Seagate Personal Cloud 5tb NAS – Review

Today we’re taking a look at a very simple to use NAS (network attached storage) solution from Seagate.
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Tes B says:

Be careful watching this if you are in UK . you will think that ou have a different product ( well you have) i have this product Packaging is same on video Unit same as video from there everything is different and the word simple to use will confuse you (if you are in the uk) seagate will not support or update to the same as video Why i don’t know But this video is of no use in UK
Scam gate as they are called in the uk have sent units as in video to the uk that do not work and does not update the UK units BEWARE!!!!!

Shareholders Register says:

Can you use it as a mapped drive and use it in real time for multiple users?

Forflies says:

Notification squad!

Julian Fuentes says:

You Sea the Gate Tobi!

GrdMstr75 ! says:

You did not describe what else you can do with the USB ports like connecting to pc and that it doesn’t come with USB cable

Stan's Tech Videos says:

Nice video – in our house we’ve got the 2TB version which the whole family use 🙂

Het Baboo says:

Does plex consider this as the server or we need to keep our primary computer on?
& how do we access it on other devices?

Jerry Lin says:

Hi , May I know which seagate drive and mode inside this?
Thank you for your help.

Berlin Lincoln says:

What will happen to the backup data when a trojan horse virus is also backup to the Seagate Cloud?

Sagar Mukherjee says:

download manager use transmission probably..can u find out verison of transmission?

jan brlej says:

It’s not quiet at all, it’s more like shredder. Hard drive goes crazy even at iddle stage. those fucking affiliate reviews. MAD AS HELL

Robert Persuad says:

How much time did the transfer take?

Flemming Andersen says:

Can it run plex in the apps store?

Al Per says:

Buenas tardes. Alguno de ustedes, ¿Habla español ?

Charlie Bro says:

Segate must love you Because even they cant say what you say in your vid
Thats because they cant lie But you can for them
Here In GB we do not sea the same screens as you show even with the update
I can transfer @ 50MBs but onle on the same network
I wish you a long relationship with SEAGATE !!!! They rely on people like you making false statements abot there 5 year old STOCK that has been repackaged
The above statement is why i will not Subscribe or or like

Ted Stone says:

please don’t ever buy a network hard drive, or network storage drive from the western digital company. I bought one in 2007. It was back in 2007. It was a huge capacity back in those days. I used it to store just about anything that filled my mac drive. When it failed two years ago I couldn’t salvage anything unless I mail it to a specialist and pay them.
So I bought a replacement last december and I was reluctant to place anything of value in storage. The company boasts that these devices were designed to always stay on and always stay connected to your home network. 8 out of 10 times I try to access data from this new drive I can’t even see the drive on the network even though the physical lights indicate that everything is connected.
their support system’s best response is to restart or reboot everything.
so why claim your drives are always on and always connected when a consumer can’t see the drive 80% of the time they attempt to browse the device.
I will never, ever, ever buy a HD Drive from WD again. Lucy has tricked this Charlie Brown to kick a field goal for the last time.
Please family and friends do not buy drives from this company unless you wan’t Lucy to pull a football away from you too

Filiph Sandberg says:

55MB/s?!?! i have a transfer speed of 11MB/s. got a good PC and router so where the problem is i dont know?

Odd Egil Soeraa says:

I wonder about a few things – since I have several usbDrive with music and movies and workfiles – is it possible to connect them all with a usb-hub ?

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