$35 High-end Gaming PC – Shadow Review

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Cloud gaming is finally accessible for all! In this video, I will be reviewing Shadow, a cloud based gaming/streaming service by a company called Blade. This could revolutionise the entire gaming industry just like Netflix did to the movie industry! Play the latest AAA games on any Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and even IOS device.
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Tec-ram says:

Well nice but, your fortbitr building is doo doo. First of all you can hold RT lolz second of all u can’t even do 90s BOI

Gabriel Reimer says:

I am gonna give this a shot from Sweden (One of the not supported countries), i ordered it from the UK website and started wondering about which servers it will stream from? Will it go for the UK since thats the website i chose or will it automaticly use germany since that is a tad bit closer? I appreciate the review it was nice and consistent!

DBNROP says:

If only the Linux version would work it would be perfect for me. For now, I just play on my phone with screen cast to my laptop and when the family is sleep, I use the family computer that has windows.

Anthonyg Gordon says:

To be honest, any review with no critical opinions is suspect to me. And how are you playing overwatch with one hand ? lol

generousg83 says:

So I can play world of warcraft on my iPad?

Ryan Culbreath says:

Lol If they didn’t sponsor, how do you have a discount code?

Nessly says:

Appreciate the demo! I do have a solid rig that can run most modern games at 4k 30-40fps, but I’m still considering this because of the fact that I can play on any device. I LOVE that idea. I’m going to try it out! Thanks for sharing! Plus, I think these machines would just tear through emulators without a hitch. ;D

aquaphazed says:

the Overwatch gameplay footage you reacted to was not live… at 12:02 you say you’re playing, but your right hand is on your face

Angel cook says:

I cant wait til shadow launches in my area of the US I’m gonna be the first and honestly I’d pay 50 to 100 a month just to free myself from upgrades and DIY fixes when my kid crashes the PC

RGBKush says:

What if i have a decent rig already? Will this help with performance? I have a gtx 1060 6gb 500gb ssd 650w psu 16gb ram and an I7 3770 but i cant seem to get solid 60fps in gta v i keep getting stutter and losing fps most of the time. Btw i am new to pc gaming.

harry duncan says:

Subbed, Such a great video and im now just waiting in mine getting activated! How long did yours take to activate??


How much are the games

Coolkent923 says:

Cloud gaming is NOT real gaming

Yanuze says:

the perfect time for an ad 7:04

Alan Gregory says:

Has this worked well for anyone? I tried it out of curiousity since I had a 1080. I was very impressed at first but the input lag ended being terrible, it ruined the experience

2 x 2 says:

Yup this is dank i need this service

Owned753 says:

i mean this is really interesting and its so cheap i can’t believe it… But one thing they should make it global this is not available in my country so there would be lag when it comes to my country so i can use it how its meant to be used i would like to test it.. and they should add like 14 day trial or something like this too 😛

Hellmut34 says:

I have this service and although it’s very good, there is sometimes and issue with sound stuttering etc. I have tried a few things to help prevent this, but it seems to be an intermittent error that crops up from time to time.

James Jarrett says:

OMFG! I just realized…. Imagine the insanely powerful streaming u can do with these speeds. No more waiting for my movies to buffer lol

Brownies Tv says:

is there anyone who aighnt get paid for that but still reviewing?

Benn Walsh says:

Great video! I’m thinking about trying the service for a month. Does the shadow computer still run 24/7 in the background even when I’m not connected to it?

Media Source says:

“On any device” — So I can game with it on my Oculus Go?? Or is that gaming device excluded?

rhoff192 says:

I’m confused, you say its an unsponsored video but the link for 10 dollars off is http://shdw.me/TECHDOCTORUK? Dont they provide that link to monitor who uses the promotion and pay you after the fact?

Lunixed says:

Unlimited hours when you purchase a subscription?

Jay Duck75 says:

There are alot of comments so I doubt you’ll see mine lol but would a phone hotspot work fine to run as internet for this service? I get 25-30mb download speed. Just wondering since it’s not actual home wifi lol.

Raul _ says:

What about the latency?
Will 25mbps do?

Yanuze says:

it’s coming to Canada in 2019!! I’m so HAPPY because they told me in the YouTube comment section!! My computer is so shit, I have a gtx 1050 ti with a amd fx 4300, I can’t play hardly any games..

Norn Itus says:

Can you run servers on this or does the machine turn off the moment you disconnect?

lame crane says:

so this works if u just subscribe? LIke my 10 year old computer can run it? I have fast internet.

Emilio Pichardo says:

Really helpful video. I’ma about to try it now, also if you guys don’t like it they have a policy of 15 days to get your money back

Luke Shad says:

You know you can just hold RT to keep building right? You don’t have to finger blast it..

George Michael says:

**STAY AWAY FROM SHADOW** There is a reason why the details are kept in the shadow. This isn’t a game streaming service, but a cloud computer service. So the same problems you have with your Win10 machine (even if it has a GTX 1080 like I used to have) will happen here. And even worse is it isn’t even physically yours, so then you have to contact tech support which is useless because *if* they contact you then they will just say it is a problem with your device or the software manufacturer or Microsoft. But hey there is a lot worse ways to waste $35. cheers mate.

Gabriel Sta. Cruz says:

Does it have free High Quality games on it?

ansen n. says:

how do you connect a ps4 controller?

VoidEyed says:

sooooo… not sponsored… but you got the discound code? smells fishy 😛

Rummel Mendoza says:

But can it run Crysis on full settings? 😛

James Dennis says:

Thanks for the video. I’m gonna give it a shot on my g/f’s PC and I’ll make sure to use your discount code, that way you get credit for it to. thanks man!

Something_to_appease_Google says:

This company is going to go under. $35 if you pay month to month and right now you can get 12 months for $270. They say for $270 to $420 they give a $1500 or so computer. haha, no. This is a company that is supported purely on venture capital and when it dries up the service will die out. Get it while it’s available. I myself would try it but I have a 1080 Ti and they only offer up to a 1080 so it’s a no brainer my current config is superior because my GPU is better and I don’t have to download or upload anything to use my GPU

Tec-ram says:

Umm I have a question can u please give me an account o really wanna try it out but don’t have the money or can u at least do the discount thing for me its 10$

Adam Marshall says:

Great video, brother! Thank you!!!

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