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Apollo Private Cloud Review Today we review a Personal Cloud solution from Promise Technologies. The Apollo Personal Cloud Appliance (4 TB) Sells for $299 – Apollo is a personal Cloud appliance and app that gives users and their circles full control over storing and accessing digital content from their own private space. Unlike […]

Learn more at: Primary storage, disk-to-disk replication, tape backup, WAN optimization… and the list goes on. To say enterprise storage is a complex system is an understatement. Well, there is a new player in town and it’s called cloud-integrated storage.

The ranking is based on my Personal work and based on ROI. Also, Alerting with this coin is STORJ and GNT both great competitors. The Tech world in Cloud Computing is extremely huge. it is booming and happening as you read this description. People have not realized the mind blowing facts and information that cloud […]

There was a report that Cloud Gaming could make the next generation of video game consoles cheaper, This maybe true but not the anytime soon. Let’s discuss why. Check out Cutting Edge Gamer For Great Graphics Card Leasing Deals (Affiliate Link): Support ReviewTechUSA on Patreon for just $1 a month: Follow Me On […]

Try Shadow with $10 off – Cloud gaming is finally accessible for all! In this video, I will be reviewing Shadow, a cloud based gaming/streaming service by a company called Blade. This could revolutionise the entire gaming industry just like Netflix did to the movie industry! Play the latest AAA games on any Windows, […]

Let’s take a look at the Shadow streaming gaming service ( and see if it lives up to their claims of 60hz 4k gaming and 144hz HD gaming over a streamed connection. Geekbench results: (CPU) / (Compute) Check out my 2018 review and plans for 2019: If you liked this video, make […]

Thanks to Shadow for sponsoring this video! Get $10 off your first month by using promo code LTT at or sign-up to get notified when the service will be available in your area! Discuss on the forum:** Our Affiliates, Referral Programs, and Sponsors: Get Private Internet Access today at Linus Tech […]

In this video I review the Kwilt 2. Kwilt is a company that creates devices that allow you to access and back up your data from anywhere in the world. Huge Tanks to Kwilt for sending out this unit for review. For more information check out the links below. Kwilt 2: Follow me on […]

Subscribe to my email list for more ICO info – Join the Free Coin Crunch Mastermind – Dfinity is a new open source cloud computing protocol run on the blockchain specifically targeting IT solutions for enterprise software. Think of it like Amazon AWS for the blockchain. No public crowdsale but check out […]

Tired of paying monthly fees on cloud storage or running out of drive space? I will show you how you can create your own cloud network and have over 5 terabytes of space without having to spend a dime on monthly fees that other services like Dropbox, Box.Net, and others charge for. All you need […]

Get 10% off Filegear using the code MATTDAY here:

Cloud Gaming services promise low input lag, high frame rates and great image quality while running your games at high graphic settings on powerful hardware inside their data centers. In this video I put LiquidSky, Shadow, parsec and GeForce Now to the test. How much performance do you really get, and how good (or bad) […]

In this video you will get a comparison of the important services on IaaS from Amazon and Oracle. . Our Upcoming Online Course Schedule is available in the url below Reach us at

Blackvue DR650GW-2CH Review: Blackvue DR650GW-1CH Review: Use Coupon code “USDASH” get receive $10 off on orders $80 or more from Blackboxmycar at: Check out my Amazon store for my favorite Dash cams or Dash cam accessories at: Or just help support this channel by bookmarking my Amazon page:

DeepCloud AI’s operational mechanics incorporate the use of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology at a core level, in order to provide each element of the ecosystem’s community with an optimally beneficial experience as they utilise DeepCloud AI’s platform for their respective means- from compute resource providers to dApp developers and beyond. Spearheaded by industry veterans, […]

An 8 step roadmap to cloud filled with data from a recent Cloud Security Alliance review.

Email:, Vretta, pioneers of cloud learning solutions, uses ground-breaking entertainment and educational learning mechanisms to create immersive courses, training modules, business simulations and games that empower students, professionals and administrators. With a mission to inspire and empower every learner in the world, Vretta is bringing about radical transformations in the learning methods that exist […]

Cloud computing CSG – Review – Kelowna BC – YouTube – Data storage Kelowna 604-270-1730 For information on cloud data storage, services, data recovery or disaster recovery services visit Cascadia Systems Group Inc. at 604-270-1730 Cloud computing, also known as “on-demand computing”, is a kind of Internet-based computing, where shared resources, data and information […]

With all the news surrounding cloud gaming I needed to go back and check one more service to see if the concept holds it grounds when the budget is raises. Is game streaming the future? The shadow blade might give us some answers. #CloudGaming #Shadow #Review After the amount of comment I got recommending it […]

100% HONEST FAMOUS SLIME SHOP REVIEW! Best Cloud Slime Ever!! Whats up Blushers?! Today’s video is another 100% Honest Slime Shop Review! I love doing these slime reviews so if you have any requests for who I should buy from next, let me know! 100% HONEST FAMOUS SLIME SHOP REVIEW: KAWAII SLIME COMPANY: 100% […]

Nicki Hames, Associate at Pariveda Solutions, went from having no prior AWS knowledge to getting two AWS certifications in months and is working on her third. From training with Linux Academy to studying in groups, commitment is the hardest part – here are her tips on how to succeed and foster a community of learning […] – website UNCHAINET connects underutilized server resources with clients who need them. Our blockchain protocols govern the network, align provider incentives with computing resource quality giving choices and transparency to the cloud client market.

Welcome to a video on Shadow, I am going to do some videos on upgrading PCs, hardware appropriate to Star Citizen & High End Gaming. Shadow, for me is an alternative to upgrading or buying a PC for Star Citizen and the latest games. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT SHADOW | GET SHADOW NOW | […]

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