How To Build Your Own Cloud Network Android and iOS Compatible

Tired of paying monthly fees on cloud storage or running out of drive space? I will show you how you can create your own cloud network and have over 5 terabytes of space without having to spend a dime on monthly fees that other services like Dropbox, Box.Net, and others charge for.

All you need is:

Seagate GoFlex Net Model# STAK100 –
Seagate Ultra-Portable Drive –
And a FREE Pogoplug account

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Daniel Murray says:

dat Warez folder

Steve M1ERS says:

i am  set one up for us on the GX3RCM trailer it will be good for me when i am on the events, thanks for the information  will call back later a Big thanks 

Sadrac Beauvil says:

how many can access the files at the same time

TheKCarmine says:

Can you edit/share/copy files from the mobile pogo app?

Aamrin Khan says:

hello i want to make chat application for this i have to make server for data storage how i make server for this please help me and give some some suggestion and help me please reply as soon as possible..i am beginner in this ..reply please

Brandon Hu says:

Yah, but I don’t know about you, but having your data physically there is just satisfying, and also NSA protection, to a point.

Qaiser Ali says:

i have pogoplug device which acts as goflex net but i only get 200kbp/s up and down on a different network other then my home network where pogoplug is connected, at home i get about 15-20 mbp/s up and down speed. any help?

Carol Booker says:

Hi, have looked around for the Seagate GoFlex Net however have been told the Seagate GoFlex Central now replaces the Net version.  Is this correct?

Bender B. Rodriguez says:

Can you put pictures in there from your mobile devices? My sister has an iPhone and the downside to that is limited space for pictures with no room to expand, can she put all her pictures in there from her phone through the app?

Madalena Coutinho says:

Hi! Great video! Tell me, is there any way to use TrueCrypt in a remote folder using GoFlexNET via POGOPLUG? Thanks!

Haxle says:

can this be set up as raid 1?

hector maisonet says:

one question. do i need to keep my pc on all the time?

mironccr345 says:

Doesn’t look like it’s free anymore?

Chris says:

Hello Armando! You convinced me to buy the Goflex. I already have a Samsung external HDD. I connected everything, registered on the website, downloaded the app on my LG, I can view everything on the HDD, BUT! I can’t “map” the drive on my computer. When I enter “my computer” and click on “network” (i have windows 7), there is no “FAD…..” icon to click.. What can I do to view my HDD directly from “my computer”? 🙁 I would be so happy if you would help, plus i don’t really know who else i could ask 😀

rapser55 says:

Same thing for mac. PLEASE

Pete Jimenez says:

Just subscribed, nice vid bro… Hey what desk is that with the black finish? I’m lookin for one & that looks sweet

Loncey Bailey Green says:

Cheers much appreciated:)

Angel says:

Would I be able to upload Peachtree and accounting program to this and it can be accessed by myself or someone in another state?

Armando Ferreira says:


Daniel Murray says:

Something that wasn’t mentioned. The offsite donwload speed (aka a friends house erc.) of your personal cloud is limited by the Upload speed of your home connection…which for most people is total shit (3Mbps to at most 10Mbps for your average Cable HS Internet).

Lorenzo Henriquez says:

+Armando Ferreira I followed this guide and everything “works”, it’s a pretty convenient setup for a home-based cloud however, the transfer speeds on the GoFlex device are ridiculously slow. I can get 3 MB/s write speed tops and I’ve been reading about it on the Internet and a lot of people also have this issue with the device. 

Did you also have this issue and if so, did you fix and how?

Samuel Kaiser says:

It’s not working with ReadyNAS (Duo), right? 🙁

Black Smith says:

Why didn’t you provide amazon links?

That site you posted doesnt sell them. it only describes them lol.

Michele Scuttari says:

Lol, 0:00, on the left: Rainmeter with SimplyNova skin 😉

LethalBC Test Channel says:

Can you just take a powered  hard drive and get a usb – ethernet adapter to plug into the router without using the dock?

Travis Montgomery says:

Wanna build your own nas? Buy this product instead. Fucking commercials

Rhion Ysmael says:

where to download pogoplug again?

Amaury Ayala says:

porn cloud :O

Suraj Srinivasan says:

can i use 2.5″ internal Hdd

ali babaho says:

hi Armando, I have pogoplug with 2TB hard-drive now I cant access my hard drive.
can you help me with that?

Michal I says:

+Armando Ferreira still using pogoplug? im chosing right home cloud network solution for me 🙂

Lord of Death Gaming says:

How is this with making a server such as a game server is it better that a rented server such as loading speed or lag or is that dependent on your internet provider?

waltovsky says:

OVERHEATING DRIVES? Hi Armando, loved your video tut!! it was just what i was looking for and I just got bought the Free Agent GoFlex Net dock and 2 drives and its working fine.
Now my question is regarding the drives overheating… I can´t find a setting that allows me to put the drives on sleep mode when not in use, and I’e been looking on seagate and pogoplug forums with no luck.
Is sleep mode even possible? and if not, aren’t the drives prone to crash by overheat eventually? – Thanks!

ucheucheuche says:

I have access to 10TB cloud backup, but would like a personal cloud version. Hence , watching this.

Operating System Mix says:

can I create url for files to share with my friends to download they from their pc … ?

Curtis Cleary says:

I was just wondering if you were at home on your android device, whilst on the pogoplug app would the file.s be directly accessed from the nas or through the pogoplug server first?

Nick Rains says:

Why go this route instead of something like the Western Digital My Cloud?

heehee63 says:

mybooklive. Cheaper and easier with slightly more features. It has the same problem as this setup though where if your house is on fire you lose everything. There’s other options for setting up automatic remote backup on two NAS in two separate homes. But you got to be more tech savvy than me to do it.

BadKarma 714 says:

They have 2Tb drives now

Ali Hakkı Demiral says:

boring OOoooaaaaaa  pls do it. dont talk so much. and dont play with this thing.

Tarek Zoubi says:

This cloud drive is for self use or public

Joseph Kennedy says:

Hey does it transcode on the fly? Like some media servers do? Or will I have to convert most of my files to compatible formats for videos to play on PS3 or Phone…. mores so PS3

King MG says:


Huadong Feng says:

what kinda of theme are you using for your computer? 

Ste farrell says:

Hey +Armando Ferreira  can you recommend a service that would allow me to use your setup as an ftp server so i can Upload websites i build to it? Cheers

DailyLGS says:

“ONE of my companys” this guy..

Green Foot says:

What do you think about an ownCloud solution?

Jaime Gonzalez says:

does it combine the data as one hard drive?

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