NeatConnect Cloud Scanner Warning Review

My short warning review of the NeatConnect Cloud Scanner. This scanner should be as easy as putting in the paper, selecting the destination and clicking scan. Unfortunately, NeatCo’s idea of destinations is flawed. This scanner could be awesome with a simple software upgrade.

If anyone has ideas for work arounds, please post in the comments. Thanks.


don frank says:

I have one of these. I used to be able to upload directly to Dropbox, but the firmware update made it to where you have to subscribe to neat to connect to Dropbox. The update did fix the one note and one drive issues. I love the fact I can scan everything to Google Drive or One Drive and organize it later. Evernote I reserve for bigger documents that I need to refer to. I agree that improvements need to be made, but for getting things on the cloud fast, its hard to beat this one. I can scan 10 checks or receipts and have them on the cloud in less than 1 minute. You do have to organize them later, probably from a desktop or laptop, but getting the scans on the cloud is hassle free. I scan to OneNote for directions, coupons or reference data, it’s really fast. I just now scanned a business card to my OneNote account and it was there in 17 seconds, didn’t have to turn anything on its always on. It has some strengths, but I don’t want to subscribe to Neat to upload to Dropbox. My experience is that Neat has terrible customer support.

Manisha Newman says:

Will you do a vs. review with your scan snap please?

Justine Williams says:

What scanner besides the Neat would you recommend?

Casa del Destino says:

Do you know if you can scan everything to your computer or do you have to store the data on the cloud?

Radhames Bonilla says:

Please info if the problem have been volved with software… . I´m looking for faster, heavy duty, friendly use searching functions and wireless scanner for get scann many thousands of color cards size 3×4 inches. I don´t know if the Neat Connect scanner would fill my needs. Info to: and write subject as: NEAT CONNECT SCANER. Thanks for any help or suggestions. Radhames

Ma Xiang says:

NEAT CLOUD is a JOKE and SCAM. NO way to get your files out of this fucking shit “cloud” that does keep meta info of your files, will not preserve the time stamp, not supporting batch download. If after you’ve paid hundred of premium cloud fees, you can enjoy spending 1 hours download 10 files that does not even sort in order and with all that junk labels. The software is like written by high school students. can not believe it.

TheDweebert says:

Completely agree. Just bought the Neat Connect, and it’s crap. I’m returning it today. Not user friendly at all. Makes more work for the user instead of simplifying the process like it should.

mane3215 says:

Has this been fixed?  I know with the neatdesk and their software I can changed the default folder prior to scanning into drop box to any folder in there.  I don’t think there is a quick access menu unfortunately so it seems you have to drill down each time.

Michael McCarthy says:

Totally disappointed with this 250 dollar purchase for my small business.

Jack Torse says:

On March 1, 2016, the Neat Company posted an announcement that it is ending support for Neat Desktop as of March 31, 2016. Meaning it will stop fixing bugs and allowing new downloads. If past behavior is any indication, the next OS update will
break Neat Desktop but now the company won’t fix it. Instead, Neat demands that its customers subscribe to its new cloud software. That’s a minimum of $72 per year. Read it and weep:

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