What’s New in macOS High Sierra!

At WWDC Apple announced macOS High Sierra. Here is what to expect when it is released in the Fall!


Denis Protopopov says:

Please, start making 4K videos!

Prismer x says:

Hey does somebody know an answer to my question: when I watch a video on full screen, the dock is not covered from the screen, leaving a space and do not let me enter full screen. how can I fix this?

Cyaniden says:

The safari settings window is extremely ugly.

Zach Liem says:

how do I uninstall the beta and go back to regular Sierra?? please help

Venkat K says:

Stop autoplay is very good, its frustrating when I opened macrumors website last week and video ad playing automatically.

Daniel Ortego says:

Installed the Beta on a 1st Gen 12-inch MacBook, and it was a huge mistake. Too demanding on the pithy procesor, and the OS itself is rough as a chainsaw. If you have an ‘older’ or undernourished Mac – don’t do it.

NETVO TV says:

So M.265 will be called .MP5?

Gabriel Ramos says:

Was the screen was simulated? Because it looks absolutely stunning

J'Artagnian Copria says:

pls return the promised notification sync with iOS!!

Shamar Coke says:

about safari block those videos annoying man

Zen Phat says:

I wish macOS had nice opening and closing animations like iOS

Cyaniden says:

The name is stupid. “High Sierra”? LOL

Oskar Andreas Johansson says:

Can Siri on Mac now control HomeKit devices?

Simon James says:

so… basically nothing.

Gjermund Gusland Thorsen says:

0:17 Apple Filesystem should give filesystem level snapshots( if they copied that feature from ZFS )

MobileApp says:

need tree view file explorer

MysteryHorse says:

I got high sierra but the siri voice is the same how do i fix this

aditya ch says:

I hope with this update my computer gets HIGH!!!

J Chen says:

macOS High Sierra 能不能通过iCloud 填充 app 的 password and username? iOS 11 beta2 能通过自带 keyboard open iCloud and fill app username and password , 不仅仅是 Safari

martinXY says:

2:06 “I’m mac-and-sauce for mac-ermers and I’ll see you next time.”

Exitsigncollection says:

is it high on something ?

Ben Brandon says:

Great vid, so how do you make the dock and top function bar darker?

Ronald Pinheiro says:

1:30 the apps get bigger now?

Ed Rambeau says:

How do you find out which apps are NOT compatible with HIGH SIERRA?  For example, I have Photoshop CS5 and would like to know if it’ll work if I upgrade from Sierra to High Sierra.

Shailet Chaduka says:


Cala Maria Wants To Blow You! says:

Did Nintendo name this OS?

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