Dfinity ICO – The NASA of Cloud Computing

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Dfinity is a new open source cloud computing protocol run on the blockchain specifically targeting IT solutions for enterprise software.

Think of it like Amazon AWS for the blockchain. No public crowdsale but check out https://dfinity.org/ for more info.


Matt Horwitz says:

Excellent content brother. Keep it up! This is some cutting edge stuff re: Dfinity.

Sumon Chpwdhury says:

when are they coming to exchange?

BlockchainBrad says:

I am really impressed by your channel. You work extremely hard.

Radin Mirzaie says:

If you check their linked-in you’ll clearly see that it’s not an A-level team.

Afrologge says:

Hey guys for those who got instagram i just opened a new site for all news & updates for dfinity, just search for “dfinity_news” i’ll give my best to let you stay tuned
Thank you

unaeem88 says:

Thanks for the video! What do you think of this va Dadi which is also trying to be AWS on the blockchain…

Wheat Bags Australia says:

Thanks for sharing this amazing content – boy there are some seriously smart people on this planet!!

Zero Period says:

Dfinity is the biggest scam since bitconnect.
Giving 10% tokens in crowdsale for 350 million USD! making their market cap evaluation 3.5 billion USD! This Don guy will end uo holding 50% of the tokens! how is this decentralisation! this is making of a new monopoly

Ace Stojevski says:

This is my next biggest ICO!

BrandonVS says:

Can’t wait for this one . Hope they do an ICO after all

albert list says:

You’re going to start getting a ton of followers with content like this. Keep up the good work Bro.

Nicholas Di Fulvio says:

This helps a lot for people with limited time to research in low detail. Gives a much needed head start, thanks.

Alexander Bodén says:

Review of Dfinity summarizing the project, team, and white paper

ernesto davilia says:

What do you guys think of Titanium?

Jimmi Andersen says:

I probably won’t subscribe because I hate it when people start a video by asking me to subscribe. Much better to do that in the end.

Scruffyballs says:

So is it a new blockchain or build on ethereum as a erc-20 token?

Steeve Gogo says:

Check SALpay please , low cap, working product, great team 50+ and CEO seedstars geneva winner. Really interested in your review!

Shota Bauer says:

This project is for sure one of top 10 ICOs of 2018, I might be premature in saying this. Polychain Capital + Andresseen Horowitz behind this – it’s gotta be a game changer. Anyways, what’s your thoughts on ELASTOS? Would love your analysis on them. Another Chinese killer.

Ne Angel says:

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MrMJD81 says:

i like your video. thanks

Ajay Mahar says:

I know many channels who make video about crypto, I found this channel very informative and interesting. Thank you! very much for such a great work. All the best. Keep rocking…. 🙂 (y)

Crypto ART Australia says:

Hey man great video. Looking forward to dfinity project. I asked would there be country regulations as I live in Australia and would like to invest in the presale for tokens. They replied with “There are new FINMA regulations (Swiss regulator) and we want to make sure we comply with them before announcing any country restrictions”

Acinavas says:

IMO this will be the best project in 2018 by far! I hope they don’t do an overhyped ICO and rather focus on their vision and project! Really looking forward to the whitepaper. I think they said it should get released this month.

Moona Wajih says:

Have u heard about “cloudfish”? They just announced the ICO plan.

Richard Creedon says:

Hey, liking the videos. If you find any more already released and promising Chinese coins that would be great! Excellent quality of videos!

Александр Алексеенко says:

It should be a good project. But still I like the Tokengo project more. In my opinion, he has more functions and opportunities. Although I can be wrong.

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