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Openstack Project Beginning!


Lake Gaming says:

Hey I know you are downsizing some of your stuff and Im looking to get some Dell r710/r610s so if you are selling any let me know! Im just in high school but I have a single r710 right now hosting pfsense an active directory server, DNS, NAS, Plex, LAMP stack and WDS and currently working on getting a SCCM environment setup!

Om Patel says:

how can i make my own personal cloud storage with that server

mynewname says:

you obvs know a load aboout servers, i want to setup a web server just for test purposes. i want the smallest and less nosiy, mainly so i can find something to put it on other than a huge rack, and for quietness as it would probably be in my room. Any kind of suggestions to size and silence what to look for be helpfull.. Cheers dude

Sean Donohoo says:

Where do you get your cat5/6 cable with the clear boots at?

JC61990 says:

“spanning-tree portfast” should speed up the time for the port on the switch to go active after you reboot a host.

EYEVO says:

The latest version of the ubuntu autopilot doesn’t install properly. Just a suggestion the fuel openstack installer is really great not the mirantis branded one although the mirantis instructions videos aren’t bad.

Daniel Tekmyster says:

great video, love the switches (i see the fiber isn’t being used anymore) msg me if you have any questions with those.

vijay kumar says:

can we get in future all videos of installing maas with openstack

reda khayour says:

Hi, Nice Video i think we can do business together , let me know if you’re OK my contact

Tom's Tech says:

Nice video mate!

Qurdi Sanchez Moises says:

What a great video !!! BTW, what type of Cisco switch do you use? Are those gigabit networks or 10Gb? Thank you!

Fatbardh Hysa says:

Thats a nice video. I am wondering why don’t you just install openstack manually using the manual from the openstack website? It’s a lot less confusing that way than using MAAS and Autopilot. Those are great tools and give you lots of flexibility, but building openstack manually it gives a better understanding of how stuff work and then in no time you are able to also modify the configurations to suit your needs best. I would recommend openstack to everyone as it is a great platform and gives you the freedom to combine lots of technologies and get the best out of each one.

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