Lima Ultra Personal Cloud Review, Unlimited Data Plans Lies, Where Are The Ryzen Motherboards???

Lima Ultra Personal Cloud Review, Where Are The Ryzen Motherboards??? Unlimited Data Plans Lies, Better Mobile Browser!
00: 25 – Missing AMD Ryzen Motherboards?
AMD says “The vendors didn’t anticipate how popular Ryzen was going to be.” mobo mfgs are singing a slightly different tune, but both say more are on the way!

3:15 – Lima Ultra Personal Cloud
Chris needs a Pogoplug replacement and has a few Raspberry Pi boards laying about.. he could DIY a server, put ’em ‘in the cloud,’ or check out Lima’s new Ultra Personal Cloud device. Review in the video!

13:10 – Unlimited Data Ain’t Unlimited!!!
Bob’s writes, “My ONLY internet options are a microwave based solution that maxes at a theoretically 20Mbps, and Satellite. Both of which a a little expensive and have data caps. Now that just about every carrier has unlimited plans I’m considering just using a hotspot as my input to my home network.” That’d be AWESOME, except for one problem with mobile carrier unlimited plans! We explain in the video.

21:00 – CIA Document Leak
This week’s Threatwire Security Brief: what’s going on with that giant Wikileaks post of confidential CIA documents!

25:10 – Testing Your VPN
David writes in, “To see what/if your VPN is “leaking” any details, two good sites to check are and They will show what they can find out about you via your browser and connection.” Thanks, David! Demo in the video!!!

27:38 – Better Mobile Browser
Adam writes, “I checked out Brave Browser after watching your last video. I think it might be a good idea to do a brief followup in another video to mention there’s a mobile version as well.” Find out why you might want to us the Brave Browser on your iOS or Android device in the video!

Do Something Analog
Like go find your local train museum… the California State Railroad Museum is pretty epic, and not just for kids!
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Ralph McMahan says:

wish I had the patent for that red hair coloring, I’d be rich.

larry4u2c says:

great show guys

J P says:

lonely little me

Nick Cardwell says:

Space Monkey would be a good replacement for Pogoplug. Don’t know if you can still get them without a package deal though. I got mine from Kickstarter. Storj might be another option, just came out of beta.

Koshy George says:

Yeah. people outside the US aren’t people, they don’t deserve privacy. We only exist so that the US can attack us or spy on us

N.ESS says:

Woot my email got featured about Brave browser for Android+Chromer. It’s a really nice setup. Native ad-blocking with Chrome.. and if you download Chromer, you can go into the Facebook app’s settings and enable the option “Links Open Externally, then all of the spammy ad-filled websites you click on inside the facebook app will open up with Brave, ad-free and much faster. And obviously there’s a good chance facebook tracks your browsing when you use their built-in browser, so that’s another big bonus.

steve morgan says:

I have a grandfathered Sprint unlimited plan no data cap. My last data usage for a 6 day period was 1.1 TB and my bill doesnt change

Clinton Knight says:

They used to make “long long ago, in a tech shop far far away” a cord anchor. It looked like a rake head, weighed about 15 pounds, and could keep your devices from flying off a desk because of the brick.

GeorgeGraves says:

You guys really should cover the s**tstorm that is brewing with dropbox.

KnotNuts says:

129 dollar cloud storage? Just buy uy a Pi zero W (or a Pi 3) and put Plex server on it. Or ownCloud. Or a VPN server, and one of the 100000 file transfer apps on your phone.

Leopardface says:

I have unlimited on my phone the most i used in a month was 664gb

J Boomhauer says:

3TB solid state for media? $1k… You take your media very seriously.

Andy Rhine says:

Holy crud. Pogoplug still exists……. that takes me back some.

Miles Wilson says:

I was a Kickstarter backer for the Lima, the software didn’t run on anything. It lengthened my windows shutdown time and prevented my up to date Mac from shutting down at all. After that, the software didn’t even work. Lima told me that I couldn’t return it and they knew about the software issue. Avoid Lima at all costs

Harvey Goldberg says:

Can The Lima be used as a samba server as well ? I had a PogoPlug as well and they stopped the Service, so i have a similar need.

Greg Davis says:

Verizon legacy unlimited plan gets throttled too! I was grandfathered in once Verizon got rid of their unlimited plan. They have been trying to sell me offers ever since that would cancel it but no way. I used to use the hotspot feature on my phone as my primary internet connection at work for a while, but …. somewhere about two years ago they started throttling it at maybe 25 gb/ month. Good, but not good enough to use as a permanent internet connection.

neonte13 says:

I scanned all the comments and saw no mention of it, so I just thought I’d mention, (in case you don’t already know) that you seem to have a bit of an audio problem? It sounds like maybe just peaking or electrical stuff that I know smeg all about, but it seems to crop up most on Shannon’s, “S” sounds. 8:00 is a good starting point to confirm if I’m just crazy or what. I did use the audio out on my USB mic, to confirm that it’s not just my crummy speaker or the joys of aux and lazy cable management, and it wasn’t. So, if it’s on my end, it’s beyond my abilities/knowledge to rule it out.

Anyway, I think I remember you guys talking about audio issues, as I was making my way through the back-log of videos, so hopefully it’s not some infuriating hardware issue, or something. Although, if it’s a hardware thing, and it’s mostly Shannon’s, “S” sounds, maybe she can just do an impression of a stereotypical old man who whistles his S’s… Well, it may not be a great solution, but it sure would be funny. Anyway, thanks for all the great content, guys! Old man Shannon or no, I think I’ll be tuning in for as long as ya let me!

Fvck Google says:

u just don’t understand why people don’t use Firefox, the most private browser ever. Even the mobile version uses add-ons. You can add uBlock Origin and many other privacy and ad blocking add-ons.

Gumper Van Lier says:

The big difference between AT&T and Verizon unlimited plans is that AT&T cap is 22 gig per PHONE and not the share plan as is Verizon’s. This is what I’ve been told.

Quaalid says:

Talk Wikileaks!

joe doub says:

great show guys don’t forget about plex and you’re Diy Nas sharing videos audio and pictures do the Plex subscriber system have a great day.

Roger Jenson says:

The United States Air Force Museum is my favorite for full size aircraft displays and the history of aviation. See te following URL for more information.

William Burlingame says:

I also ditched my PogpPlug. I had a Drobo Transporter that had a fate similar to PogoPlug. I moved the drives to a Raspberry Pi and use it as a JBOD NAS. I access those drives from my local LAN only, but I’ve heard that Own Cloud is a way to access them remotely. There are several web sites that have instructions on how to use the Raspberry Pi as a NAS.

Doug Horn says:

I LOVE the concept of personal clouds! What’s your idea of the best one (this week)?

Tyler Smith says:

If you are just going to store media files, video, photos, and music, Plex would work great. Plex does all of the magic in the back end to make your server available anywhere, and it works great. Plex is free and works pretty good on fairly low end hardware.

Ola H says:

Internet in US must suck. My 100Mbit connection costs 40 bucks, with no cap.

john M says:

Unlimited doesn’t mean not unlimited speed.
Unlimited is in terms of data, not speed.

Dave Bell says:

Even the mediocre UK booneys connection I have is unlimited unless you really use business levels of bandwidth.
$40 a month including phone calls to national mobile and static numbers. Multiple devices stream tv and videos and multiple iso linux downloads a day. Seems you do need to separate infrastructure and service delivery. Oh and I have a choice of 4 suppliers.

Joseph Stone says:

Why was Tekzilla canceled anyway? I was watching it quite often.

Squeakers13 says:

You could just use OwnCloud with a Raspberry Pi

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