How To Play GTA5 On Your PHONE – LiquidSky Review, Gaming PC in The Cloud

LiquidSky For Android Review – Playing Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5) on an Android Phone. Today we check out the Cloud Based PC Gaming platform from Liquid Sky.

More Info On LiquidSky and How It All Works –

LiquidSky sets up a on virtual gaming PC for you in the cloud. For a while you have been able to access this gaming PC from a PC. The really cool new addition is the Android client – now you can play games like GTA5, in 60 FPS, right on your Android device.

More info –

LiquidSky provides an alternative to buying an expensive home PC to run games and professional applications. We invest in the top-tier computers for our users. No more maintenance, repairs, or pricey upgrades. Additionally, LiquidSky members can access their high performance SkyComputer from any device. You only pay for what you use when you use it. You’re essentially getting all the benefits of a powerful local PC, but for a fraction of the price.

LiquidSky has the lowest latency out there, and we’re still going lower. For those not in know, latency is the slowdown that causes lag, particularly in online gaming. For the best experience, you should be within 500 or so kilometers from one of our data centers. Depending on your hardware, internet connection, and what kind of game you’re playing, you can have a good experience up to 1,500 kilometers away (or more)!

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Jesus Ruiz says:

wow great

Noah Vega says:

How soon for iOS

Moustapha Kharahi says:

كيف نزلته وشغلتهو

HamiltonTV says:

Very cool

John Pierson says:

This is literally the kind of video I was trying to look for. Recording you playing on your phone. Extremely informative as well. I hope the guys at liquid sky shower you with credits for your awesome video.

ingusmant says:

So onlive again? btw most phones now are more powerful than a x360 so R* could definitely port gta5

Blazerik says:

yo so I signing up but when it shows what data center ur signed into it shows missing parameters plz help

Bubbaman W says:

this is a pretty cool product and I like the way the interface works. Definitely something to do when you are away from your normal Xbox or PS4

Kids Game Watch says:

Good video

Luiz Amigobr says:

hi help me

Will E says:

Basically just remote play…If you have a PS4 just use that. It’s also free. This is a waste of money

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