The Best Email Apps For iPhone / iOS 2017 📧

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(No.2) SPARK:

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WhiteBishop12 says:

Yo! Have you checked out CloudMagic? It’s a very good email app as well!

Chronic Town says:

Thanks for this straightforward list. I’m always looking for a good source of app reviews and recommendations. Much of the time, sadly, there’s a sponsorship involved, and—despite protestations to the contrary—I do not believe sponsored reviews to be legitimate. So. Before I subscribe, tell me: Are your reviews independent?

Pigeonmail app says:

Hi everybody, please check pigeon mail client bringing fully offline mail experience following Get Things Done(inbox zero) methodology! This is where efficiency and beauty meets! Learn more

costless gaming says:


Sam Friedman says:

great! please do more like this. best time wasting games vs. real good platform games? or i WOULD REALLY WANT TO SEE best to do list and reminder apps? thanks again Matt!!!

Asher Peterson says:

Thanks SO MUCH! I really enjoy Proton Mail and CloudMagic, they should be there to. Great apps!

Lucas Fray says:

Idea: Matts Apps App for weekly updates on best apps and games!

TeaTime says:

Was expecting to see Cloudmagic listed 😀 I have used it for a while now and haven’t switched to any other app. Maybe I should try Spark or Air Mail next.

LaCore Bell says:

Very informative thanks for the information!! I already use one of the four now. I will be looking forward to the next video.

Online Technical Solution says:

The video is really helpful for everyone, But if somebody still having problem and need assistance for this issue or any other problem then just dial toll free number 1-844-819-3386 and get help for your Apple iPhone issues.

Francesco Maximilian Morawetz says:

@matt do you vlog now ? 🙂

Emad Ahmed says:

Great video, Matt. It’s pretty satisfying to come across exactly the video you’re looking for. Good selection of clients there. But what about CloudMagic? And Dispatch? I think they’re both worthy contenders of the apps you mentioned.

Fresh Cafe says:

can you put the link under the video #

Baron Z says:

I like spark for its quick reply feature
However , Outlook is the One.

I like your video
hope you do more . For ex. Productivity Apps

Z R says:

ios outlook is the bedt if you dont mind your email credentials stored on a 3rd party server.

Jonatan Gamburg says:

Shame that outlook for iPhone doesn’t support letters such as ä,ü,ö… I get emails filled with ‘??’ when these letters are involved…

Edwin Vino says:

Outlook sucks. You can’t copy paste content from outside of the app. You can’t drag and drop. U can’t use html signature. U can’t sync settings across devices. You can’t minimize while you composing an email. Totally sucks. I love sparks. Best ever email client I ever use. Just don’t recommend coz it looks pretty and simple. It’s similar to iOS email.

Piotr Bernat says:

Hi Matt do you know if Airmail has all futures of Exchange account – I am mainly focused on Categories that I have always missing in all the apps for emails. Thank you for your feedback.

colacastell says:

Outlook is amazing, especially since it’s bringing everything together, just like outlook on desktop. It’s certainly not perfect and many features are lacking, but they release great updates often that add cool new stuff!

Aleks Nikolic says:

Pretty accurate list, well done

yogesh khadtare says:

you have not included gmail app

Benjamin Decker says:

Outlook does not support iCloud. Impossible for me to use it at work for that reason.

Wayne Williams says:

I like Outlook and Spark and Airmail. And I know this has nothing to do with anything really, but why in the hell is Outlook on the iPhone free, but Outlook on the desktop is not? I want to use both.

james shindi says:

Hi Matt, thanks for a great video. I got a quick question. While Outlook seems to have good reviews for mobiles as an email client, the same cannot always be said for the MacBook. If you wanted to advise someone who wants to have the same email client on his mobile (iPhone) as his Mac, what would you recommend outside google? The reason I don’t like google is that it is near impossible to undo the conversation view on the mobile.

Sea says:

How about a Matt Apps app?

REDA says:

thank you

Zulfadli Nasir says:

u looks so handsome

Tess Roan says:

Great recommendations as always Matt! I especially like that you describe the app with what type of user would get the most out of it. Very cool and concise!

NuclearGenocide says:

Is this your only job? And how much money do you make a year? I may do this when i’m older.

Matt Vincent says:

Thanks for another awesome video, Matt! You’ll need to update this list once Polymail is in wide release 😉

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