CES 2017: GeForce NOW: PC Gaming from the Cloud (NVIDIA keynote part 3)

At CES 2017 in Las Vegas, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang reveals that GeForce NOW now offers GeForce GTX gaming from the cloud to millions of PC and Mac users. A demo of the game-streaming service shows “Rise of the Tomb Raider” playing on a Mac via Steam.


Sean says:

Wow this is pretty nuts, but that price point could use some work. Still a really amazing feat.

Kidus Yohannes says:

I like how people automatically started friending this guy once they saw his steam id

Trutly says:

why dont they make it free? i mean like my pc is 230$ and you have to pay for this every month? then i am paying more then my PC

bryan LEE COUPE says:


Kumar Sinha says:

Instead of keep paying $25 for Geforce, I suggest you all to check out the top 5 must buy gaming laptops : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPb7OdIk0hU

David Weathers says:

i think tis will make ultra settings more accessible without wrecking your frame rate

Aayush Sharma says:

wow waiting for geforce now

Faas Ramaekers says:

One of that people is me
I need a gtx 1080 ti
Trying to play minecraft on lowest settings + optifine on 1 FPS

Kidda says:

Is it for 20 hours or 20 hours play time? Sorry, I had to comment again haha.

Daniel Muvdi says:

even with that at $25 at month (unlimited) is still to expensive.

SharpShooter says:

this is amazing!

Fonzy Bonzy says:

My laptop can only run Minecraft
(Entering the gtx 1080 ti and msi gaming laptop giveaway)

XanadE says:

My pc not game ready….

ankit rana says:

evolution of pc gaming :
then: free to play online
now: pay to play online

Alakesh Talukdar says:

Nvidia is helping me to make my professional career in gaming Thanks u nvidia my good wishes with for ur new invention

Zhengyong Ooi says:

25$ for 20 hours. #Eatyourself

Amr Zein says:

great idea but the cost?

Ravindu Liyanage says:

Thanks for the CES Coverage!

Govinda Malavipathirana says:

I love nvidia… back then Mac users isolated from gaming world, nvidia you saved us <3

Himanshu Shah says:

cheap subscription would be nice

Curt Bernardo says:

Very nice for my windows laptop!!!

Sourabh Dhere says:

25$ * 30 Days = $ 750
In 2 months u can buy a decent gaming pc

paul blusher says:

great way to get people with lower end hardware in to gaming wtg Nvidia

bruno silva says:

This is a retard move from NVIDIA this tecnology is amazing and they Will fck this shit up with 25$ 20 hours

snipertail76 says:

25 dolar an hour thats trash pus the wifi pill

Šimon Rácz says:

i would really like to get geforce now 🙁

João Freitas says:

I cant wait to this arrive in Brazil. Take my money NVIDIA!!!

Lucius Lux says:

i prefer nvidia video card than this

Zachyattacky says:

They aren’t going for the hardcore market obviously, if they can get someone new into it so they can justify making the initial purchase of their own pc.



Igor Stojadinovic says:

Wtf Nvidia 25$ for what,for 20 hours gaming,omg,sorry but no tnx

25$ per mounth,and that will be great Nvidia

Kidda says:

Works perfectly. I love it when he says that XD

Jomonjitto Jitto says:

Is GeForce free

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