iTunes Match with iCloud – Review – Part 2

This is a video of the new Apple iTunes Match available through iTunes as a subscription for $24.99/year. This is a new feature for Apple and iTunes and works seamlessly with iCloud to blend your entire music collection into iCloud by matching song titles of your music to those already in iTunes, thus, only needing to store the ones it could not match. The initial scan of your music and the upload may take some time depending on your Internet connection and size of your media collection. Apple indicates a 10 device limit and 25,000 song limit for that $24.99 per year. I would recommend the new iTunes Match and giver yourself the safety net of iCloud for your media.

In part 2, I show how to enable iTunes Match on your iOS 5 or newer device by selecting settings, then music, then turning iTunes Match on. The “Show All Music” then becomes available. This is extremely useful if you don’t want to run your device out of storage for music; with iTunes Match your able to store it to iCloud and have it available on your devices (up to 10 according to Apple). I feel that for $24.99/year that I am taking advantage of Apple. Allowing me to stream my music to 10 iOS devices and up to 25,000 songs. Do the math folks and its less than $2.50 per device per year (10 total). Find a comparable music streaming service that cheap that plays your uploaded or owned content? It is not going to happen. My first look at this is that it is an absolute great addition to your device, your iTunes account and your media overall.

iTunes Match with iCloud – Review – Part 2

Part 1:

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Erin Schultz says:

Thank you for the Great info 🙂 subbed & will share with my fellow iTunes/iPhone addicts! True DAT 😉

Mr. Delano says:

thanks for the review, ive had mines for over a year just did my annual renewal last week, its been great for the most part, any “I” device and my whole library is on there is pretty cool, just a little frustrating when it messes up sometimes

soSANTACRUZcal says:

very useful, thank you

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