Lima Personal and Private Cloud Device Review – Full Hands-On Review, Watch Before You Buy

Lima Personal Cloud Device Review http://www.DadDoes.Com . Today we review the Lima Personal Cloud Device. This was a hugely successful Kickstarter and is now sold for $99 on Amazon.

UPDATE 2/16/17 – We Have Now Reviewed the Lima ULTRA –
It Is MUCH BETTER, please watch the new review –

The promise is great – all of your files, from all of your devices, instantly and securely available from any device. True independence for your music, photos and videos. Take a photo with your iPhone and seconds later it is on your PC and Android tablet. As all your files are stored locally on a drive you connect to your router – more secure than the cloud and faster – THAT IS THE PROMISE.

As the video shows, the Lima Personal Cloud does not live up to the promise. This feels like a beta release at best. We will update this review if Lima improves, but for right now, save your $99 (plus the cost of a hard drive) and do not get the Lima.


arlo wiersma says:

Synology cloudstation?

Cameron Snyder says:

So it’s a pogo plug in a smaller, green contraption.

David Selva says:

Did ANYBody notice on your lima settings your connection says “””Through RELAY”””” which means you need to adjust your routers UnPn port. Once you fix that it works smooth and fast. Don’t be fooled!

nial forsyth says:

got one last month , wish I had not bother, total waste of money , but in the end I have a nice shiny 5tg hard-drive.

JR Moritz says:

Thanks for your excellent review. I almost bought Lima. No way now. I don’t know if they fixed things yet but I do not want to be a beta tester!

Trevor Pay says:

It is a bit shit.

Jack GB says:

I’m glad to have found this excellent review. Thanks a hundred times!

Cory Callender says:

If you want personal cloud, you can buy a Personal Cloud Drive, many out there. Basically it’s just an external hard drive linked into your home network, usually hooks up to a router that most of us have these days.
I have an ASUS router that lets me plug an external hard drive up tot he USB ports of the router and have an instant simple to set up FTP server that I can access from anywhere. FTPCafe app on android is good for this. Nothing is out there that is “idiot proof”, but a lotta great ways that are proven and stable. Just do some research! And remember….
…..”If it SOUNDS too good to be true…. it usually IS!”

Ron Warrick says:

There is apparently a newer version now that is much faster. Meanwhile, I have my doubts that this reviewer knows what he is doing. Choosing an upside down picture and then expecting it to be right side up if he rotates the phone, lol!

Johnny Rosenberg says:

When you say PC, do you mean any PC or only those with Windows?

MJ D says:

Man! I was seriously thinking of buying this! Wonder why it’s so slow. Are you using a USB3 external drive? Is your modem fast enough?

Jasper Bosman says:

Any updates?

Christopher Cox says:

This guy is so annoying. From his thumbnails the pictures were taken upside down. Lima is a storage app not a photo viewing app. If I have a photo in Dropbox for example, it doesn’t give me the option to rotate the photo either. It ISN’T a photo viewer/editor so why would it have features to rotate your pictures? Maybe you should learn how to use your phone camera rather than blame your upside down pictures on another product.

Alex Mager says:

thanks for the video review very comprehensive. I was literally a click away to finalising my purchase of the lima! thanks for saving me $99. Do you know if they have a better version? Or has another company come up with a better product?

Ed Verschoor says:

thanks for this warning!

Antonio V. Pinteño A. says:

The problem I see in these devices are the asymmetric connections, ie, bandwidth in download, but small in rise. That is when you upload something to your cloud in lima or my choud, etc, and you try to access it remotely, since the file connection has to upload the data to the network, and that is slow.

Cory Callender says:

Just saw an ad for this on Facebook and looked into it. FIRST, the website gives you lots of flowery descriptions of how it will make your life easier, without saying anything about how it works. THEN, it will not even give you a price! It was not available to order, so NO PRICE! After more research I find that you must pay $99 PLUS $6 Shipping, so it;s $105! THEN you must BUY or already have an external USB hard drive! MORE $$$$. THEN I see this and 3 other reviews saying the same thing. It’s NOT finished! It’s still in development. You are buying a BETA! AND it’s doesn’t work as they say.
MY BOTTOM LINE, this company is DECEPTIVELY advertising. On the FB thread many ask for More Details, and they respond with “Go to our website”! UH, HEY, we WENT to your website, that is why we want details! This company is not ready for Prime Time. As this reviewer said, and others, WAIT, This Ain’t Done! Needs some more time in the oven.
Nice Idea. Poor implementation!

Angel Hernandez says:

Hi, I wanna know if i can get access to my Lime drive when i’m in the street conecting with 3G. Is this possible?? Thanks in advance

Darill Fowler says:

Very disappointed, was thinking about buying this but after seeing this video. I changed my mind! Thanks for the warning. I appreciate this video. 🙂

Marzio Nieddu says:

Thank you very much from Italy, very good review, Saved my money

Marvin Yan says:

Well, it did say on their packaging that they “don’t care about technology”! Haha…bunch of idiots at Lima. Why would you put that on a piece of technology you want to sell? Thanks for the review.

TheSegmant says:

glad i found your vid, very informative and saved me 129.99 euros!! Still just as useless after some time?

James Haviland says:

You actually are going over the internet. On your computer, in the application, it says “connected through relay” meaning that you do not have it properly “directly” connected. Everything, even in your own house, is being directed to their servers in France, then back to you. After a few months of struggles, a firmware patch on my router finally allowed me to have a direct connection. That’s about the only thing I have ever gotten working properly (and I did that with no help from them). After about 10 months of fighting, mine still doesn’t work right!

John Henley says:

Thanks for your review…

Claude Gelinas says:

Thanks for this clear presentation of the Lima box!

Here’s another little clip about the Lima device:

Wayne McD says:

Just got Lima Sep 2016. I’m having the same problems you had in Jan 2016. I managed to sync three devices over over two days, but on my laptop I used another sync program that actually worked much better than Lima’s software. I used Lima software for my phone and tablet, what a task to do. You cannot transfer folders with Lima software, big disappointment. You can not see thumbnails of the pictures and its slow loading them. No rotation of pictures with Lima software.

I will say the files I transferred with another program all did well, load quicker and have thumbnails visible on my other devices.

I’ve noticed a major slow down on my computer for some reason, only after I loaded Lima software. Big disappointment

It is nothing like they said it would be.

TC DIXON says:

Thanks You just saved me from buying a device that doesnt work probably

Steven Nicholls says:

I will NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM KICKSTARTER anymore! I just lost another $350.00 because someone bailed out of their commitment to finish a product that I was looking forward to. As for the LIMA it has been 6 months now and have you had any joy with the product? ( or did you get your money back…joke) I am looking for the same solution to my needs of creating my own cloud, please anyone your feedback would be awesome.

Don MacAdam says:

I had a reservation. i was just about to buy a ‘Lima’ but decided to do some research first. I’m glad I found this video.

Andre N says:


Sean Thomas says:

So how does it work today with all the software updates?

Dan Barclay says:

Moving 10gb is a slow process anyhow!….. If the process was interrupted then you could lose your photos……that is why it creates temporary files to move. In fact 10gb can take several hours to a USB drive!!!!.

Stan Whitney says:

No more reviews in a year? Would update this now esp with Lima Ultra.

Matteo Pozzi says:

Lima is not a good product, it has some bugs and I lost my important
data. The support is neither available nor relevant and whitewash all
the negative comments from their website and facebook, Their behavior is
really unethical, think before using their device to store your
important data

Jose Rodriguez says:

thanks for the information and i was going to buy it until I saw your video thanks again

Shafiq Mumani says:

For home use, I guess one is better off with a wireless hard drive.

Dan Barclay says:

What is the difference between just connecting a hard drive to the router? And Fwiw if you did do that you would have problems connecting to it, it would be very slow transferring photos manually, and you would have to set up permissions for all your devices and all your users (especially if you don’t want to share private items) – to get back to Lima – what is unique?

Paul Steel says:

Thank you. You have just saved me $99

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