Cloud Based Surveillance Cameras

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Today’s Topic:
Cloud Based Surveillance Cameras are becoming more affordable, and more useful now that high speed internet connections are becoming more available.

With the power of these systems you can get very high capabilities for a very low price.

We demonstrate web based access to these systems, and notification and management from smartphones or mobile devices. Beyond the simple view and record functionality you are also able to use the built in Mic and Speakers for 2 way communication.

NOTE: These types of cameras SHOULD NOT be used in environments where you need to keep legal evidence, or are concerned about violent encounters!

Today’s Review:
Simplicam Surveillance camera:

Today’s Questions:
“Should a very smart 14 year old bother with college?”

“How do I start a business with my wife?”

Today’s Final Thoughts:
Vlog channel is starting to bring in actual money!

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MJ Electronics says:

Good video Eli 

Razor2048 says:

Cloud based security cameras 100% lack any and all future reliability. What Eli is not realizing is that there is a difference between cloud enhanced and cloud reliant. In pretty much all cloud based security cameras, the developers go out of their way to make sure that the only way you can access the video, is through their servers. This is done to create new revenue streams (charge for what would otherwise be free). Also know that as soon as sales drop or profits drop, or the server upkeep becomes a burden, then you can bet that those servers will be shut down, and you will be left with an expensive paperweight.

With a traditional IP camera, you can access the cameras locally, record locally, access them locally even when the internet is down. And when you feel the need, you can enhance it with the cloud by having the footage recorded remotely.

Overall, with these cloud reliant products, your use of the product is at the mercy of a profit motivated company, and you can bet that they will choose the most financially beneficial course of action. If these companies had even the slightest care for the customer, they would not go out of their way to strip out all methods of local access. Because of this, the only time when such a camera purchase would be financially sound, is if you have to decide between using taking cash out of your wallet and using it to clean up dog poop, or buy the cloud reliant camera.

IP camera systems have really come down in price, and best of all, it will run today, and it will still likely work 10 years after the company that has made it, killed their servers, or gone out of business.

How would you feel if you purchased the camera for $150 and then 3-6 months later, the company goes out of business, leaving you with a paperweight?

PS, if you take apart a dropcam, you will see that they went to great lengthts to make sure that you could not gain local access to the video feeds. The linux distro that it runs, has all local access stripped out. These companies make their money by charging you for traditionally free functions, and thus it is in their financial interest to make sure that you could not gain use of those functions without paying them.

In IT, and business in general, you have to examine the value of your investment. It is important to consider every possible point of failure and determine what point of failure is unnecessary. For example, having to go through a dropcam server to view your camera is technically unnecessary, but the need for electricity is necessary.

If you are purchasing a piece of equipment for your business and want to avoid wasting money, then assume that what ever you are going to buy, will be used for the next 50+ years. Think about what could possible go wrong in those 50+ years. This is useful for determining all that ca go wrong and what is within your control, and what is out of your control.

In business, you never want a product/ device that your business relies on, to be dependent on the financial success of another company (unless it cannot be avoided), e.g., you cannot realistically avoid the need for fuel for a fleet of trucks, thus if the oil companies fail, then you will be in trouble. On the other hand, you can avoid these cloud reliant cameras by using a more traditional system that allows local access and recording in addition to the option of all of these cloud services if you want.

Shah Nawaz says:

Hi eli. Ur videos r fantastic and v easy to student of cloud v interesting in cloud based cameras nd want to dig deep in it.. can u guide me or send me links to ebooks or good stuff abt it..

sean mcfarland says:

Where is the benefit in allowing a third party vendor to manage your data on servers you have little to no control over? I like the concept for recording data that is not security sensitive i.e. video production project. 

Kenneth Nicklowicz says:

can you do a video on how to wire separate network for I.P camera, and still remotely access it over the net

Sen says:

I’m too cheap, I just use an old computer with a webcam and keep the camera on, remote viewing in on my phone through Team Viewer.

Finnian Cornelison says:

For personal security reasons, I’d edit out those missed numbers.

Nenad Kralj says:

No it does not matter 🙂

Scott Downs says:

Hey Eli, Have you ever considered a protective case for your phone? 🙂

Channel - ROBERSON says:

Hey +Eli the Computer Guy how much this camera?. It’s compatibility with SO Linux and Windows. I can use this camera with skype for conversation ?

Mtech says:


Иіск Рагіllб says:

you should have blurred out those phone numbers on your phone screen…..just letting you know +Eli the Computer Guy 

Heather Honey says:

YouSoSmart, Tell me what is going on with my Oco. cloud based cam. I should have returned it upon the first sign of issue. day1, new service with Ivideon, my son mooned me, funny as hell, upon viewing online it disappeared in front of our eyes and never to be seen again. As did later of a “drone”, “neighbor fight” , “police interaction”, another day, ” drug deal” “neighbors monkeyshines towards me. I seen these online via Ivideon. Disappear, all gone, Ivideon customer service no help. Research makes me think “”Jammer””!

Neeraj Suyal says:

hey eli nice video info.can you upload video about how to connect two different company internet leased line to dlink router. concept is when one leased line is down.other leased line run automatic in our pc …..please clear this concept…thanks 

Young Uno says:

Whoever asked the question about whether or not he/she should go to college (14yrold). I want to let you know that if you are so fucking smart (complement)… you are going to get an amazing scholarship to a good college and it won’t cost you a dime. Also, while you are at college learning the same crap you know, you will easily have the time to work part time as maybe Network engineer at Meraki or something. I’m not even kidding. As a student in college, you’ll have a lot of time in your hands.

rafalpilat145 says:

This is just a stupid stupid idea. Why would you want to waste so much bandwidth uploading video 24/7 to an outside server?

JoeGancher says:

Unless I missed something, did he ever say why he would not put this in a potential crime scene area ?

Jay Moore says:

i`m using forscam ip cameras and not too bad

Jihad Powell says:

please get that cracked screen fixed eli…not a good look

Kevin H says:

Great Job! Kevin H, Director, Technical Services, Hands of Support Computer Services

donovan mckee says:

How many orange crew necks does this man own?

Johnny says:

Thats what we want. A dvr. I don’t trust cloud recording. I don’t want my video on someone else’s server

Alireza Yami says:

That is GED, eli 🙂
GRE is the test about English and Math you sit to get into masters or PhD course. There are few universities in US that do not require GRE or they remove that requirement if Master’s GPA is so high. Many people are against GRE in US but in contrary it is getting popular in other countries because of Americanization of them 🙂

Robert Casio says:

I’m not a big fan of using proprietary systems like nest (Dropcam) and canary, so I’m looking for a system where I can just add any ip camera. I found these cameras called Axis and I’m interested in using camcloud with these cameras, since they are plug and play. They claim that the upload bandwidth is only 256kbs and if internet is lost, they can record locally to an SD card or NAS device. Have you tested this service? I would really like to see what you thought prior to investing my 10 locations on this service. They also have continuous recording through their dealer channel, but I’m not sure if I really need that. Their site is, please let me know what you think.

Eli the Computer Guy says:

Cloud Based Surveillance Cameras – YouTube


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