macOS Sierra preview: Siri and iCloud

What’s new for OS X? It’s name, for a start, plus Siri and lots of iCloud Drive features.


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ThruThe9 says:

iCloud is Apple’s worst idea yet.

Dhanuka Perera says:

Doesn’t the feature that lets you unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch means that anyone who has your watch has access to your Mac without passwords?

wildinfernoninety says:

Who uses Apple Map?

Jordan Hurt says:

What do I do with my hands?!?!

Robbe Michiels says:

Pals one Looks for me really rad jpb essential ..

Vikram Elango says:

What editing software did u use

Kip Vaughan says:

Combining Siri and Spotlight makes a lot of sense. They probably didn’t do it initially to make it clear to everyone that Siri is now available.

Emma Peeters says:

hello buddy !! somehow anybody identify smarter than this one$?

Thijs Kennis says:

That is an extremely awkward camera angle…

Ryan Wallengren says:

cough cough cortana cough cough onedrive. why has apple been so behind lately?

Bhajneet Singh says:


loopba says:

Apple abandoned the Mac, and the market share of 7% is now in year over year decline. IPhone too….become nothing more than a luxury brand w/o Jobs.

Nicholas Naudé says:

Why is the shot so wide? Makes Dieter look small.

westfield90 says:

Why is iCloud and iTunes so damn confusing



Konstantin Sembos says:

How do stupid people who never ever ever ever ever ever used a mac in their lives go on the internet to say that “MacOS gets now what Windows 10 already had”, is completely over me. Seriously guys, get to use a Mac properly and then come say your rubbish. But I guess that most of you are such people that would say “an android is faster and better than an iPhone because it has more cores or more features”, without ever giving one valid reason.

Damn it it’s loads of you

beyondtheclouds95 says:


Law3dog2009 says:

Can’t wait for new Macs. I’ve had this model since 2010. Time to upgrade. It has survived 2 deployments a drop, and a video card failure. Cost : 0$ . This software is looking promising. However, I might not use all the features.

G. says:

Verge is garbage

Shubham Banekar says:

which macbook model(version) is this as the new one doesn’t has USB ports and glowing logo

JonnyInfinite says:

You can’t just type questions?

Jesus, Cortana had this from the start

David Aimi says:

Great review — but for someone who doesn’t use an iPhone or an iWatch it seems like this update is relatively devoid of purpose. Power Users won’t use Siri either. Cool for the average owner though who is deeply vested in the ecosystem. So many people use their macs now for dev and design I wish they would ramp up and add new functionality in those areas too.

MrGilRoland says:

1) Why they named the AI Siri? Wasn’t “Alice” better?
2) Instead of “Hey Siri” to wake her up, why don’t use something more natural, like simply: “Computer” and then the command you want to be executed. They could bound the activation to the owner voice, something like a voice recognition, so that only when the owner says the sentence she wake up. I think most of us doesn’t talk to Siri just because 1) the name is unnatural and 2) the Hey Siri command sounds just stupid.

A TAF says:

how smoothly I can use a samsung device with a Macbook ?

Sadman Chowdhury says:

I’m still running OSX leopard.

Anonymous says:

Apple is better than Windows but how is it Windows supposedly had this for decades bc I doubt it

Wombats says:

MacOS new update fails with Siri

Ralph LiVeli says:

how did yo add the screen breakout to your video…very cool

G. says:

Dropbox also charge $10 a month ……….

Cato says:

I feel uncomfortable liking Apple and hating the Democratic Party at the same time, it’s just weird because Apple hates Trump, but I like him better than Hillary and Bernie a hundredfold. It’s like being friends with two people that hate each other.

Mark Duarte says:

snarky reviews and previews is the in thing…

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