No, Cloud Computing Won’t Make Next Gen Consoles Cheaper…

There was a report that Cloud Gaming could make the next generation of video game consoles cheaper, This maybe true but not the anytime soon. Let’s discuss why.

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Shirayuki Nobu says:

Cloud Gaming is gonna screw over everything. Physical copies are the way of life and thats what it should be

scotty thompson says:

cool video talk reviewtech USA

techy 804 says:

Xbox Live is already on the switch, but it’s only one game and that’s Minecraft

Oni Zero says:

I think we should be there like at… 10g everywhere

Nicholas Arnold says:

Have gaming to be full internet is just Fucking stpuid I just don’t seeing it working and most people can’t even afford it this is just obviously froe mircosoft trying to get more money and other tech companies.

CR CR says:


TooStupidGamerz says:

Yeah… We’re no where near to Cloud Gaming here in the states…
Unless you have some crazy long cable connected to servers in South Korea (where their internet is frikkin amazing)…
You’re not gonna see cloud gaming take off!

DragoonGaming77 says:

yeah no way will i ever want streaming only gaming, Diablo 3 has taught me just how terrible this can be.

Gary Stinten says:

new mascot idea..

something the cloud.

ZeroUrtaga says:


TheCanadianToast says:

Meanwhile I am sitting here with my mom’s laggy ADSL internet connection of 15mbps download speed, and 1 mbps upload speed in her house, and if an upload is attempted on the internet connection, the internet connection becomes unusable to all devices to the point where all of the complaints in the house come flooding to me and I absolutely cannot do anything about it due to the internet plan’s speed.

TL;DR: No. The future is not ready for all cloud gaming environment if you are completely stuck on an ADSL Internet connection in your house.

Wave says:

Cloud gaming will never happen as long as Comcast is the numer 1 ISP in America.

EcoSos3 says:

Cloud game…the day stop playing modern games and only play classics.

Theprfesssor says:

I don’t care if it makes them cheaper, I want the ability to play the game natively on a machine in my house, preferably off physical media that i and I alone own
The digital market and streaming is nice and have purposes, but DRM should NOT be a standard to be relied on or accepted it should be one of many options available

DawnOfTheOzz says:

Too soon to implement it now. The bandwidth needs to strong and reliable, especially here down under when half the country still doesn’t have reliable fast internet yet.

Sjono says:

Physical media is never going to die

TonyLikeGames2 says:

Great tech review

Gary Stinten says:

hey rich

5G mobile wireless broadband..

Vincent GR says:

Even if we had enough bandwidth, latency will kill it.
Except if we play backgammon.

Otaku Sempai says:

Will games still cost 60 bucks/ since will save so much money with cloud. maybe make them cheaper like 30 bucks?

Don Manley says:

I don’t have a lot of hope for the cloud gaming future. ISP’S paid Pai to repeal title II so they could squeeze every cent out of existing technology. They want to charge us the consumer more and provide less to us.

flying snoopy says:

How many cucumbers have been flown in the videos over time ??? And sweet I’m the 16,000 viewer niceee but if there is a cloud gaming what would happen if it’s a raining cloud?

TheKHfan358over3d says:

No they won’t charge less and i do not support this move of cloud gaming


Microsoft needs to figure out the direction of the Xbox brand on a software and hardware front, and make their plans clear to gamers in an announcement, before they start trying to force anybody into anything. Especially, cloud gaming. 2019/2020 could easily be a repeat of 2013 if Microsoft fucks up their messaging in any way.

The Zer0 Effect says:

Why can’t we just wait until we get more information on the new Gen Consoles?

billyhatcher643 says:

cloud gaming will not take over traditional gaming i prefer buying consoles cause its easier and more convenient

Aereto says:

Yeah people do not understand cloud computing and virtualization to thin clients. Virtualization is CPU-intensive to the client device, as it contends with secure data stream and interface with the virtualized operating system in the server being accessed.

Letting servers do the rest of the work is not as cheap as it sounds, especially when not a lot of customers have reliable internet, no less have the throughput to do this without forking over some serious cash to support high resolution, high response gaming.

Zontar82 says:

remember that ONlive bullshit? cloud is not “the future” and never will be

King Ech says:

Im still waiting for true 4k textures

famloy5 says:

Cloud gaming will be the end of my gaming experience…

tatito rodriguez says:

i will give up disc based consoles when they pry them from my cold dead hands.

Fantasieelfe says:

If you buy . They wont change.

CR CR says:


ccricers says:

Oh boy, DSP gaming will now have to complain about single player games dropping his inputs, and he’d be right for once

hypershadix1 says:

*well yes but actually no*

Erick Solis says:

I feel like internet companies are not going to allow cloud gaming to become a the norm because they’re not going to allow people to have unlimited data. We all know how these internet companies work.

duhmez says:

How can we play Xbox games on our switch when Xboxx aint got no games?!?!?!

Edgar Herdous says:

I don’t think it will happen next gen, but, owning a Shield and having tried a few single player games running off of Nvidia servers, I have noticed latency is much lower than I expected. And it will only get better. Obviously, it does require a fast and stable internet connection – and I’d hate to have my connection to the server dropped as I’m playing – but I think cloud gaming has a future, even if mostly for casual gamers.

Cian Gargan says:

I’m not touching cloud gaming next gen. My internet isn’t extremely reliable where I live and I like that with physical hardware the game will always work.

Vampirerockstar says:

This wont happen with the internet in the states and with net neutrality gone

Michael J Caboose says:

Gagiin entertainment suck at making games

Agent_X says:

Those in rural areas who have to use lame satellite internet or just don’t have it are screwed.
I use spectrum and idk what I’d do without it.
Lived with my buddy who had satellite and it was worse than dial up.

Cylaz MVs says:

G5 is the only reason this might work.

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