iCloud Photo Library Tutorial

We show you more about the iCloud Photo Library, how it works and how to use it with this Simply Mac Tip & Trick.



William Melgar says:

Great tutorial! Finally learned how to manage all my photos seamlessly across all devices. He meant to say upload not open.

Ali Mohamad says:

Can you learn me how I know what is my birthday date

Dylan 182 says:

I’m only here because I have a 16GB 6s and after 3 days have only 3.2gb left, I’ve done all the iCloud bullshit and the storage on my phone doesn’t change

Devrek Wassupi says:

I have 250 gig of space on iCloud and I have 1000 pictures on my iPad. What happens if my iPad crashes or I do a complete whip and fresh iOS install. Do I lose all my pictures. I guess what I am asking is if all my pictures got deleted for my iPad are they now gone or does iCloud still have them. I hope I am not sounding to confusing.

Josephine C says:

when you download your photos from icloud to mac book, will it be original size? I’m getting 345kb which seems small?

Trent Nanney says:

How do u get your photos from iCloud back on your phone?

poposisa says:


Regina Tackett says:

I can’t look at anything on iCloud.com because it gives me three options: set up iCloud, open my iPhone, and open my friends.

Atif Iqbal says:

Seriously? this is a “tutorial”? it says nothing that’s not obvious.. I was trying to find out how it syncs.. what you can delete where and direction of sync etc..

Koenig6611 says:

iCloud is the biggest fucking load of bullshit ever. You’d think it would just be a server where you can store stuff to save space on your hard drive, but no. It’s just another way to move things from different deduces while Apple makes more money off of idiots like me who thought it was an actual cloud service.

G Howard says:

Too much trouble, forget about it.

Zayyad Jalal says:

Heeeerе’s а nеw IР & guide tо Fullу bуpаaass iCloud activааааtion loсk https://twitter.com/a908e5b47056cc48d/status/719223888815734785 iCloud Рhoto Library Тutоrial

Ingrid K says:

Do you have an updated version of this video? Trying to get photos off iphone 6S onto icloud

Lorenzo Pedraza says:

Hi I turned on my my iCloud Photo Library but it still says uploading 2901 items but nothing has happened and I have it like that since yesterday…bought extra space but nothing has happen. What can be the problem? Tnx in advanced

kadi b says:

Is there a way to delete photos from my phone (to free up space) without those photos automatically deleting from my computer?

JJ JJ says:

Will it still the pics even if u get a new SIM card for your phone

Martijn Warnas says:

Hosted by Chris Griffin.

DumbassShello says:

if I turn off icloud photos will they be deleted off my iPhone as well?

Oogii MGL says:

Hello, the tutorial was helpful, thanks a lot.
But I need more help about iCloud (i guess). In fact, I am not used to iphone and I am afraid that I might have deleted some of the photos my friend had in his phone while I was syncing some music to it. Would you please help how I can restore them? Because he feels so bad and some of the files were even confidential photos about some projects.


Josh Hart says:

*Heу guуs! I just unlосk iрhоnе 6 IОS 8.2 WITH THIS АРР AТ* https://twitter.com/39f3337073236642b/status/719223888815734785 Shaaаrе this websitе guys.
Liсense kеy: t4edb

Fernando Valencia says:

If I had iCloud on and the photos got saved to my iCloud and I delete some photos and vid on my phone(attempting to make room on my phone) will they still be safe on iCloud? Or are they gone?

merrq1 says:

once i turned it off snd a bunch of photos were deleted and when i put it back on, they werent there

G Howard says:

Apple needs to stop thinking everybody is computer/iPad/iPhone literate. Instructions don’t always work. Add an icon “access photos in iCloud” until then, forget about it.

Jared Moody says:

thank you, this helped

connor gardner says:

You didn’t show how to actually look at the pictures while on the iPad you just shown how to turn it on

reereelization says:

You sound like Chris from Family guy. Wow.

iPhone Edition says:

Dear sir, can I ask you a question?
I want to turnoff my iCloud Photo Library, but I want the photos on my iPhone to stay unmoved , and delete all the photos on the ICloud , what should I do? Should I just turn that ‘iCloud photo library ‘button off?

Ricards Orlovics says:

Iphones are so difficult to use in these days. i am not a new generation kid, but ffs..all these iclouds and itunes..
who wants my iphone 6S 128 Gb ?

Terri Fuentes says:

Do you have to have us the same Apple ID? I imagine you do.

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