Crypto Comparison: Cloud Computing – iExec (RLC) vs SONM (SNM) vs Golem (GNT)

Crypto Comparison: Cloud Computing – iExec (RLC) vs SONM (SNM) vs Golem (GNT)

iExec is creating a marketplace for decentralised applications where dapp developers can pay to people in order to access their machine power.

SONM is a global supercomputer where users can rent their idle computer power to become part of the SONM network. Buyers can pay to use that power.

Golem enables users and applications (requestors) to rent out power of other users machines. Any user ranging from a single PC owner to a large data center can share resources through Golem and get paid in GNT.


Winner: SONM (SNM)
Sonm is not only the most promising project here but also the one with the lowest current valuation. If you are looking for a cloud computing project for either short or long term it does appear to be the best option.


2nd place: iExec (RLC)
Very good project with promising partnerships. Big update planned in May so it could be good for short(ish) investment.


3rd place: Golem (GNT)
The first and original cloud computing project is falling behind the competition. It does have the best team and is the further in development but that’s already reflected in mcap. Should concentrate on paperwork and social media a bit more.


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Love you (this is not a financial advice by the way).



Get SONM while you still can. That’s all I’m saying.

Stingray77 says:

Great. Thanks

Dora Explora says:

The goals of these three coins are quite interesting so I did some research as well, having watched the video. I think what you say isn’t 100 % true at least regarding their released product. iExec actually has a working V1 and will publish it’s V2 in coming may, whereas the other two only have prototypes that you can’t really compare to what iExec has. Furthermore the team of iExec is quite astonishing with 6 PhDs who are working in the field of decentralized / grid computing owning some patents. I’d say iExec is the hidden champion, but at the moment doesn’t care about marketing but rather focuses on something to show. The other two are ages behind iExec but do have a decent marketing team. In the end it’ll be about the tech and iExec is leading here.

GEOMHK says:

All goes well and keep going, we are following…

Yves Nicollier says:

Great video, yes please more comparisons: (Walten vs Vechain) (privacy coins dash, zcash, monero ect) (PowerLedger vs wepower) (platforms ethereum, neo, eos, lisk, qtum, ect) (storage siacoin vs storj)

In The Kitchen With Matt says:

This is a very cool format, it is great to see the comparison visually. I own iExec, not a ton but would like to see it do well. My suggestion would be a comparison of privacy coins, there are several, haha, the ones I own are Verge (not much), DeepOnion, (fair amount), and Electroneum, (fair amount).

Crypto Share says:

Awesome research…..always appreciate your effort !

Skeppo Gaming says:

sonm baby!

Kem Ogun says:

Great series, loads of projects to compare. I suggest omisego, everex and salpay. Cheers!

DBFlol says:

Hey Crypto Coins, nice haircut! What are your thoughts on the BPT social exchange?

A Berg says:

SONM is also my favorite.. Thank you for nice review!

Puma Alvarado says:

Excellent presentation as always !!!

pepe says:


Adam Lewis says:

You are my main source of crypto recommendations these days. You stand out from the market manipulators and your work is really appreciated. Thank you

marneus74 says:

“Current product” iExec #3… They are the only one with a working V1 product lmao but they are #3 lmao

ryan dollin says:

Love the haircut. Your a legend!!

Alan Dos Anjos says:

Very Nice this kind of vídeo!

Frans de Haan says:

Thoughts about ?

Jessa Junia says:

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alexbk44 says:

Excellent review. Thank you sir!

mauriziovaluta says:

Wonderful comparison. You are doing an outstanding job. Super professional. What do you think about doing a similar shootout comparison between crypto lending and loans i.e SALT, ETHLEND AND ELIX? Thanks a lot.

David E.M.B. says:

This is one of the best crypto videos Ive ever seen. I had been waiting for comparisons like this one. Looking forward for more

Crypto Luv says:

what happened to the hair???????

Jd Dayanghirang says:

SONM will be the future of supercomputers…. Your welcome… 😉

matthieu Marin says:

Your assessment for current product is a joke man! Iexec has a V1 since 2017 (not alpha or testnet), in May it is V2. They have also a Dappstore and will support Blender very soon. Far far more advanced than the 2 others!

Heslin Kim says:

We have Golem (GNT) on UpBit in Korea and iExec (RLC) as well. (largest exchange in Korea) No SONM though.

Puma Alvarado says:

BTW, congratulations for your position as advisor on the CargoX project.
Unfortunatly for me it was impossible for me to get access to the token sale due big whales.

Kevin says:

Nice video. The only part i disagree is the usecase. The usecase of SONM is much broader than the other projects.

mauriziovaluta says:

Answer to your feedback request: Partnerships and Teams categories should stay separate and influence the score separately.

petr luchko says:

I’m from russia, and I don’t find any good info about SOMN team, iexec have best team!!! an after this research, I invest iexec only in ico, no somn, and no golem

Matthew Worner says:

new series, new haircut – cool

DhOg 13 says:

RLC is the future. Their team also shits on the other two and has an actual product. Also low coin total. Gonna be a beast. And I’m sorry man but your wrong on alot of things. RLC is definitely ahead of the other two in many categories. They’re the only one with a working product but 3rd? Lol

And team is Golem? What!? The team is literally the biggest reason to invest in RLC. They have the best team possibly I’m Crypto along with ENG probably 2nd. And I don’t even hold ENG so I I’m being honest

Crypto Grit says:

Great work man! SONM has a few more partnerships but looks like they won either way!

Ian RJM says:

Didn’t sonm funk over their investors?

mb1000Do says:

I think sonm very nice.

Wouter Albert says:

Keeping team and partnerships separated works for me. I don’t think a good team automatically means a lot/good partnerships. So in order to not get stuff confused, I’d keep them apart. Great video, as always. Thanks for all the work you put in to this.

B Murphy says:

Good vid.

I like Team and Partnerships separate. But grow the ear muffs back.

Dfd_Free_Speech says:

I love the direction that your channel is taking: No nonsense talk – but lots of hard facts.
–> *Useful data well presented.* Great!

This is exactly what’s missing in the Youtube crypto-community so I’m definitely looking forward to getting more of that.

Douglas D. says:

Top videos

RobCruz says:

I like this, it’s smart. Thank you mate!

emailgeschiedenis says:

Nice look man!

Ian RJM says:

Wooooooaahh, the hair. Nice. Fresh and fruity!

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