Joel Quest says:

Info is good on this video. It;s a great investment. However for the record, it’s pronounced “SIGH-uh-Coin”

powertoachieve says:

Sia when?… I had been with you for the longest through the good and bad and i still didn’t divorce you . Now its time for you to reward me for my patience towards you.

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