McAfee free cloud antivirus review (beta)

McAfee cloud antivirus? free? Yeah, you heard me right.
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Urki says:

where you get that malware list ?

Michael Moose says:

Could you test/review Dr. Web Security Space Version 11, please?

Andrew102 says:

you could maybe drag the files on to your c drive then do a scan them McAfee might scan it.

Gary Player says:

hard to remove.Not good Protection.

Imtiaz Zaman says:

In one of your video you told that bitdefender highly relies on cloud. What do you mean by that and does bitdefender also relies on cloud for the security of my PC.

byKongo says:

Pls test Panda free Antivirus 2016

EricchiYukia says:

Why didn’t you just CTRL+A and ENTER all those files instead of running them one by one?

Striker Rc4 says:

The detections on the web its by the siteadvisor not by the Av…siteadvisor its the only good thing on this product

JLNetworks says:

MCAfee has an Avast engine

Gabriel Camargo says:

Please, PLEASE, test Avira Free Antivirus 2016.

victorh2007 says:

I got also surprised by the good detection of McAffe Free Cloud Antivirus. It misses the possibility of personalized scans and this is something they need to fix it. I have doubts about protection of McAffe Free Cloud Antivirus against zero day threats. Great review! Thanks a lot!

Mitch Skinner says:

Hold test. See how long the background scanner to find the malware in the folder. By just letting it sit there and run. That is if the event history has a time stamp.

steve00055 says:

at the port authority bus terminal in time square a ticket vending machine for new jersey transit decided to reboot after i put a dollar in …. as it did so … i saw the program was windows xp …. and the chosen anti-virus was MCAFEE ….after it finished reboot like 15 min. later … i didn’t get my dollar back ….COULD THE MACHINE BE HACKED ?????
lucky me it wasn’t a $5 … or a $10 … or a $20 ….was just a dollar bill ….

Wilfredo Torres says:

Hi Leo, Seems like a pretty good product, every AV company should have a free version of their flagship product in order to get a real assessment of what their product can do.

BezelLess says:

Test Panda Free Antivirus? !

Nikos Nikolaou says:

nice test like always!!!!just to know 360 ts version 8 is out!!!!if you have time and you want pls test it 🙂

bill martin says:

i have never like mccrashy but its seems it becoming pretty decent now days

Winston L says:

seems like a more mature and future implementation of mcafee raptor(they now call it Real Protect)

Adolf Ghostler says:

Fuck McAfee.
I used to use this piece of shit in the early 2000s.
It sucked monkey fuck. Detected Chrome as a fucking virus.

İlker Erol says:

You can trust an Intel company anymore. They will open a white page and we will hear their products more I believe.

mike0311guns says:

I expect big things out of McAfee in the future, now that they are an Intel company.

Carlos Souza says:

Tentei instalar 2 vezes, mas quando atualiza os ícones somem. Simplesmente para de funcionar. Não é confiável……

Emil says:

I’d rather pay a few dollars and purchase the McAfee pay version. I know some people like free AV’s but I believe paying $20 to $40 for a year of good AV protection is worth it.

Alessandro Negrisolo says:

Bitdefender Free the best 🙂

Imtiaz Zaman says:

What do you mean by depend on cloud power.

Chris Laurie says:

Interesting… But I thought Intel was dropping the “McAfee” brand name and rebranding it to “Intel Security” moving forwards? I still don’t see this happening yet?

Rajat Talnikar says:

Can’t rely on Cloud AV. It leaves you unprotected when Offline.

proggen4fun says:

Well meh i dont trust McAfee anymore 🙁
but well maybe they will increase their popularity with a free tool

Yemto says:

Ctrl + A, and then Enter 😛

hamer says:

No second opinnion software? okay…

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