Cloud computing – ShareVDI X5 Mini Cloud PC Review – [HD]

Cloud computers, what are they ? Actually a cloud client is a very inexpensive computer which can even fully run windows with the help of a host pc. Theres a huge potential for gaming in the future ! ( cloudgaming ).

But today we have a look at some business computers like the shareVDI X5 !

Q1: X5 is embedded linux kernel,can it connect to windows OS in the server? Yes,X5 supports all windows and linux OS,including multi point server 2012.
Q2: What is the default password of X5 control panel?
No password,just need to click OK.
Q3: If the user sets up the password but forget,how should we do?
You can enter into control panel with administrator password,it is sharevdix5.
Q4: Why the online video is not smooth when the server configuration is strong enough?
Please confirm if you have installed software named Sharevdi set-up and enable the video mode in the server.
Q5: How should we set up the usb printer application in X5?
Please read the manual and install the software named USBIP for USB application in the server first.You can download the software from our website directly.


Lucas and Pikachu says:

How did you get the mini PCs?

Johannes Jokinen says:

Hey Stephan I got a question for you. I bought a Elephone p3000s, I have noticed the cellular signal is terrible. Have you noticed this on any China phones and is there anyway to fix it, thanks.

Mhc says:

Use windows server, it supports several users at once with no extra software (or confirmation). Looks, in the settings, like the client supports RDP so that should work!

I imagine this would be faster if it had gigabit network though. Another tip is, use a flat-colored background to make windows close faster! Over all, pretty cool. Thin clients, great for work, sucks for fun!

Duckiety says:

Hey, Since its small, would it be able to run a minecraft server 24/7 with restarts?

Shoaib Shah says:

hallo machst du wieder ein gewinspiel?

liebe deine viedeos

Ugnius Zaveckas says:


Estelle Bright says:

Really a good device. Do decent job, and works as expected. That should be all what it can do. Great.

Irontrol says:

hacks for minecraft best :V

Impatient 07 says:

I see that silver youtube button plaque in the background. Congratulations 🙂

Legendary Music says:

Cloud PCs are definitely handy. I’m a volunteer worker at a Jobcentre Plus, part of the Department for Work and Pensions. I had wondered exactly what their setup was–found they used cloud PCs and MS Virtual Server. The host(s) having an AMD Opteron and 24GB DDR3 RAM. 

I’ve been thinking of setting a small network of cloud PCs up for guests that come over. I’ll have to keep this ShareVDI X5 in mind.

Katelyn says:

Are you a Network engineer?

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