Lifetime iPhone User Switches to Android: Regret? | Galaxy S8 Review

Lifetime iPhone User Switches to Samsung Galaxy S8 (and Android): 72 Hours Later (First Impressions/Review)

Here are my thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S8 after using it for 72 hours straight…from a lifetime iPhone user’s perspective!

What do you think of the S8?

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Davið Olson says:

Lol r u worry about scratches? Lol poor dude…

Antonio Flores says:

There is an option on how fast you want the animation to go.

Landen boi says:

Some people prefer apple and some prefer Samsung get over it everyone.

Galotex says:

I am left and i just hate the s8 fingerprint scanner, i can’t reach it easily and i have to use the iris scanner

Jørgen Karlsen says:

the iphone looks so ugly compared to the s8

Kelpo Gaming says:

Stock android that funny

michael majewski says:

What a shame you have been getting fucked for years mate

Michael Panitch says:

If you turn on developer mode & change the animation scale, it’ll be as fast or faster than an iPhone. And Talal is right; there’s no shame going from going from iPhone to Android. And he’s also right in the fact that the Galaxy phones have a LOT more features, such as the always on display & theme store.

thedriver says:

What an apple bitch

Kex- -Gamer says:

5:30 you can just use pattern its better in android

Anderson Silva says:

Bro turn on developer mode and u camake the animations to 0.. so its much faster and u can turn or performasse mode to become faster.
This will make the apps become so much snappier.. ull be happy lol

Garnet Quartz says:

Lol dont forget that the ios ebay app cant do half on the android app. Not everything is polished on the ios.
Its just android users have differnt habbits they lived on.
Why ios users have their habbits.
But if u r talking about snapchat then i would agree with u

Amir Khan says:

If you want to compare themes then Root that S8 and come back to us.

Rafael Paula says:

go to the developer options and change the animations time to 0.5s, and then compare it to the iphone

Alejandro Derqui says:

People in the US do not use whatsapp?

Haris Jahangir says:

For the animations, you can choose how fast to open apps in settings

win2888 says:

Samsung? shit phone after use for a while

Adrian Fitzsimmons says:

It’s “crazy” to reach for the phone with the best screen to watch video content?! You’re one of the reasons people call Apple fan boys sheep!

Michael Lonergan says:

Samsung don’t use stock android. Close but not quite. The ok after unlock pin is not required on my android. I only ever saw that on Samsung devices.

Haxor says:

1:10 is kinda niche

Tyrone Billings says:

You really cared what color the accessories were??? Really??

Virus_HD Richter says:

Im watching on S8+



deathminser gaming says:

The samsung s8 will play videos in the back ground it’s juts that you will have to set that up in your settings

goomba kyb says:

You need youtube red to have background videos

Rocko says:

there is an option for the phone to auto unlock on correct pin

Davið Olson says:

If u worry about scratches.. dont buy phone if u cant afford to change after a year to new one… hhh

Чистяков Александр says:

I hate when ppl say that iphones are faster cuz of animation speed. U FCKIN CAN CHANGE IT ON ALL SASUNGS THEY ARE THE MOST CUSTOMISABLE PHONES i love sasung

Josh The Gamer says:

apps aren’t as polished? YouTube got rid of the the feature were a video still plays in the background when clicking a link they got rid of it in a recent update because it was a nuisance

Jānis Ūdris says:

Fuckin android made youtube you moran the iphoun is behaind you litle bich

starzie gamer101 says:

Samsung is better with charging it charges fast even if its not on fast charging and apple products take a long time to charge and run out of charge quickly

ScopeKing1994 says:

Well the sensor is parellel to front left so yea us lefties can use it better…although anybody with medium size hands should be able to navigate with one hand…i got the plus and have mastered one hand usage

InnerFire6213 says:

The iris scanner doesn’t need you to hold out the phone that far from your face. Just hold it like how you normally use your phone. It works almost 100% every time for me, only fails when im walking or moving too fast

deathreaper-80 says:

Wait why wouldn’t you want your video to pause when you click on a link in YouTube?????

DragonFire 7 says:

3:30 Your calling a Samsung TouchWiz Stock Android? Bruuuh stock android is way better.

bulfrgee says:

So some of these things are Samsung specific not in stock Android so….

Hailey Brant says:

As a life time iPhone user, I did a 30 day android challenge with this phone and it’s definitely not bad. I prefer iOS and I use an iPhone 8+ but that’s just personal opinion. In general, this phone is definitely amazing, I gave it to my sister and she loves it! It’s a great phone and I’m An Apple fan forever but After this phone, I gotta say, I really like Samsung too! The android vs apple war is just stupid and silly, you can prefer one, but both are amazing

Google User says:

Samsung has their own keyboard its not android keyboard

The Darklord says:

1.19 bruh!!! Just use multi window. Oh and a tip. Go and check the settings

Isaac Ortiz says:

Honestly everything your complaining about from Samsung (all the way) all of us are used to it and I would feel weird if I were to switch to iOS

Sarkastik Overlord says:

Just change the animation settings in developer options.

Nuno Fonseca says:

that is not stock android

Victor says:

if u think the s8 looks slow due to slow animation, you can increase the speed of the animation in the developers option

Whatacoolname says:

It’s kind of weird on reviews I have heard people on the iphone x like the two step process for face I’d but eh

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