iExec RLC ⌨️ 🖥 – Company Review And Price Targets 💵🤑💲🚀 (Decentralized Cloud Computing) 😱🌐

The ranking is based on my Personal work and based on ROI.
Also, Alerting with this coin is STORJ and GNT both great competitors.

The Tech world in Cloud Computing is extremely huge. it is booming and happening as you read this description. People have not realized the mind blowing facts and information that cloud computing can handle. It is a very complex yet simple field to understand. Not only that but now they are mixing it in with blockchain and decentralization. Two Booming fields coming into one.

Tech guys, feel free to comment and explain how big the cloud really is and the tech it is involved around. To show people what it is that we are facing in the future which is now.

People say this is the technology of the future but fact is that it is already happening right now and taking action.


CoinMarket Cap:


What is he Cloud?

The coin is currently trading at $0.62 with a market cap of
$49,023,891 as of 12/12/2017.
BTC is currently at $17172.06
The coin is at (0.000036000 BTC/Satoshi)

iExec Blockchain-Based Decentralized Cloud Computing
Building the first marketplace for Cloud resources.

Current News “Decentralized Cloud Computing-IExec Announces Software Development Kit” 12/12/2017


I have came to a conclusion that as of right now.
This is the #1 coin you should be heavily invested in.
It can even beat the outcomes of my favorite coins NEO and POWR.

*NOTE:* The ranking is based on ROI, my personal opinion and conditions a coin must follow in my categories.


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Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser, This is for entertainment. Trade and invest on your own risk.

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Rixster 222 says:

turn your volume up dude

Bnito says:

Hey Carlos, I think there’s another competitor that you forgot in this decentralized cloud / fog computing sector called SONM.

JDOG says:

UP & UP 🙂

Luxottica says:

Thanks! Which coins do you think will be added to Coinbase in early 2018? Thanks

Sven Nelson says:


David Benites says:

RLC to $5

Gašper Lukacs says:

iExec telegram group. Join us.

iExec ☆ Discussion:

olu mic says:

Hey man, let us chase this coin called
eXperience Points [XP], it is a gaming coin and a Hybrid PoW + PoS coin. In fact, it has been the highest gainer for the past 2 weeks now as a result high demand from Japan. This coin is less that one SAT now, but could hit 100 SAT in a few months time because of high demand from Asia. Could you kindly review it?

rstezza says:

What do you think of investing in envion?

vida sera says:

DNA also looks good. You should check it out.

Don Ragnar says:

Spelling mistakes, mispronunciations, all the things that make Goon endearing – huge respect for you and your success bro!

Neil Pearce says:

Terrible choice. Lots of buzzwords but no real info. It sounds to me like they are building yesterday’s cloud on the blockchain. Cloud has already moved way beyond the problem they are trying to solve!!! Add to this they are trying to do this based on Ethereum which can’t even support people trying to buy cryptokitties then there is a problem!

oliver blair says:

Why you wait so long to give us an entry point ?

Bcash sucks says:

Still waiting on Riplio LMAO

Alien Skullz says:

Turn up your masters a little

quietapplause1 says:

Hi, what do you think about SONM? It looks so promising and much better than Golem. How do you see it comparing to iExec?

Michael Miller says:

Good is the man.

Dex4Sure says:

The only thing I’m concerned with this is the fact Ethereum itself has scaling issues and this kind of product requires much higher throughput/bandwidth than Ethereum blockchain can currently handle… EOS is the platform that could make these kinds of projects reality, which is why I’m betting on EOS.

Cheapest Bitcoin Price says:

This is a great project. I just posted a video about it.

moon shot says:

Pronounced Eye-Eggs-Ekk

israt jahan says:

Want to know new ICO? Here we are Lendex coin?

Sara Razak says:

I only started crypto / trading in general mid- December, I only found this gem 5 days ago when the price dropped into my buy-in range…. This is going to be SO huge. I do IT Portfolio/Investment management (public sector), and even the government has blockchain clouds in their roadmaps. The roadmaps are within the OMB circulars; since part of portfolio management is mitigating risks, not complying to regulation/ guidelines is a huge risk, so I have to read these circulars in depth.

1st thing I thought about when I saw this was the need for it, I bet you 80% of businesses have cloud storage somewhere in their roadmaps, blockchain is the most efficient and organized way (and a lot cheaper than maintaining outdated software)

It also reminds me of sharepoint, but sharepoint is quickly becoming outdated, I think this can be as big/ bigger than sharepoint. I am happy that it went back down, when I saw the historical price data on Coinmarketcap I was shocked at how low it went back down to . I wish I could get more 🙁

Evan Crisp says:

Good stuff Carlos

ThreeSilverCoins says:

Too bad they’re not on binance. I don’t feel like dealing with bittrex’s bs and high fees.

Reinaert De Vos says:

Im always late and bag holding so Im passing this one. It went up to fast already. Still holding RCN

Gambling Degenerate says:

people keep getting fucked over with your late alerts. you post these videos so people buy and drive the price up, then you sell it and people get fucked over. that shit aint right.

Johnny Osborne says:

Now added to Binance

CryptoMonkeyGainz says:

great work G

Flatline Selections says:

you were on point with rcn my g ima ride this wave with you their website and timeline is od

DeanA says:

Buying … read up and it . 2018 will be big

my life is a meme says:

based goon

Carlos Valadez says:

Coin is now at $0.81 members as always got in ahead of time

Daniel Gordon says:

I agree. Ill buy 500. I got lisk at about 65 cents a few years back shit exploded. I have the same feeling about this one.

persie PRINCE says:

What your thoughts on ethlend cheap now

Benno Hammerstein says:

Good job for the one who invested. Now 3.8 dollar

Bogdan Pukish says:

4.53$ right now.
I sold it

Luc - Sydney says:

Ive been looing into this coin well done man good pick

Kk L says:

The roadmap gives no dates of when anythinf will be released big red flag

Blue Light says:

Great content, but looks like they’re not hitting the 2nd target (March). Also, volume is a bit low.

Janaida Clemente says:

Thank you for your videos.

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