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This video is a part of our video series to help you find the right cloud service. In this video series, we are comparing Dropbox vs Google Drive vs iCloud vs OneDrive vs Amazon Cloud Drive.

OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud service which was once called SkyDrive. This revamped version is definitely far better than SkyDrive but can it compete with the other top players?

Backed up by the powerful Microsoft Office Online, OneDrive has the best editing tools available. And sharing files is easy as well. The problem comes when you want to collaborate with people.

Real-time collaboration is only available to Office 365 customers. In fact, Microsoft is doing everything it can to push Office 365 sales.

But what about speed? We have extensively tested upload and download speed of OneDrive and the results will leave you shocked.

We also discussed a lots of pros and cons of OneDrive which will help you make the decision. And if you think, OneDrive is not the right cloud service for you, check out the other cloud services we have reviewed.

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Wawan Adie says:

Is possible if i sync 20GB single file using desktop app.

Thunderbolt 1000 Siren Productions says:

this is the biggest Microsoft scam since the Indian hacking virus call centers. it just deleted  EVREYTHING on it for no reason whatsoever recently! do not get it at all! use google drive or google photos and tell onedrive to fuck off


The progress upload bar is beside the clock

abc def says:

i can not delete onedrive. i can not change the sync folder name, it sits in my pc everywhere running and gobbling up files by mistakenly putting it there. you can not upload like MEGAsync, there is no onedrive website to login to. i finally enrolled it because of two years of its nagging. that was the biggest mistake, i know windows is like a virus. i spent months to find gpedit.msc to uninstall it as windows support said, it turns out gpedit doesnt come with pc installed windows. time to change to other OS’s. no more wasting time with windows

Mihael Tominšek says:

OneDrive = loose data – just the matter of time.
Dropbox = save user against user error.

OneDrive is nice looking web app, nice looking galleries, but SLOW (slow, …) to sync and it does NOT make versions for overwriten files, other than Office files. If you delete something from web, there is recycle bin. But for deletion from desktop, there is no return. For overwriting file, there is no return. Once I overwrited whole folder. No way to get things back, since folder was bigger than recycle bin of the drive. All data was deleted on Onedrive as well and NO “undelete” feature as Drobpox provide. Only solution was to go the my other sleeping PC, disconect internet BEFORE I wake PC up and than manually copy data, before Onedrive would delete that too. Ufff.

Why I use it: It’s cheap storage comapared to Dropbox (If you’re using MS Office) and it is integrated with Lumia Phone and MS acccount. If someone uses other platform, there is no reason to stick with this mediocre product.

Dropbox: It is THE fastest way of syncing. I have 3 computers in same room. It is faster to drop file in Dropbox, than use thumbdrive. Before I walk to next desk 3 steps away, it is already synced. While with One drive using thumb drive is faster. For simple 10kb TXT file, where you add one letter and save, Dropbox needs split second to sync, while Onedrive needs 10 seconds only for “looking for changes”. Good lord. Opening and saving small Excel file One drive needs 45 seconds to mark as synced. Grr.

Dropbox have versioning for all files and 30 days of history for all files. That SAVED me numerous time. From user error deleting everything, to deleting file without knowing it and after few weeks I managed to restore that. Or to restore file someone else deleted… and most important, if you save something and find out, that this was corrupted version, you have old version back. No such thing in OneDrive.

Dropbox is way better for everyone, except us suckers who persist on Windows(phone)Platform.

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