The Apple Ecosystem Is Legendary: Here’s Why

Chris explains 3 major benefits of the Apple ecosystem.
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Vivek Kothari says:

Looks like you used Astro email app. I was a developer in that company. Sorry it got shutdown.

Xclusive_ SK says:

Listen to music

DuhAverageJoe says:

Airdrop is definitely one my favorite features! Having the ability to wirelessly send full resolution files, photos, and videos with no size limitations between Apple devices is incredibly convenient!

Andrewgyny says:

Only part Apple, I love the Iphone 6S and Ipad Air I own. I love my apple watch series 3, but I gave away my MacBook Pro 15, couldn’t deal with an apple laptop or desktop, sorry apple. Now I have an XPS 15 from Dell. I have Sennheiser HD 600 Headphones and Logitech G903 mouse. I love the apple ecosystem, but I love a lot of other products. Just had to rant, lol. On a side note, no, I cannot justify the pricetag for any apple product, I just love them for a lot of reasons.

Torsten Diesel says:

4:22 maybe some people just don’t care about continuity

Debojit Mandal says:

Some of this features are already available in current build of win 10

Invincible YT says:

I enjoy them a lot. I still use my iphone 6 to this day. Even though they can be overpriced now it is more in value than most android phones as in 5 years the XS will still he a powerful, useable smartphone.

RealiableCandy4 says:

My problem with relying on 1 company for all your product are the same as the reasons why it’s a bad idea to put all your eggs in 1 basket. If something goes wrong. You’re *totally* screwed.

If one day Apple does decide to become exclusive repairmans for their product then it’s game over for everyone. Since your so deep in the ecosystem you’ll have no choice but to just accept. Same reason why Facebook didn’t burn down after the Hooplah few months ago this year.

javier castaneda says:

Apple haters back off!

Reizel says:

Sounds like socialism… sounds good, doesn’t work.

Shiv SJ says:

Definitely a lil more inclined to shift to Apple.
Could you make another video with disadvantages?
Maybe things that an Apple ecosystem user misses out on by using it.


Awesome video man

ליעד גולן says:

I was a Samsung fanboy before I met your channel and now I’m getting into the apple ecosystem thanks to you

Max Balahura says:

i love the apple ecosystem but i wish they can add imessege to PC because apple has not so good computers
who aggres

The Mad Lolita says:

I really love the ecosystem so much. I have some friends who gleefully ejected out of it like I’d be happy for them and I’m just surprised. I waited way too long to have all of my things work together to leave. I welcome my Apple overlords. Hahaha

Sam Pomare says:

I love my  products.

Ravin 14 says:


John Gough says:

I do love all Apple products and the ecosystem, I’m just a bigger android and Google fan. Also, even as an apple fan, you have to admit that most of their products are overpriced for what you get

Rayaadh Hoda says:

I mean I have a mac but got a note 9 cause notch so ya

ZhaVioRxGFX says:

Don’t care tbh, been with apple for years 6 years and i switched to Samsung save money, I keep buying charger cord every 2 3 months which is alot of money

Homagni Dutta says:

I love iPhones , but that notch , that notch. I’ve only used one iPhone that is the iPhone 7 plus and in general I’ve found apps are better but I’m absolutely against their hardware decisions. If new iPhones had rounded corners and no notch , something like the S9 , I would buy it but I’ll still need an android phone to survive. iPhone just has too many compromises for the price they charge.

Faisal says:

Apple is owsm 2 problem
1)high price in India
2)Siri sucks

Mordecai Israel says:

where can i get a case like that

Sergio Fratto says:

Ok now talk about the Google ecosystem

damagedcase90 says:

This is the reason why I can’t switch over to Android ever again…

Sean Tariman says:

Our family is an android eco- system. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung OLED Monitor, 4K Samsung Smart TV. My dad has a Galaxy Tab S2, Vivo V11, Oppo F5. My mom has a Galaxy Note 4 and an S8 Plus. Our devices seemingly connects buttery smooth with each other. If I wanna show pictures or videos to my parents I can just mirror it to the TV with a click of a button in my smartphone and we use simple apps for video chatting and sms such as: Facebook Messenger and Viber. Android is all about a friendly user interface which lets you move freely and customize. That’s why I ditched my iPhone SE. But still my dad had and iPad, 3GS, My mom had an iPhone 4S and I had an iPod 3G and nothing can compare to our new android eco system today.

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