DeepCloud AI Review: Next-Gen Community-Powered Cloud Computing

DeepCloud AI’s operational mechanics incorporate the use of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology at a core level, in order to provide each element of the ecosystem’s community with an optimally beneficial experience as they utilise DeepCloud AI’s platform for their respective means- from compute resource providers to dApp developers and beyond. Spearheaded by industry veterans, DeepCloud AI’s mission is clear: to democratise and advance cloud computing through their innovative tech and community-driven operational model.

These may on the surface sound like grand concepts, and there are lots of vague buzzwords involved- largely reflecting the projects multi-level innovative approach to cloud computing. We are therefore going to systematically unpack DeepCloud AI in order to effectively establish its real-world potential.

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Hungarian Altman says:

They’re obviously starting from the tech and are building outwards. Halleluja! Too many projects try to build hype without actually having any substance first. Rooting for DeepCloud.

Hunter says:

Man you should be covering this brutal market… portfolio is getting annihilated :/

John Wolf says:

Nailed it! Where do u find your projects for videos?

Need4 Speed says:

can’t believe this niche hasn’t been exploited yet, there’s an ungodly amount of money in the cloud computing market so you’d have thought so. they might not be the first movers in block chain cloud comp but all it can take is that one real good application use case to boom.

Ryan Lopinto says:

The first thing I look for nowadays is adoption potential, not bells and whistles claiming to be the next big thing. yes, there are a lot of projects which do well purely from attention through hype, but this isn’t sustainable, and in the long run the hype will count for squat. Deepcloud might not be the ‘sexiest’ project around right now, but damn does it look like they know how to work hard. Hard work equals gradual results. And that’s what we need to start seeing in blockchain.

Alanjinx Rosewhim says:

the fact of no hype is good in rational market but this is not rational now. for people like me who dont have much knowledge on tech this ico might not appeal as well, but that is because it is complex tech and that is also its strength. we will see what happens

HODLer J says:

The Spartan knows how to lift the spirits with the gems when the markets are down 😉

MrGmann122 says:

I hope this doesn’t go over too many people’s heads because it’s so tech based. What they’re doing here is massive!!!!

madjid1950 says:

thank you sir.

Keylanos Lokj says:

Can anyone make a summary for retards?

Alexander Hart says:

Tech- Check, Team- Check, Adoption strategy- Check. Ding Ding!

B Morrison says:

New sub love your stuff so far, pure analysis no cr4pcoin shilling, really great to see. Would like to see more videos coming out regularly if poss

Crypto Worm says:

So many projects following this incentive model, love it. I can see people making a nice passive income one day with them all combined!

Daniel Fox says:

Great analysis. Good vibes from DeepCloud, pure tech.

halialim says:

I dont know if we need another cloud computing solution Golem and Sonm are first movers been there done that

bach jury says:

No token sale info released yet?

Jibe Johnson says:

Thanks spartan, the real value shines through when you look at these types of projects. I just hope the market is kind enough by the time they run a sale. Which is scheduled when, do you know?

qoph juba says:

why did i not get a notification this time usually it tells me says:

Review Structure:
0:16 – Opening
1:40 – Overview & Vision
4:18 – Current Industry Situation
6:54 – DeepCloud AI’s Solution
11:48 – Team Analysis
13:48 – Partners & Expansion Strategy
16:01 – Verdict & Summary

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