Messages in iCloud – Storage and How It Works

I explain how Messages in iCloud works, how to use it, and how storage is managed.

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Justin Arnold says:

ZolloTech.. I may be wrong but I m sure you sai this function isn’t on the Mac…?? Well if you did say that… You are incorrect… Messages in Cloud Sync is alive and working on Mac​

SD SoCal says:

Apple should consider making iMessage a cross platform messenger like Whats App, Telegram etc… its on all iPhones already but it would be nice to bring it as a downloadable App to Android .. it has quite some potential and would allow you to text with many more people instead of just iPhone users

bcartwright says:

damn you have too many messages 20GB! I clear all my messages about once a month

decafjava says:

BTW just added on MacOS 10.13.5 and it works perfectly on Mac just as it did in your demo with the iPhone and iPad. 🙂

Deluge says:

Messages is not comming up on iCloud for me

Mike Lechner says:

I always love your tutorials! Keep ’em coming!

Villa21Thes says:

“messages cloud” includes sms+imessages or just ony imessages?!

林晉安 says:

Telegram is better. It can store all message in the cloud and totally Free

Huggie Bear says:

Doesn’t work across Apple Watch yet!!!

Ira Albucher says:

Thanks Aaron!

Sagar Pachorkar says:

Well explained. I have a question – There were instances that my iPhone was sent for repairs / replacement and the iMessages were sent from my Mac, will it sync those messages that are missing in either of devices and what are the chances of message duplication?
Appreciate your response.

Hunter Smith says:

Great video as always! I wouldnt have know this without the video! Much appreciated a long over due update

coffee 7 says:

great video , intresting is that i dont even have an iphone nor i ever had, but i still love watching ur vids, they way u explaing things are so damn good, i think u know more about these phones than Apple does lol

Christopher Reeve Bautista says:

What if your ipad setting of messages is set to forever and your messages on iphone is set 1 year, what will happen?

Thor Mjollnir says:

It is now available on the MacOS. They just released an update as of today.

Chris Arnsperger says:


Harvey M Photography says:

Hi, if I have all my family iPhones etc on my account, will I get all of their messages, unless I disable iMessage in iCloud on each device?

bigjcd3 says:

iCloud messages are now available on Mac with today’s update


So what if I sign out of my apple ID/ iCloud account? Will iMessage still be synced like the iPad and the iPhone in the video? Thanks!

P.S, and also, if I do a backup and restore that backup on a new iPhone, will all my messages and contacts be on the new phone?

East DallasKick's says:

Can u do a video on how to clear our iCloud like remove some pictures etc

Lizardo Gonzalez says:

You didn’t mention how it works with Apple Watch! I delete from my phone but it remains on the watch! Why?!!!!

wIz tRuSsArDi says:

Will delete from the Apple watch too?

dominicanyor says:

Great thanks. Now you should do another video on AirPlay 2.

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