Is the Shadow streaming gaming service any good? (honest review)

Let’s take a look at the Shadow streaming gaming service ( and see if it lives up to their claims of 60hz 4k gaming and 144hz HD gaming over a streamed connection.

Geekbench results: (CPU) / (Compute)

Check out my 2018 review and plans for 2019:

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Jeremiah MK says:

I got motion sickness from playing borderlands 2 as well. It only lasted about 2 days and then it went away. Also they set up my “box” in like 2 minutes. I was really impressed.

I agree with everything you said. Shadow is perfect for single player games. I personally enjoy using it to emulate gamecube games at 4k on my 50in lg tv. This being said. I would still never pay 35$ a month for longer then I year for this service. I could just buy an actual computer or laptop. Which would save money in the long run. And then I’m not being forced to have an internet connection to use my computer.

tehs3raph1m says:

You had the slower xeons, they have all been upgraded from 2.5GHz to 3.2GHz processors, should eliminate the bottleneck

Jessie Mo-oy says:

“you can’t mine cryptocurrency” damn it

Flauros says:

When I first subscribed I was getting big lag spikes every 5 minutes or so, but I figured out it was being caused by the Location Services ping on my Macbook, once I turned Location Services off it stopped the lag spikes. I’ve also been able to pretty much entirely remove any stutter or glitching through using a wired ethernet connection instead of wifi. I’m not a competitive gamer, and I’m not particularly interested in Fortnite, but the service works great for the games I’m playing. YMMV.

Zinou Mez says:

roh takhra a zabi

James Cho says:

So its trash for gaming. Thanks for letting us know and saving us a lot of money!

Graça Sobre Graça says:

Shadow is good. But it’s excellent for hardcore gamers, YET. Maybe they will improve it eventually.

Matthew Cooper says:

Count how many times he says “I’m not sure”

William Heckman says:

35.00 a month you could pay off a PC In less than 2 years at that cost.

bryant velez says:

First of all awesome review very detailed and on point and I have the Service and it runs well for me but I did see what you meant sometimes as I was playing and The
iOS service is on point very will it actually works better for me on iOS Mobile than the computer but all in all I think it’s a great deal for the price thanks and have a nice day

Wild Override says:

No it sucks

Nathan Blaser says:

You didn’t do a review, you did a Fortnite video. Let’s be honest here, you are an Apple person so you honestly have little to no idea what you’re talking about. I’m sorry to point out this reality to you.

jake muller says:

Informative but your wrong on some of your statements fact check your self for your general statements on basic server encoding and how networks work. -from a overly critical software engineer

Beany mane says:

Try playing Shadow with the family using the internet, using Facebook or Netflix at the same time, YOU CAN’T as it lags like crazy to non-playable. Don’t waste your money.


Use this code to get $10 off Shadow: ZAC9OSMN

David Watson says:

Is Jackson Palmer involved in Dogecoin in any way?

0arschnase0 says:

I’m testing this cloudservice for about a month now. It is much better than estimated. I’m playing RUST, Fortnite and Battlefield V on this Virtual PC and
astonishingly it worked really nice. For me the latency for FPS feels a little too high because the mousemovement is a little muddy but still ok!
I think i gonna keep it for a while,
If you wanna try it -> here is a code which provides yout with 10€ discount on your first month: MANNMFMU

Have fun 🙂

Pancakes 1337 says:

You can get £10 off your first month with the code: FINMPH0T

FahimPlayZ says:

What the HELL! Hardware is digital now?!

Tim says:

get £10 off your first month with this code..TIM8QI08

Zeiko Shadow says:

Make your own opinion with your connection here and -10$ :

JustCall MeEx says:

i only had to wait about an hour for my activation, just to mention that to anyone thats wondering

Eryk yt says:

GeForce now is free

james dacus says:

mine took 20 minutes

Loxic GYT says:

Hi plz subscribe to me

thefreshwaffle says:

my opinion is that geforce now is better ive been using it for about 4 months now and its held up well. would recommend it only took me 22 days to get my beta code

Jonathan Waller says:

So else do you need with shadow??I have vortex right now..would have to have shadow and vortex or does shadow automatically link and stream steam games

Raljix says:

Shadow is garbage…..

Liam B says:

If you were running it on a TV you’d likely notice increased input lag from the slow screen compared to the Mac, not really a fair comparison. That blur you were noticing was likely just the resolution change.

Eric Falch says:

My honest review:

I’ve used Shadow as I was curious of what the service has to offer.
I’m not in one of their supported zones, I’m in Southern Spain, over 1700 km from their closest data centers in Paris, however, I enjoy a very good internet connection (300mb).

First thing is that it is a quite frustrating to wait 4+ days to get your Shadow pc activated. I had to wait 5 days when I ordered in November 2018. I reordered again a one time, one month sub on the 16th of January and so far (8 days), my session is still not activated. It might take up to 15 days.

Being over 1700km from their closest data center I didn’t notice much lag. Yes there was some tiny lag that was felt when playing fast paced games but in use as a day to day pc there was no difference (and again, Spain is not yet a country they’re in so I connect to the closest data center in Paris, France).

My reason for taking a Shadow sub would be that I want a high end gaming pc directly available.
I travel a lot between Spain, Belgium and Scandinavia and therefore cannot take with me a gaming pc. Also Gaming laptops are simply way too over priced compared to what they deliver.
I also use it as a normal pc to run heavier apps (IDE’s and Photoshop) which my current dell laptop cannot run properly.

Their customer support is ok, I haven’t had so far any problems with it.

Update: 12 days after having ordered, my Shadow still isn’t activated…
Update2: Got activated ! But still 12 days. They could improve on delivering faster

Joe Jones says:

£10 off using code JOEUBLAG

JP Schumacher says:

I like your video btw, so don’t listen to @Nathan Blaser because you did give a serious review. A couple things to consider. Due to the nature of simply streaming a computer that you do not have full control over, overclocking and other such mechanisms to gain “esports” level advantages in games is simply impossible with this service. Secondly, the compression likely tries to vertical sync the game to a certain frame standard, and because your computer is not running the game with the specs, you get the packaged v-sync version. In most cases, this means frame drops and motion blur (even if you disable it). Overall I don’t think services like this will ever compare to actually owning a gaming pc. For those who lack the money and want to try one game on high settings, I think the service is perfect for them. I will stick with my GTX 1070ti personally.

William Heckman says:

But can it run Pirated Microsoft Office ?

[BROS] Archangel-93 says:

It is actually only 30hz 4k, not 60hz

Colin Lucas says:

If you are buying Shadow use the following code for $10 off: COLVYHIS

Chkouk TI says:

pour ma part tout fonctionne bien merci shadow
c’est vraiment bizarre d’avoir un PC à distance
pour ceux que ça intéresse voilà un code promo
avec le jeu Far Cry news dawn offert 😉 et 10 € de reduc sur votre abonement !!!


Logono 00420 says:

Dude, do some effing research before doing a review. You tried gaming at 5k?! If anyone knows a think about PCs they’ll catch that. Second you have a mac. I’d pay for shadow service for life before I’d buy a mac. Third you reviewed Fortnite, know how well optimized it is. You didn’t even show gaming on your phone or tablet. You didn’t even show the software on a computer with cloud storage like dropbox or onedrive. You know for media editing.

Games to try: Skyrim, csgo, cod, tomb raider, apex legends, rainbow six.

local machines glitch from time to time let alone playing of a server 500+ miles away.

Gordesky Mco says:

Use this link or code MICQVJC2 at checkout 10$ off your first month:) Been testing it for about a month now for a family member and its been going well:) surprised how well it works but you will need too test your latency first. Pretty much if you get anything over 50 ping on your local connection too the said server for your state its usely not worth it. Unless you doing non gaming related stuff. Join the discord for any questions they are a helpful group:)

Ignacio Ramirez Bautista says:

5:28 FIRST IT’S not a hard drive it’s a solid state drive. second… you NEED TO LOG IN TO STEAM, ORIGIN, UPLAY…whatever to play games so if you’re not going to log into anything then just don’t use it.

khalid hisham says:

Can some one give me a geforce now code i have been waiting for 1 year

Truly inFAMOUS Productions says:

I haven’t experienced any of the issues you’ve faced. Currently enjoying Half Life 2 at a consistent 300FPS.

Ruben Campos says:

it actually looks like a bad v-sync, i know what you mean, being a PC gamer for over 15 years you can tell these differences quickly, just say’n

BW says:

If anyone is interested in trying shadow you get £10 off with my code BRO0PRCO for the first month. I also get £10 off for my next month so helps us both out. Enjoy people!

Daniel Jannusch says:

I don’t know why people think fortnite is this BIG heavy graphics games. Since release they’ve had the game almost perfectly optimized. Like he stated you legit could run fortnite on a potato it’s like League of Legends in comparisons of optimization. There’s nothing “heavy” about the game at all but companies are like taken advantage of the games popularity. Advertising you need a GTX 1060 or higher. I’d wager a guess you could almost guarantee run it on intel or amd’s integrated graphics and be fine. But here we are telling people these retarded lies that “oh you need a GTX 1080 or it won’t run. Game to powerful”.

Liflow says:

I thought this was a authentic review giving positive and negative impressions. I didn’t see any bias. All in all I thought this was a good review on a product I am interested in. Thanks.

four two zero says:

your accent sounds fake bro. stha deal there?

Paul Denney says:

256GB of storage is simply not enough, especially when you figure the Win10 install is gonna eat some of that up already. There are consoles with 1TB on tap. HARD pass.


I’m having no issues on the east coast probably because you’re using a mac

Stoner Dovahkiin says:

“competitive fortnite”

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