High-End PC Gaming in the Cloud with Shadow

Want to play Far Cry 5 on your phone? With Blade’s cloud gaming PC service Shadow, you can do just that. Blade Co-Founder Asher Kagan joins Patrick Norton and Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ to talk and demo their full Windows 10 PC that can stream to any device like an underpowered PC, old Mac, or smartphone.
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kkdude says:

nice interview

Martin Bowers says:

Send friends $10 off. And get $10 off too.

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Thank me later…..

Elliepopcorn says:

Rise of the Tomb Raider is probably the most used game to test stuff like seriously Digital Foundry have like 20 videos with that game xD

Ṫḩṓḿ Ƒᴙᴑᶊᵵ says:

If i was asking the questions there would have been a ton more and different ones i would have asked.
Like security and privacy.
If i store something on the system is it encrypted so employees just can’t look at it?
What if a government subpoenas them.
What security measures do they have from a hacker breaking in and stealing my Steam account or Origin or what not?

Very softball questions asked.
$2,000 is $2,000 i would ask processor and ram and so on and if they go from a Xenon to say a i9 later on. How long before a new graphics card comes out will they upgrade so when the Nvidia GTX 2080ti comes out will they have it and so on.

Love you guys and the show but meh i would had asked other quiestions.

kritagya thapa says:

When will it be available in Canada?

Nazmul Rabbi says:

What about HDR, does it support it?

Matthew Henshaw says:

when i run the shadow app it streams my shadow PC it doesnt have a mobile UI like on this video

Seikowski V says:

It’s almost there, when it can handle MIDI and VR then I will be completely sold.

BR Colgrove says:


Richard Green says:

Too much money

Geforce are for n00bs and CHILDREN. I use Quadro to edit 10-bit content says:

You can’t edit 10-bit unless you use a Quadro or pro AMD and have a 10-bit monitor and use a pro app. And I have 100Gb.

Abanosz says:

can i play it on asia?

Xeriox01 says:

256gb? that’s it? can’t downlaod all my games

B J says:

to good to be true

John Snow says:

You have to have a pc anyways so kinda defeats the purpose for me

XSportSeeker says:

Looks pretty awesome… I really like how the interface works, and how it becomes a cloud computer of sorts to be called upon by an app in every platform.

BUT, as with all previous cloud computing solutions, this all comes down to when people start adopting it, testing it, pushing the limits with more common scenarios. In a prepared close to ideal setting it always works. Cracks starts showing when you have multiple people in different situations, with different devices, different bottlenecks and an entire diversity of drivers, devices, configurations and whatnot. And specially, Internet connections that are far worse than what people have in Europe. Not only about raw speed, but latency, interference, etc etc.

Wish them good luck. Specially on advertising and putting the idea out, because the idea of cloud computing for the masses still didn’t catch on for good reasons.

Heck, remember guys… Nintendo Switch was a blessing in disguise for nVidia because despite they coming up with the most powerful Android SoC entire 3 years ago to launch their own cloud computing/gaming thing, the product absolutely failed. The entire investment only became profitable because Nintendo decided to buy Tegra X1 to develop the Switch.
And it’s not like Gamestream and GeForce Now work poorly too… from everything I’ve heard, their tech works plenty well. It’s just that very few people ended up adopting it.

And then, outside all that, I’m surprised this wasn’t talked about more – privacy. Who gets access to those machines, how resilient to attacks they are, who guarantees no one is looking at what’s happening on the other side, etc.

Ahmed Yasir says:


Anthony Nunez says:

How do I voice chat with friends using the nvidia shield tv app?

Ferocious Ferret says:

CLOUD ANYTHING is worthless to me. Why would I store my private infos on your server, pay monthly fees, have it hacked, subpoena by the government???

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