What is iCloud?

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NevvyC says:

spoke to an apple nerd today at one of their stores… he said iCloud was all about syncing and not storage – is that accurate? I want the iCloud to store all of my music so I can just stream it to an iPad and not fill up the iPad’s 16GB memory with tracks…

Mike E says:

Nice painless explanation. Quick, Easy to follow and answered my ?’s.

Genne Clervil says:

why happwn if u forgot ur icloud

Enza Prizzi says:

Thank you!

angel woods says:

You are such a cutie! I think that the movie industry should pick you up. Loved your facial expressions and your energy. You had to refer to your notes very few times. Shows your expertise and knowledge on the subject. If you could work on reducing your adorable accent for code switching, you would be a shoe in for commercials and hosting. PS. I am Southern as well and love the accent but for the industry, you could reduce the accent.

Functional Alcoholic / Buddhist Monk says:

i’m in the cloud bitch like flying an shet

TDawson66 says:

You really made this so easy to understand.  I hope you do more videos explaining technology for those of us who feel left behind.  Thank you!!

Git Rekt says:

Holy shit these iCloud prices are insane compared to today haha

Robin Eiseman says:

you do a great job explaining, but you are talking way too fast for someone trying to learn this stuff!

Viry Ortega says:

Does this mean it would download into all devices that are linked to my ITUNES account??

ukimwi kibegi says:

thanks iget it

Paul S says:

Great presentation, Ty.  Very helpful.  Thank you.


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Pocho Nieves says:

so iCloud is going to do what Google Drive and SkyDrive pretty much been doing give or take… nothing new but good stuff.

Kruler 3291 says:

but what if icloud is locked ?
and can you get music frome computer to iphone

pam espinosa says:

that’s pretty cool

Ermene Erm says:

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Rosanne Glynn says:

Dude, you’re the bomb! Very knowledgeably! Thanks!!

Alex Mahoon says:

how can we put photos to icloud which is at phone strage?

Elliott Kedeke says:

Who manages iCloud?

Saeedur Rahman says:


PorugatoriZz says:

Wow ,Bypass any iCloud Activation Lock go to: google-plus-link What is iCloud?

D.A. Hunter says:

Thank you, you did a great job explaining the Cloud.

www.UnlockTutorials.com says:

You can icloud unlock any phone today i will teach you

Ben F says:

So if you delete the photo on your phone will it still be on the iCloud?

Warren Vene'y says:

can I download an iCloud onto my phone?

Elbow -ing says:

Ahhhhhh He is talking way too fast!!!!!

Shawty_SN says:

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Ding Palado says:

Stop and Halt posting fake links, that’s a chaos virus.

Ro Black says:

he explains things very well….thanks dude

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