Review of the Cloud Rover

I got this Cloud Rover at Fry’s for $69 and thought I’d give you an overview and my thoughts on the device!


Lord Alkurao says:

The iPhone 5 footage looked very solid, it actually really confused me you mentioned it in the video, since the footage looked so good to me, and I actually mistook it for a normal Point and Shoot of DSLR. Great lighting in the video by the way, it had the perfect amount of brightness that it didnt make the footage grainy, and didnt overexpose. I liked the colder color temperature in the video as well.

iFreakTz says:

Hey are the G4’s now really obsolete?

Spike Kastleman says:

iPhone video is not good quality. And the audio is not in this video, either.

Wm Pet says:

You should get new headphones or speakers

Ronald Montes says:

Thank you.

octaivias says:

id only use that for my free wifi 

Laser Lemon 3000 says:

I saw you had spy vs spy

Chill Austin says:

My right ear got really lonely watching this video, plus the color in this video is also not very vibrant, but it’s an iPhone so you can’t expect quality video from it. Other than that, great video. 🙂

András Czető says:


Kevin The Hyena says:

$69 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ratan Venkatesan says:

The first thing that came to my mind is using it to look up a skirt

Neodymium60 says:

but this time if rover will be an client it wont work on anwhere that there is no internet

Isaac C Love says:

i thinkmthe video quality was ok but i was noticing an audio change…
this time I’m using headphones and usually I don’t! some was centered and some toward the end was more to the left…
thanks for video though!!!

The Garden of Eatin says:

I’m tempted to build my own one of these now using a Raspberry Pi.

21 says:

mine’s camera has the same issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DoggoSource says:

Why can I only hear from my left speaker

Zippy says:

My camera works just fine and I even made a video about it

Sumo Sushi says:

Video looked great viewed at about 18″ away from a 480p image displayed on a 1440p S7 covered in fingerprints.

Joseph Michaels says:

Where did you get that flooring? Is it Laminate? What brand, and color?

BossHeins Craft says:

JOUE BIEN TECH said about it already

Jonas Kvale says:

It has awful frame rate :/

Erick Garcia says:

perfect  keep them coming

himynameis1322 says:

first comment

Funmaster 31 says:

Shot on the iPhone 5

Choc 542 says:

It is great looking but the colors are not really there.

George GOnzalez says:

have you updated your software on the phone?>for the rover?

faultyJACK says:

i didn’t even notice a difference in the camera

BossHeins Craft says:

That video made my speaker sounds strange, it sounds very LOUD in the end, using the other speaker.

Alex Nelson says:

That whole wifi AP thing is typical of junky little Chinese gadgets like this. It’s very common in dashcams too, but mainly because you don’t have a wireless signal by your car – in this case, it’s easier to just sit in AP mode than to design some sort of method to configure it to connect to an actual AP somewhere else. Presumably you could use this someplace where there’s no wifi, but even so, it’s not like it can’t switch between AP and client on the fly. Just cost reduction and laziness.

Mr10616SD says:


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