Leap Computing HyperGate – Are we ready for Gaming in the Cloud?

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Serif Dindic says:

15:00 Didn’t see that coming!

Magikzz32 says:

Can i play with controller ?

LIL B1SQ3T says:

tomorrow is Nov. 1st and the first day of Q4 will the service start launching tomorrow?

theguythatridesbikes says:

Have not heard from their social media sense about the fifth of this month starting to get really concerned that this may be a scam

david bass says:

yes this looks great i was a ON-LIVE user till then shut down. so i will try this service Jay on your say so. it better be good lol i wont hold it against you if it is not.

hazcoper says:

if i pre order, when will i be abble to use it??

HotNitrogen says:

So one thing I’d like to know is, the amount of privacy you get on this. If I log into my own accounts. Can they access these or is my own area encrypted etc. Also will steam banning because of my location changing all the time be a big problem? Another question is does this require at least 5Ghz wifi similarly to the nvidia grid service since most places I’m at only has legacy 2.4Ghz

Kevin Swanepoel says:

when is this service going to be started? why is it taking so long? Why are there no updates and information about leap computing. Im starting to feel scammed.

monkh says:

Interesting service mostly a good preview too it, but it really bothered me how much you were pushing “You get”, “That’s yours”, “Your Hardware” I guarantee you will not own anything, but that doesn’t bother people with for steam.

Also I wonder if there will be legal issues with installing games on a system you don’t own also.

However this cloud service seems like a great idea for bringing high end gaming for casual games.

ToastedMoto says:

It highly depends on your internet connection. One frame at 1080p with 32bit color depth is around 7MB, so if they’re not compressing the frames before they send them to you, they would need to send you 144*7 MB PER SECOND at 144hz. What.

I’m curious how the heck they manage to transfer that amount of data to your screen with a latency like that.

Brennan Gutierrez says:

What are the other requirements besides the price? Cause I have a crap PC but would maybe give this a try

Stahpitt says:

Jay what’s going on with this, you backed this company and almost a year later they have yet to release anything.

RantZ_IE says:

I’m confused if I purchase now will I get to use it now or do I have to wait?

gameinvestigator says:

how well will this work if i play a game on there that was online how bad wold the lag be

NovaMan 350 says:

Is the output quality of the cloud server limited by the hardware of your PC? If so, I then don’t see the purpose of cloud streaming anyway.

Personally, I don’t think this is how the cloud should be utilized. I believe Microsoft has the right idea with it: use it to hyper-compute data, streaming it to a game to increase graphic and display capability, while enhancing the performance.

Sam Quinten says:

skunkworks replacement

TofflaN says:

you absolutely hear the half second when you clutch with the car in grid, it goes like,

peterisbetterthanyou Yang says:

when does this come out?

Freelancerk1bbles says:

So when you showed this off in the video how did you do this? It’s still not live and I’m just about done with hope it’ll ever happen.

Michplay says:

This Service Don’t Exist Anymore

Etheoma says:

So when is this coming? I swear there were words of it going live in November-ish for pre-orders.

Ryan Slade says:

This would be awesome with a Surface Pro 3, most portable thing going with serious power…

rampant smith says:

awesome… but why no online play? i mean seems cool for single player but latency might get increased massively by playing online.

Ding Chavez says:

lol 60fps with those beast gpu cards you have? this is terrible…the only reason for this is mobility? thats the lamest reason ever, buy a gaming laptop if you want mobility.

drees84 says:

+JayzTwoCents You talk about opening the box to see the hardware. Does that mean you have a physical review unit at home? This confused me a bit, as it concerns a cloud service. Could you explain that? Thanks! Really cool service btw, and thanks for the great review.

ChilledToZero says:

Wow, this technology is truly impressive, i didn’t believe we reached this stage yet, let alone this quality.

I understand the travelling point of view and possibly this system would be great for people in universities/colleges who might not have full internet access.

They appear to be trading a lot off the convenience factor and i think it would be a wise choice if they offered customers the ability to rent the servers for short amounts of time, it would be great for setting up a LAN party with some old computers or something like that.

But really the only thing that would be rather prohibitive right now is the general quality of consumer internet nowadays, especially in america where there are some really bad internet providers, streaming something like this will require a stable internet connection and most important of all a decent ping.

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