Blade Shadow Cloud PC. Is this the Future of Gaming & Computing?

Hi, this video shows an initial view of the Blade Shadow which is a rentable gaming PC that is cloud based. The Shadow apps allow any budget PC, old Mac or smartphone to become a GTX 1080 powered Windows 10 machine. The Shadow Box featured in this video allows any TV to become a high end gaming computer. You rent the PC per month (currently 27 UK Pounds) and then the company will maintain and upgrade the computer.
It sounds expensive but if you look at the price of upgrading to a GTX1080, 12GB DDR4 RAM and also a 1Gbps Down / 20Mbps Up internet connection. Then take into account the maintenance costs and also the power consumption costs then the price starts to become more bearable as power consumption on your end will be low as you are just streaming while the Shadow PC is doing all the work.
In case you are wondering you will not be able to mine cryptocurrency when using the Shadow PC.
In the video I show a Window 10 game and also a Steam game being played so you can check the lag. I also show a 22GB game being downloaded to check download times.
I will do a proper video on this once I fully understand it. This is just an initial video to show my viewers that it exists.
If you have any questions that you want me to answer or anything you want me to test then add it to the comments and I can try and do it on my longer detailed video.
Many thanks Vince.


Sahran Rahman says:

What happens if u don’t pay

Overwatch Player says:

Very good detailed video! It would be better if it were more structured.

Zachary Starks says:

whats the security like on that thing,. id be apprehensive at first,.

Nameless King says:

My mate Vince is the future of YouTube

Mark Norville says:

Talk about an annoying gamer, you clicking that controller like that, is as bad as hearing someone chomp their food, or hearing a dentist drill.

Patryk Piotrowski says:

Do you want to keep it.

bubble says:

I recently made a video about something similar: GeForce NOW, check it out here:

crazyidiot101 says:

Is the box necessary? If all computation is done remotely, we shouldn’t need the box right?

Apfelboy077 says:

I ordered the Steam Link device like 4days ago for 2,75€ here in germany, which is really cheap. I am impressed Valve is doing such impressive sales for hardware as well.

Great video, as always ;). 15-20ms is quite good actually if you aren’t a competitive player of course. I think the beta of geforce now has higher latency 40ms+, to make an example

White Wolf Emperor says:

I tought it was just for France

Jack Beames says:


I have a few questions about the shadow cloud. I’m really interested in buying this but I need some questions answered?

First, will the cloud work on a MacBook and be able to run all the games I’d like to play?

Also do I have my own shadow login which I login into when I purchase shadow

Also once I’m logged into shadow do I log into steam. And do I have to purchase games on steam to play or all games free from the cloud

Lastly can I play with friends?

lando hoth says:

The input lag looks like shit

haarp2012 says:

Hi, Vince
Really interesting video as always; you definitely put some weird, wonderful and eclectic stuff out there as content! I remember one video where you managed to get Fortnite playing through an old CRT tube built into a 1980’s boombox; talk about technological voodoo.
And that’s one of the things I love about your channel, a bit like Techmoan, you show us the strange and curious when it comes to tech stuff.
The concept of the shadow is interesting, but I don’t think it will get far at the moment. From what I can see, it’s too limited and too expensive for what is being offered. Plus you get old farts like me who like to own their physical hardware, plus own physical copies of software/content.
Does that mean that this concept will never take off? Hmm, while I guess even ten years ago nobody thought that the days of the DVD rental store would one day be consigned to the dustbin of history, but that’s pretty much what happened.
IMHO, i would much rather buy my own PC (though I game on console) and simply upgrade GPU etc as needed. At least that way I will own the machine. You never own the shadow in terms of the moment you stop paying your rent it just becomes a very odd looking doorstop.
However, what makes tech so fascinating, at least to me, is how quickly things change and improve so my prediction of this concept not taking off (either shadow or another company) is probably very wide of the mark. After all, remember when Microsoft had no prescence on the net because Gates said the net was a fad and MS had no intention of getting into it? Hmm, guess even geniuses like Gates sometimes call things wrong…and I’m certainly no genius!
Keep up the great vids, cheers!

Terry Just says:

Yes. I can play high-end games on my low-end pc 😀

My Internet speed : 512kbps

wrong1man says:

Hi guys! I’m a user of this service, and I’d like to invite you all to the official community discord, where you can get any questions answerd in no time!

You Won't Ever Know says:

8:51 when accessing stuff locally using cloud computers, you need to have a fast upload speed since it’s trying to read (Upload) / write (Download) to your drive OVER THE INTERNET.

Bartholomew the speedster says:

Play Fortnite on the switch with the drum set

Sahran Rahman says:

I mean that I pay the first month then I don’t do the 2th what will happened plz answer

Jus D'orange says:

The hard drive issue you just had there isn’t due to the Shadow. I just had it after using my usb stick to play games on. The way to fix it is to tell steam that the C: drive is the defualt one twice. Dunno why, just that’s what works for me. 🙂

Reynaldo Garcia III says:

GeForce now is easier tho

max habing says:

The problem is: i want to own my stuff.

Kiv Initov says:

Ground Source

Teh509 says:

Sub 10ms lag and absolutely zero degradation in signal… then I’d buy into it… Oh and in addition to a 256gb ssd it needs a 1tb hdd as a minimum. or options for 500gb – 1tb ssd’s

Benormous says:

Who is your isp???

MushiNoGami says:

Don’t have Forza. but latency looks insane, no thanks


you make me cry but good video

gavina2003 says:

Lol you could download viruses onto their compuetr

SylphidUndine says:

over 900 Mb/s daaaamnn

Kyle Smith says:

I can’t see this replacing anything we already have, but I can see the potential

Vincent Deng says:

Can you make a video on how to fix a code cause I brought a 10$ code but then when I starchted 4 of the letters were blured I really need your help

HonorGold says:

Can you make a tutorial how to build a gaming pc?

Adrian N says:

I like how he says and if they don’t upgrade it, they will go out of business and someone else will come along

Trostat says:

Can u please make a video regarding how to get it and installation , they are asking my country region but i dont live in the countries given in the option , can i still get it and run it ??? Thanks

The Flying Pig says:

Can you play rocket league on this?

Darth Magister says:

Cloud gaming, no possibility to play with wireless controller. No thanks, it’s interesting, and it certainly is useful for complex operations like machine learning. But for gaming, with latency/lag response from all connected peripherals and display, it’s not great for anything other than single player. + a ton of us people have isps that impose monthly caps. Maybe in 5-10 years i’ll change my mind

HYPHER says:

Your internet connection though

continuous HUNGRY says:

Vufine wearables display, please test it.

Fujio H says:

Yes it is 5g is coming

Andrew D says:

Thenn when something goes down…… in china, where the shadow box is coming from. It will work it will work… if you have realllyy good internet. Id take an old fashioned pc with the….”dumb” terminals, with all my info here….not in china in a server room. That tower is huge! But doesnt store anything….?! AANNND you have to pay to streamþplay YOUR shit…! What the helllsss going on herree….?!

Teal'c Of Tulac says:

I don’t whether to wait and buy the 11 series card or get this service. I have 1gb down and 250 up internet already. That and I have 12tb internal storage. However I’m genuinely interested in this service

Mum Blic says:

What the heck! 7:20 Speedtest? What are you saying. “Upload could be handy” It’s not your upload speeds. It’s the upload speed of their network. Same for the 2 ms ping.
Are you trying to mislead people or ….

Coin Killer says:


Rohan Mato says:


Pickers says:

too much delay for me

.Mrblack. says:

The lag is completely obvious, if you want to play games and either feel like you are terrible at every game or just be completely frustrated then subscribe to the shadow! Seems so odd that you don’t admit to it when it’s so apparent in the video? Were you sent the thing for free? Paid promotion? Even for casual gaming that thing would be no good whatsoever.

Dale McCourt says:

Hi could you please explain exactly how you got your xbox one controller to work with the Shadow Box. Im having trouble getting the shadow box to detect my xbox one controller.

RubeHicksCube says:

Though $34/month may seem like a lot, here’s why I think I can justify it… (simple numbers for simple math, no specifics, take what I say just for conversation)

My current specs are a GTX 670, i5 Crapola from 6 or 8 years ago, RAM may be ok DDR3, and SSD wasn’t a thing when it was built.

For some, like me, they would just like to upgrade to a better CPU. Which would also mean upgrading their Motherboard to support it. RAM may be salvageable, but may want to upgrade to DDR4 or DDR5. All that leaves is your hard drives, which you could grab an external USB 3.0 bay for like $50 and plug in your hard drives to Shadow when you want to save photos or larger files that you want to physically own in your possession.

Average Gaming PC upgrade: $1,000 (without GPU equal to GTX 1080)
PC lasts 3 to 4 years for average users
$1k initial upgrade, plus $1k in upgrade to GTX 1080, leaves us at $2k for 4 years.
Shadow: $419/year, 4 years of service (without competition bringing down prices over time) leaves us at $1676, with no need to upgrade. You could even go 5 years for the same price as an upgrade.

No GPU in upgrade, if I took my current GTX 670 into account, and saved $419 for 2 years, I could probably afford a GTX 1080. But by then the next gen of cards would come out and I would be telling myself to buy the new one anyway. And for those 2 years, new gen processors would be coming out… now onto a new motherboard… and the cycle continues.

Hopefully I made my point clearly enough, but if you’re playing catch-up and savings to “keep up” with current gen technology, just pay the $419 and in 4 to 5 years you’ll still be up to spec with the best of the best hardware. And with 5 years time, new DaaS services will become competitive to bring prices down, which means you may not be spending $419 forever.

Troy Grimes says:

To have a shadow subscription in the USA it would cost $34.95 a month. After a year of the using shadow it would have costed you $419.40 If you were to spend $500 on a pc right now with a ok graphics card then after a year spend the $419 you saved from not subscribing to shadow on a much better graphics card that would be a much better deal. Then you would be saving money and only have to upgrade your graphics card every 3ish years.

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