The 🍎 Ecosystem: Explained!

Why we can’t stop using iPhones.

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aragpayesaiday says:

never thought about this! great video!!

Jonathan Greene says:

The black diamonds in your background, above your pc are out of alignment. Just saying.

Rali272 says:

I’m in the off the grid ecosystem. The walls I have is to keep things in.

Paul Steffen says:

The ecosystem = apps. The apps are just better. And I really like Android. And i dev on both. But the apps are just better. Way better. Way way way better. It’s not the devs fault. iOS is just better.

Exhibit A: Moog 15
Exhibit B: Beatmaker 3
Exhibit C: Everything else

Freddy Barnes says:

Great video!

Links234 says:

Ecosystem on android exists also. But you are not stuck with one brand.

vincent kiprotich says:

In summation Tech Monopoly

Jelly Bean says:

I stick to iPhone mainly because I can make Siri a British dude. And iMessage. But the British dude thing mainly

Antonio Brandao says:

The Apple Ecosystem is pretty damn genius-level. I regularly look beyond the walls, but there is nothing better outside. Hardware specs are irrelevant when one already has a perfect experience.

talalbyt says:

This guy has really taken a size a way bigger than he deserves…a living proof that we are living in a shitty world

Disassembling says:

our thots in a video. thanx man

Nattermax Tech says:

I am not convinced. Unless someone is super lazy, it doesn’t make sense. To setup a new phone and transfer files is one of the best experience. That excitement of having a new phone last for like 1 or 2 days and that is the perfect time to do the hard stuffs.

J. P says:

This dude is just another NIGGA with a useless opinion.

Brian Kenyon says:

Airpods aren’t useless. I use them on my Pixel XL 2 effortlessly and bought a $2 app that gives me the charge information. I switched back to Android after 6 years on different iPhones. The only thing I miss are all my old messages that I don’t really need anyway.

rishard daniels says:

something i’ve been saying for a while is that iphones are smart phones for dumb people. when i get a phone, i try and bring the best out of it with some tweaking and messing around with the OS and what not, but the fact to the matter is iphones aren’t meant to be tweaked with and played with and in a phone, that’s just no fun. i can remember having my zte zmax and going over to my friends house to install cyanogenmod so i could use the newest update of android that wasn’t technically available to me yet and that’s such a big part of the fun in an android which is working to make it suit you best but not everybody likes tinkering and troubleshooting as much as i do

George Slavchev says:

I wear my watch on the same hand

martinOnTheWeb says:

*i think it has nothing to do with eco. I think it must be called iCosystem*

House Velazquez says:

It’s too late for me lol 🙁

Richer Breault says:

MacBook is 2nd rate. IPhone is 2nd rate. Apple is chasing Samsung. Samsung makes apples amoled display. Need I say more? All of you who have stuck to Apple all of these years are about to be FUCKED

Basically Matt says:

The thing is, nobody can beat the performance the apple provides with their phones.



Ayush Pandey says:

I’m so into Microsoft Ecosystem, XBOX and Steam Gaming that I’d never use anything other than Windows and XBOX. I use Android for the phone.

Rusty Blader says:

I like the look of apple products but I hate prices,operating systems and not because of how you use it but because I’m shackled to only the app store and no 3rd party store to use , and the practices they been doing past few years and that’s why I’m not even doing iPhone at this point

RAW asshitshow says:

Dislike for the shirt.

P.S.S. Santosh says:

When I purchase this iPad , I now only want Apple Devices like iPhone , Apple TV 4K , AirPods….so this is kinda making sense to me

Keen says:

1:) Music? I never used apple for it. 2)Face time? is that a joke? I always used something else, e.g whatssup? 3)Clouds? What is wrong with google or many others?. Maybe I am not very tech depended, but I really don’t purchase any app for iphone or android phone. I bought my first iphone last year and I am trying to break it to get finally back to an android – I hated it too much at start. But the funny thing is about human we evolve and we get to use to things. Now it is kinda normal thing to use iphone. I really don’t care about brands, if there come a better phone I will buy that one, I am ready to switch whatever I want 🙂 And no I will never buy apple PC – I have bought 8th gen Intel CPU with ofc one of the newer main board / GPU etc… guess what better than a Macintosh that costs double more. Non mac PCs are beast and cheaper imo. But respect Apple, they know what to do and how make people “happy” 😀

Chihuahua Lover says:

phone: iPhone 6
tablet: iPad (5th Generation)
smartwatch: N/A
laptop: Acer Chromebook 14
speaker: Echo Dot 2nd Gen
wireless earphones:N/A

i did it
i climbed the walls of the garden

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