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Crashplan backs up all your files in the cloud – there are no limits as to file size or bandwidth. However, if you’re just starting out its features might be a little overwhelming.

Crashplan is a three in one backup plan. First, you can use Crashplan totally free to backup your files locally, for example on an external hard drive, second you can backup your data to the Crashplan cloud that’s the one that’ll cost you money – or third, you can even backup to a friends computer (of course, your data is going to be encrypted so that only you can read it)

Crashplan is a great backup solution that takes out a lot of the pain one could have with file backup. A great array of features sets it apart from many competitors in the field. We would have loved to see an option to backup network attached storage devices or a file syncing/sharing option. If you want to compare Crashplan just head over to our comparison chart where you can compare all the major backup services on the market today.


InvisiMan says:

Crashplan does backups right, but recovery is a mess… it seems to just dump your restored files to your desktop.  Can’t it simply restore back to the directory they were originally from? 

usa00 0 says:

how do I restore older files? I see only latest files can be restored. also can I restore from web? don’t see the option

JohanTux says:

You neglect one of the important selling points of Crashplan that puts it over Carbonite and Backblaze (for some users):  you can use it on a Linux machine.  I have an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS  machine that I use as a file server on my home network.  When I set this up, I found that there were not many solutions for Linux users.  I’d used Carbonite for backing up a Windows XP machine I was using as a file server before.

 I found setup and administration for the Crashplan backup to be reasonable considering the benefit of having local and off-site backup. 

Of course, the proof is in the pudding of fire:  when the server fails and you are restoring the data.  Carbonite did an adequate if not particularly fast job when I had a hard drive fail a few years ago.  I’ve yet to test this aspect of Crashplan.

Paul Camp says:

Skip Crashplan. They will NOT protect your data. They just totally destroyed, without prior warning, three years worth of data from a five year long research project. Lost. All of it. Sent me a notice AFTER it happened. Their data retention policy believes that a backup is not an archive. Your data is NOT safe here. They deliberately deleted my data and THEN sent me an email. They seemed to be quite proud of this.

Half a decade of my professional life just went up in smoke because of these jerks. If you can tolerate that, by all means shoot them your money.

Abhishek Agrawal says:

Use IDrive Online Backup. It’s way more reliable than all the alternatives mentioned above.

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