Cloud Computing | TDNC Podcast #79

When it comes to Internet services and information technology, “the cloud” comes up as a topic frequently. But is it all it’s cracked up to be?

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Eddie Hermansson says:

What dont you put the podcasts om Soundcloud any more?

Ninja Master says:

I don’t like cloud computing or SaaS.

It’s all great and wonderful to start, then the company restructures, merges, spins off, removed service or hikes the price.

There’s piece of mind with business critical software to house and maintain in house.

Detlev says:

8:04 OMG Kitty cat!

50PullUps says:

Every minute of this talk was solid gold. Definitely worth the time for anyone in the world of IT. Thanks for posting!

Chromebook says:

This was over my head – not tech saavy enough

rymc420 says:

You deserve more subs dude. I like your content a lot, keep em coming.

kilbox 1a says:

Wow AWS is super expensive. Holy crap for a VPS, Digital Ocean is muuuuuuch less for comparable specs.

marco polo2263 says:

My mom thinks the cloud storage is just stored in literal clouds. tried to tell her it’s a lot of server rooms I need to show her this video

mugenbb6 says:

When you said the cost savings is minimum for businesses with on-prem switching to cloud, I argue that it depends. It really varies. For example, tinder was onprem and had spent a lot of money maintaining their architecture, especially with their data store.. After they switched to aws and running dynamodb, they saved a ton of money, and is able to vastly scale up and down. On the other hand, if you just forklift to aws without any redesign, without any optimization, etc, you’re going to be spending a lot more money.

r4n says:

I am ICT admin for a 800-900 student school, with around 100 staff. We want to move to the cloud, but the steep pricing discounts we get to run on premise servers is significantly cheaper than azure or AWS. The other thing often overlooked is internet connectivity in the business and how much businesses “or in my case schools” are willing to pay for good quality connectivity.

hbarudi says:

Interesting video about how the cloud service companies work, for me I use email of course, and I use those that are directly called cloud services when they can save your files online. The service I use is dropbox and it has been working great for me. Otherwise since I don’t have a company yet, I don’t have the need for a major cloud service, but the information about that in the video shows which size business can’t rely on cloud service for their website and stuff.

All Kina Ting says:

YES 🙂 thanks Colin

Team Shaolin Star says:

That was an awesome video you made Colin and I hope you have a happy 2018 and I love your video game handheld refurbishing videos so good luck with your YouTube channel and may the power of the new year be with you my friend :).

adventureoflinkmk2 says:

If there really IS no cloud… Then what about the events of Final Fantasy 7 and who merged into Zack Fair’s memories?!

Lennon Zamora says:

Heavy into the hybrid cloud thing at work and personally. Working up and down the *aaS stack, containers, serverless code. Fun stuff.

Tashiro Sato says:

great podcast collin

Ivan castillo says:

what catergory is chrome os/chromeium os?

Robert Osorno says:

Nice video. Thanks for talking about this topic, hearing more about cloud computing every day.

cody thedragondude says:

i think cloud gaming is great it’s really just the isps that make it hard to market that i still think people bashing sony for psnow is unfair considering they could not really get ps3 out of ps4 i mean even the ps3 emulator on pc requires loads of hardware more than an apu would be able to handle

Mohammad L says:

awesome man, you clear a lot of things.

Gamer2020YT says:

Great video!

Matthew Nelson says:

I’m sitting here managing on-prem servers for my office and I didn’t even think about those with Cloud Servers; getting exposed by other VMs on the same physical host is scary. You’d hope that people would be appling their patches on the other VMs on the host or be prepared to get exposed from an infected neighbor VM. That’s a thinker.

gazú says:

hmmm, apparently EVERYTHING is a commodity, lol

IyanIsIt says:

Awesome video colin. Can you mod my gba for me??? I will get the case soon. Modding it is too much for me. Or if you could just give me tips on doing it correctly.

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