Panda Free Cloud Antivirus Review 2016

Panda Cloud Antivirus 2016(Free version): A new UI, and the same features. Is this product doing well, or is it going to become endangered like the actual Pandas? Find out.
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Rico Williams says:

can you find a free cloud based AV that You would recommend? ive been running panda and this video makes me nervous. Lmao

DiegoALexis2079 says:

I downloaded panda 2 weeks ago, and the very moment i installed it, it blocked my internet access… i had to google with my cell phone for an hour looking for a solution, at every single forum i went there were a lot of people with the same problem as mine since 2005 panda versions…at panda’s forum they didn’t had a solution for this issue, so the common solution to fix this, was to uninstall this crap, so i did, but my pc was still unable to connect to internet… so i had to run a system restore to finally fix it, hours and hours wasted, the frustration was almost unbearable. Panda was the worse thing that happened to my pc ever ever everrrrr!
So all in all, i’d say: When an antivirus gives you more trouble than an actual virus, it’s not worth to even try it.

Md. Sony Khan says:

I can’t find any update option. does this update automatically?

techqueries says:

If you want more help or information related to Panda Antivirus then you can contact at 1844-622-4283 or you can visit at below link for help.

Sher Khan says:

Can you make a rating system? After every review

Yaacob Haji Musa says:

Panda AV is not really effective I think

Allan D says:

+The Pc Security Channel I do not have any of them is there any other way and I never used those programs

itsArtem says:

You can also move the tiles around, even to the next page. Just like in windows 10!

Dkey2 says:

can you give me a link to your desktop background ? Great video btw.

byKongo says:

10.000 subs. Congrats! 🙂

Crappy Zelulu says:

How to get the panda to be on chrome?

TheFurryFish says:

Very quiet

Amrit Roy says:

do a video on quick heal.. by the way it doesn’t blocked that archive because u have not enabled “scan compressed files” in the settings. thanku. (“_”)/.

Nicholas Ringhof says:

Dude, the program is not in need of optimization, you’re using Internet Explorer. I could care less about Panda, but use a proper browser if you want to do any testing.

Avron Rodriguez says:

Are your using virtualbox? To do test.

wtdc73s says:

I’m trying to give a chance to Panda on every 2-3 years since 2008. And literally every time this piece of sh.code screws my PC immediately after installation. After 9 years they still have an incomplete and buggy software that is incompatible with the most of computer configurations.

tal32123 says:

Can you do this vs avast?


Hurry up and win one of the 100 license keys

Unknown User says:

Nah, I think I will just stick with my Avira AV.

Wilfredo Torres says:

Hi Leo, I see that Panda had a few glitches from what you demonstrated like most free AV products you need to bundle them together with other products like a firewall, Malwarebytes or Zemana, Hitman Pro. As well keeping your system well patched you should be good. Do you think because it’s a cloud based AV is the reason why it takes so to scan the folder? Thanks for the review.

Allan D says:

+The Pc Security Channel I love watching your videos but I really want your wallpapers can you give me some of them? 🙂

Daniel Arendt says:

Always a good and professional-level tester, you’ve been very good here again. As an aside, I noticed in this video that on Windows 10 any malware at all could bypass IE and the native OS architecture (any AV not catching malware itself obviously leaving it to system to resist); this counters some bloggers I’ve seen who insist Windows 10 all by itself is good enough to stop malware and ransomware all on its own. Thanks for keeping on with such tests, they’re obviously still needed. Cheers!

Mikhail R says:

Very weak product (it was like so and it’s now). Dunno who use it/buy it. Thanks for review.

zoiuduu says:

please put the links for zamana ad hitman pro

Mc Dragon says:

review crystal security please its a really good antivirus

Nazmul Hasan says:

Does Panda Antivirus is really protect me. I now used Avast. Can I uninstall Avast and started use Panda Antivirus

Станислава Орлова says:

Hey Guys, search in google: “Antivirusxxx License”. There are FREE license keys for AVG antivirus companies and it’s also performing 100%.

smith miller says:

panda antivirus tech support number 1888 209 7111

OnNux says:

Great video again thanks !

Sangeeth S says:

Can you please try the malware bytes file assassin tool which claims to remove non deletable files? and their other security tools also?

Elo says:

PC Security Channel please help me!

I downloaded hitmanpro and use it with kaspersky except i turned off auto scans on hitmanpro everything else is default am i doing it right or will the teo conflict with eachother

Moozie Calf says:

About how much does it slow your system down?

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