PaaS Introduction (Platform as a Service)

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Vijay Vankhede says:

It’s really informative. 

bircaalex says:

Great video.

Leamsi Ordnavi says:


David Francis says:

This tutorial is very very interesting, this could not have been better. Thanks to the computer guy Eli.

sammy11jo says:

I’ve been reseaching cloud for work the last couple of days, and to be honest, the more info I found and the more I read up on the subject, the more I got confused about what is what. This series of viedeos actually cleared that huge mess I had in my head up really quick. Thanks so much!! and PEASE keep up the great work!

Tom W. says:

Eli you left your live stream running earlier!!!!

Magickiz Channel says:

Nice explanations :).We like your videos 🙂

fazal shah says:

Really really really, Really really really, Really really really, Really really really Nice Video

kartik kandavalli says:

hey Eli can u give us a brief on Disaster recovery

Luis Frederico says:

great video Eli.

Tom W. says:

It turned itself off at 1:31:00

steveschannel says:

He explains things quite well but I find there is too much over emphasing, in other words, that’s to say, repeating things over and over (and over – and over.. and.. over).

I find if I fast forward through his videos jumping over a couple of minutes or more here and there I am not missing anything and I save time. Also needs to allow a few pauses, its like a non-stop talking voice-box which is a bit hard on the head at times. I also tend to skip the first 5-10 mins of the intro of his longer vids. 

sarahsga says:

Thank you, Eli 🙂 as easy as it can be!

Terrance Manning says:

Eli what if you have a Solid State Drive. Will that speed up the I/O performance?

Anurag Bhusal says:

thanks …..but how is platform created

Paul Agola says:

hey Eli i thought that the whole idea for Paas is the scalability. Like with AWS EC2 is elastic so if you’re users grow ( traffic ) so the I/O performance changed for the better?

Pr S says:

great video !

girish lc says:

Nice explaination Eli, but you can avaoid the repeatations… 😛

Luca Francesca says:

Cook as always 🙂

Kenneth Martinez says:

This guy is the best. Every time I’m having trouble understanding something he explains it perfectly.

VATechAlum says:

Another fabulous job Eli! Nice work!!!


thank you I was waiting to hear it from you

Peter Oh says:

Eli! You are the man!!

GiSGNDECan 01 says:

Thank you! Very good explanation!

Ms Visio says:

You mention that the I/O performance is very poor in PaaS. Does that includes pulling customer data, logging in into the app and retrieving data from Google maps as well? I am building an app around that. Also, I noticed that really large companies like Coca Cola, Best Buy are running on Google App engine. So how are they running successfully when obviously the number of concurrent users will be greater than 10,000 anytime??

Idris Ade says:

nice job eli

TechNelson says:

Your last part talking about not getting stuck trying to define concrete boundaries of different cloud services is exactly what I needed answered. 15:17 Thanks.

Samuel Bong says:

Hi Eli, what are your thoughts on Softlayer?

Grouchodeandre says:

Very well explained. But once you’ve said “very very, very very poor” it’s enough! The other 3 or 4 “very” are just redundant :P. Just kidding, well done!

jose aguirre says:

Finally someone who speaks English with out a heavy accent.

Rabia Fathima says:

Thank you!!

Vinícius Ferreira says:

Great explanation! Thank you.

Lucas Bedolla says:

You are a bawse! I’m currently working on my little mobile app, and you’ve helped me Immensely! Thank you 🙂

Ellsworth Dansby says:

Transferring Code from one Host to another and the IO difference. Wow, good thoughts there.!

Jonas Carlsson says:

Thank you Eli

ThroughtheLionsDen says:

Great explanation, but lay off the adverbs.

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