SHADOW | Cloud Based PCs – An Alternative to a Gaming PC

Welcome to a video on Shadow, I am going to do some videos on upgrading PCs, hardware appropriate to Star Citizen & High End Gaming. Shadow, for me is an alternative to upgrading or buying a PC for Star Citizen and the latest games.
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Star Citizen is an Open Development Alpha Project that aims to build a First Person MMO Space Sim that covers gameplay in ship & on ground, economy and pretty much anything else you would want. It’s built in the StarEngine (a modified Lumberyard Engine). You’ll see massive Space Ships that you can fly with friends, land on planets, explore or whatever your way to whatever goal you choose. It’s available to try in it’s current Alpha State Now & you can help give feedback & influence the direction of the game.
Squadron 42 is the Single Player Campaign of Star Citizen & the Spiritual Successor of Wing Commander. The Idea is the game is maximum pretty and seamless… NO LOADING SCREENS. It’s currently in the Alpha of it’s development with the hope that SQ42 Episode 1 will be released Q4 2018 – Q2 2019.

Full Disclosure: I am a Star Citizen Fan BUT am not paid or contracted by CIG in anyway other than I am an Evocati Member and as such am under an NDA for Closed Early Patch Release Tests (ETF).



Tristyn James says:

When do you think shadow will be coming to Australia??

6B3N9 says:

If you want and cant use the Promo Code and want £10 off your first bill! use this : BENQAADD

Zmokey Joe says:

Others have tried this model yet I don’t see them around…

Joe Shmoe says:

How does a cloud-based gaming service deal with the input lag? Even at the best of times I have about 10-15ms ping to my ISP. Depending on how far away Shadow’s servers are from me, add that latency on top… So even a conservative estimate would be a 40 to 50 ms lag between inputs and what happens on the screen. Considering pro gamers can notice even a 1ms input lag, I can’t see how this is viable for any kind of highly competitive game where quick reactions are necessary. Maybe this works for a slower paced game where quick reactions aren’t required.

Luke Pawlowski says:

I actually keep thinking about trying this even though I could save up for a 2000$ laptop instead….I might try it.

Ryan Brown says:

It’s only available in California in the USA. Not the whole country

10,000 subscribers with no videos? says:

Works so fuckin good on FPS games like pubg, fortnite, rainbow six seige, csgo and bf5 I’m insanely shocked with shadow and I plan to stay a customer for a good while

Billy Griffin says:

The Avenger is my pick for Star Citizen. It’s versatile, but it won’t win a ton of space battles.

MrCwhitt75 says:

I7 8700k, 16g ram, 1080ti gpu, 240 ssd. I play everything on max settings…usually well over 100fps and most of them even over 200fps. This star citizen, not happening! Im getting 65 fps max on very high settings. Is my ram to low?

Kraig says:

Do they have any contact info for sales enquiries? I can’t find anything on their website and you can only create an account if you subscribe.

Wind Of Freedom says:



Dont buy it I just wasted my money and is shit I have virgin media and it lags a lot

Prajnadatta Meher says:


Celtic says:

I have genuinely no clue how this works even after watching the video. Help?

Bily Messer says:

Cool tanks!!

Brad B says:

I just hope CIG has learned some lessons. I think a lot of mistakes have been made along the way. Feature creep was just horrible and I guess one could say it still is. Id like to see some basics first just to get us up and running before going all out on some things like base building and land claims etc.. We are years away from a beta. Lets just hope funding holds out till then because I just cant see people paying for ships much longer.. Nothing last forever, nothing.

The devs want to make a career out of this and work at CIG for the rest of their lives? Well then they had better get going because unless they plan to take another decade to make this I dont see it.

Minecraftmania56 says:

Would I get a refund if it’s not for me? If I didn’t like the service??

Bryan Moscato says:

Keep in mind that it takes 3 to 5 business days for Shadow to set up your virtual machine, I ran into this today after ordering the service. Not too happy about the waiting period. That said, I did use the code boredgamer, so you get $10 bucks off…

Austin Wollitz says:

A large majority of gamers are now kids who don’t understand the benefits of a streaming system (the same ones who think Fortnight is actually groundbreaking). Most people work throughout the day and can’t be in their room or around their gaming PC 24/7 can use this on their tablet or phone. Listening to gamer’s these days is like listening to a child complain about their mac’n’cheese being to hot

Robert says:

This is awesome thx for getting this started and telling me about it

craig howey says:

CRAMHUAY to get £10 off

unReview # says:

i have tested this on my android tv quad core , huawei p20 pro and my msi apache pro laptop input lag is so big its unplayable !!! mouse acceleration ‘off

Cpt Carot says:

Looks good, might give it a go when I have a little more time.

K Swift says:

Dude this is awesome and recent so I hope you can get back to me within today or tomorrow. Now I realize this gives you a cloud gaming rig similar to liquidsky. Now I know the servers could be crap to me because I live in Toronto Canada and the closest one maybe be california im not sure, but can’t I just use parsec to completely erase the input lag issue like I do with liquidsky? I pay for that and the data servers are in washington dc lol but it plays 100% through parsec so couldn’t I do the same with this? This is new so I don’t want to just risk wasting $40 like that so I would actually appreciate your input since im currently looking for a cloud rig that’s unlimited and the snoost one is currently done with alpha(something i used daily). Thanks and also where do you download the program? lol im using Windows 7 im guessing i may need Windows 10?

Jerome Blanchet says:

HI i have a Shadow but i can’t play star Citizen with it ( since 3.0 )do you have any tricks to make work ?

MDFlight says:

if you have ridiculously low latency, great concept, if its normal/high prob unplayable

Hitman006xp says:

Just imagine you’re on a lan party with 50 pdeople and everyone uses “his” Shadow PC… i’m sure it will be a lot of fun with just one Internet Connection xD

Angus says:

I’ve got a gaming pc at home but am going to college for blocks of around a month at a time so would like to play some games like spintires ect my only concern is the download speed at college, what is the latency like anyway.

Tim Chr says:


Kraig says:

You just gave me a way to supercharge my Microsoft Surface for Zbrush and Substance Painter. Awesome 🙂

ZenAir Zulu says:

Well this is the moral tech fail. In the old days you could own stuff. Move it around use it how you want. Now its a service do you own the game you still must pay fully for it but is it yours? Add to this terms of service agreement where you give up your money and then your rights.

Hector Cachupin says:

The added latency is there and is noticable to everyone at some degree because it is real. So until the net providers speed increase exponentially. Only then will the latency will be practically inexistent that server hardware will be the limitation. Let’s see who wins that race, space internet or cable providers upgrading their grids.


How do I cancel?

Reverend Zombie says:

I tried to sign up for Shadow today. I live in the United States but after selecting my state got a message that said service is not available in this area. I found that hard to believe, so I systematically selected each state and quickly learned that service is only available in California. I figured it must be an error on the website and contacted support and they confirmed California residents only.

Mike Scully says:

Trying this method right now. The RSI Launcher won’t install the latest patch though 🙁 Just flickers the install button and does nothing. Any idea how to solve this?

Inkunzi Knox says:

Good to know.

Beeps Mcfadden says:

I am waiting for this game to be completed and then I will buy in to it.

eazy Rider says:

Does this video count?

M G says:

Going to give this a one month test since I am currently working abroad with work and away from a gaming rig.


Yea i just had to buy a new ram kit for my computer, a 2 stick 16 gig kit, ill probably buy another at some point.

Thomas H says:

Use this code for 10 off your first month THO2QRGC

Tom Whelan says:

I wonder if you can be logged into multiple devices at the same time

Jreading P says:

interesting idea…

mynuko says:

not bad !

Dawn Phantom says:

interesting future project. The Price is a bit high, but it’s a welcome direction.

Chris Pontin says:

Whilst this is a really nice idea, it simply isn’t priced at a point where its of interest.

Drop it to half that price and I’d be more likely to take a trial.

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