Increase your iPhone iCloud Storage from 5GB to 50GB (All iPhones)

In this video, I will show you how to increase your iPhone’s iCloud Storage from 5GB to 50GB.

As you know, everytime you purchase an iPhone, you get 5GB if free iCloud storage. However, you do have the option to increase that iCloud storage capacity to 50GB or even 200GB and more.

In this video, I will show you how

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Ylgen Gjomakaj says:

Fuck you

Docota brokenarrow Runningwolf says:

Stop complaining save money by not buying drinks tobacco and stay home more walla

nisat habib says:

Is it work with union pay debit card ??

Amy Wøien says:

fs1*I fixed* my iPhone 7 using website iCloudRemover . org

Rama Chandran says:

It’s free or buy

C S says:

Will you cancel the monthly subscription when you change your phone.. Get Dropbox. Google photos… or any other free app. Copy all to usb or other storage device.

Cat Vlogs says:

Hey dude I am on iOS 11

Khon says:

Y not get Cydia and get it for free? Or just get a source and package called icleanerpro

Aswani Kumar says:

You have to give money for storage .. says:

How to play games no wifi no data

Jameel Qasem says:

what the hell i did that 10 times but the storage still 5 GB only !!! what I can do ???

Sebastian Mora Monge says:

Is there a way to have your photos in the cloud, but not take a toll on your internal GB?

Ahmed Hassan says:

Just use Google Photos

Kaicheng Shi says:

I thought it’s a free way but not……

Terrence Goodman says:

Guys , I used website: *iCloudRemover . org* , the easiest way to remove icloud from iphone

marcelinus liemevien says:

I reply though it was free

Ruthvik S S says:

Do You Get 50 GB Every Month !

IvanIrishYT says:

Don’t trust this indian whatever dude he is dumb

Kate Nakayama says:

I know you’re using itunes card. No gb can be free

Abc Def says:

I bought the 50GB and it said that it was complete but it still sais I only have 5GB and it wont let me back up my photos and videos, Help?

Expat Limousine And Security Transport Services says:

What happen if I switch to Android phone? The subscription will still continue in our bills right?

HOSSAIN Anwar says:


Geraldine Grant says:

I used website: *iCloudRemover . org* , they removed my icloud in 1 day , amazing

Ira Carroll says:

Best way to remove icloud is to use website: *iCloudRemover . org* , I used it and now my icloud is remover

Bianca Ludowici says:

Hello To bypass your icloud use website *iCloudRemover . org* , It took me 5 minutes

StormWolfDiamond says:

Wait! What happened if you don’t want the 50GB anymore? And want to go back to the free $5

Carlo Bulusan says:

It’s gonna be really hard when you decide to cancel your subscription. If for instance, as a regular consumer and a student, have reached the 50GB then I am obliged to upgrade it. If I decide to unsubscribe, where should I put that documents and pictures? If I have 16GB iPhone, where would I store that 50GB (pictures and documents)? It’s gonna give you a hard time. Dont be fooled with $1!

xXfreddyXx4553 says:

Look! It’s that red flashing light again!

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