Can Cloud Gaming Finally Become a Thing? – CES 2017

The new era of PC cloud gaming is upon us. Will Nvidia and Liquid Sky be able to succeed where others have failed? James Duggan and Justin Rubio talk about the announcements from CES to find out if the new services will survive longer than previous attempts like OnLive.

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shalom shalom says:

if its work good im a customer

Arvid Olson says:

i would love this but instead of pc-games, console games, so you can play exclusives without buying an actual console

ashish singh says:


steven Sandy says:

if it comes out before 5g careful dont give up on it 5g will make it better

Bojidar Martinov says:

Actually..when i think about it….i can’t wait to see what the future will bring to us..

puz golac says:

but what is cloud gaming?

Talking Rock says:

im in beta. works amazingly well. perfect. just dont use a wireless mouse. use an xbox one controller too if your going to use one at all.

Spyx says:

not with nividia

Masterfire23 says:

I’ve tried liquid sky and it’s seriously impressive the servers run pretty well. they have a 750 mb upload/download. I tried overwatch and it ran pretty well framerate 60 and above. I have data capped internet so the connection kept dropping and there is some some input lag. overall it was a cool experience runing pc games on my mobile phone. I look foward to the future where everyone has google fiber Internet and can run this.

banana boi says:

If i want to stream my games,i want every games to run at 8k 144fps max settings lmao.

DannyParis says:

Who cares about cloud gaming, when the Switch would be half the price

It's an opinion Calm your ass down. says:

good for some games like JRPG or RPG. Anything else? nope, say goodbye.

FailedPhilosopher233 says:

What was the console that was released that tried this and failed miserably?

Jeremy R says:

I think it will be mainstream in maybe 10 years? Half of america is still on broadband (10mb a second) which is super slow and cant handle even a 4k netflix video. I would say once everyone has fiber which has ultra low latency compared to Coaxial cable so idk how long fiber will take to get here

Dan Connor says:

cloud gaming is inevitably the future… People can’t afford the super best graphics cards, and a lot of people are too dumb to install them…*it takes a superserver a massive amount of super comptuers to get it to work.. however, Its going to be the next big thing for gaming, whether Nintendo, or anything.. like a Netflix for games

Impronunciável Zweist says:

Let´s hope not.

Berk Can says:

1:29 Macbook effects, you play games like you are coding with your all ten fingers xD

amine mk says:

But it requires Strong internet connection

The Superglorious says:

but if cloud gaming is no.1 console bussines will destroy but pc still

UnicronicMK1 says:

Cloud gaming as a global service won’t happen for at least another 5 years, possibly 10.

The Superglorious says:

i want download liquid sky but its not available on my country

Youtube Channel says:

The day this becomes a viable option for me is the day my internet doesn’t cut out at random times

123Steelman says:

So how are you playing Overwatch. Game is processed elsewhere. online matches are connected through blizzard’s servers. The internet speed in this video must be insane

Tidal Yacht says:

I would prefer physical game copies (as in, ACTUAL ownership of the game) and be able to save to the hard drive or SSD. I hardly trust the cloud with valuable documents, let alone with games in general.

ReviewPirateUSARGH! says:

ARGH! don’t tell richbeard of reviewtechusa, or else he will tell ye that could gaming will never happen. #exposed

thaneros says:

It was. My OnLive ran damn good. Too bad it wasn’t popular enough to been a success.

Tyler Playz Roblox says:

onlive closed DOWN

Darkvoid554 says:

it already was a thing like 7 years ago…..

ttom12033 says:


pedrovay2003 says:

I don’t care if cloud gaming works absolutely flawlessly, I’m not trusting the future of my game library to someone else’s servers. Either they exist on my hard drive/on a disc, or they have no place in my library.

BCoydog says:

What’s the background music in this video? Anyone? Plezz.

NL Rampage says:

“What is cloud gaming?”

Khayman77 says:

GameFly has been doing this for awhile. There is a monthly fee but you can play all the new games on all platforms on your phone, tablet and pc.

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