Apollo Personal Cloud Appliance Review, A Personal Cloud For All Your Files and Photos

Apollo Private Cloud Review http://www.daddoes.com/12838/apollo-personal-cloud-review/ Today we review a Personal Cloud solution from Promise Technologies.

The Apollo Personal Cloud Appliance (4 TB) Sells for $299 –

Apollo is a personal Cloud appliance and app that gives users and their circles full control over storing and accessing digital content from their own private space. Unlike current market products, Apollo is the first to let families, small business, home offices, or work groups easily and privately store and share their digital content.

The immense volume of photos, videos and files quickly eating up space on devices means that managing data on phones, tablets and laptops is increasingly complicated. As technology evolves, files increase in size and number. With Apollo users get four terabytes to manage, store, and share data both securely and privately, from wherever they happen to be.

Apollo can be used by a group of up to 10 members, each with full sharing control over their own digital files. Apollo can save and share more than 440 hours of HD video, 220,000 photos and half a million songs.

Apollo features include:
· Small device, huge capacity – 4TB of storage space with no recurring fees.
· Quick access to content from anywhere – Apollo’s mobile app offers fast access and speedy playback of stored videos and other media content wherever the Internet is available.

· Private Space – unlike other solutions, each member of a group gets a private space and full sharing control over their own files.
· Easy to set up and use, from virtually anywhere – set up takes only minutes, on iOS and Android devices, Macs and PCs.
· Digital content is safe and secure – with all transactions encrypted to the highest degree. Promise Technology uses the same core technology for Apollo that it uses on its professional storage devices.
· Quiet, elegant, robust design – sleek, yet sturdy Apollo form factor easily fits on a shelf, a desk, or media cabinet.


logan. grey. says:

oh sweet thanks dad does

Ade2Bee says:

If it is a local cloud, how do people you send links to view it when out of your network? Your have to excuse me, this technology is new to me. Also, can you view and use files out of the home, if you can send links to other people, can you use it yourself away from your network

htz70 says:

Can this be used with iTunes and the Mac Photos app? Can it store individual media files externally from a laptop, or the entire iTunes or iPhoto library?

Mahmoud Wazzan says:

Thank you for the video. I just got my Apollo Cloud and am trying to install it. You mentioned a possibility to set up different members for their private space, but did not explain how to do it. Also, what third-party viewer would you recommend to play the videos? And, how can I upload photos directly from Photos app on my Mac? With thanks.

John Lynch says:

So close to 100k

Amaracea says:

Getting this ’cause I wanted a wireless hard drive to save things off an iPad onto, ’cause I was like how come you can AirDrop from iPad to iMac and vice versa but there are no hard drives you can AirDrop to and from, and this is the closest thing to such a device.

egg says:

Does this store things in a hard drive inside the box?

Cayetano Music says:

Hello, nice review. Just a question though. With Dropbox etc, you can have access to your files instantly even If you are in another country or continent. You have access to your files no matter where you are as long as you have internet. Could this happen with a personal clod like that? Having it at home in UK and acces my files while I’m in Australia? If no, it’s just a backup disc, right? If yes could you say how, if it is easy etc? Thanks in advance.

logan. grey. says:

who won the giveaway

logan. grey. says:

who won the giveaway

Ren_posted says:


Ade2Bee says:

Is that an advert in the app where you showed the video?

Claude Gelinas says:

Apollo seems interesting but I’m not sure its competitor, the Lima, is market-ready yet but it could be an interesting alternative: http://bit.ly/2q9HaMw

81506860 says:

thanks for the cool information! As most of my computers are still working on XP (still good) – does the Apollo also work with XP or do I need to have higher OSystems?

I’ve just seen your great clip concerning LIMA where you describe all those annoying problems with speed and not working connection etc. – no such probs with Apollo? thanks a lot

Lamarr says:

today the giveaway ends!!!

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