iCloud photo library is totally automatic so stop worrying about storage space

I’ve noticed that there are many people that doesn’t understand how Apple’s iCloud photo library works. It’s totally automatically, you don’t have to delete photos or videos, it does that for you, and replace it with a thumbnail. Watch this vlog where I try to explain how it works.

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Diane Heron says:

Very helpful thank you.

hyumiok says:

This is really helpful

Dave Craige says:

This guys voice is awesome

Vince Campolongo says:

yes but how do you store 1tb without paying extra for the extra data on icloud if you dont have a computer

Tommyb1508 says:

Ok understand but eventually the phone will become full with pictures as it were, as this and many other iPhones are of a fixed storage. So at one point the pictures will need to be deleted NO? And this point they then are deleted from the iCloud? If this is not the case….where have all my photos gone?? Kind regards

Zerø says:

If I Reset My iPhone And Delete all my pictures and videos will it still be saved on the iCloud Library?

B Rad says:

Does the music go to iCloud to

Lawrence Mastri says:

At last … clarity. Thank you, Stefan.

Ronald Rova says:

Can you move photos from icloud photo library to PC, or any other external hard drive?

pgfracing says:

I didn’t find this to be working for the 16GB iPhone but will try again. I kept running out of space.

Jamie Cannon says:

Correction. Thumbnails do take up storage space. just a little less.

Maria Lynette Anzures says:

If I turn off my icloud photo library, will all my photos from my phone will be deleted?

Servo says:

My iphone6S isn’t automatically uploading even though I have it optimized!!!

Tea Rex says:

Do you working for apple?

Miss A says:

If I delete pics from my photostream (from my photo app) will they get deleted from my iCloud too?

Daniela Perez says:

Idk, I just turned it on and idk Wat I did to my iPhone, now I want to take iCloud off but I’m afraid it will delete all my photos and important videos and pictures, I’m so confused. I don’t want iCloud anymore help.what should I do?!

Tommyb1508 says:

If this was to work and restore fully all the pictures would the pictures return to the iCloud I full resolution so I can now load back from the cloud to store on my pc. It looks like iCloud is just a sync facility and not a storage as if it were and I’d deleted from iPhone the they should have stayed in cloud up
Neil I went there to delete. Not delete from iPhone and then it deletes from iCloud is not the correct means as I thought I was paying for every month of 80p (to be fair is a great price for 50gb But not if its only a sync facility!)

sydjaguar says:

Or use Google Photos for free

Donna Melsness says:


G Jeune says:

I have the same iCloud account but it won’t let me restore my old photos to my current phone ,please help ?

Marisol Serrato says:

Oh si sirvió el dislike botton sí sirvió

Michael Morris says:

So if I had a good 5-10k photos on my Mac…. Would that quickly fill up my iCloud storage? Thanks. This is really stressing me out…

Ryan Caballero says:

Lost some photos on my MacBook. How can I recover them? Thanks

Justin Chesson says:

So what do I do if I have that exclamation point on my pictures and videos because I can’t watch them or anything

Ricardas BauzaFitness says:

What kind of bullshit is this

AnnaMarie Ronning says:

Stefan: Thank you so much! I’ve watched a bunch of videos on this and yours is the ONLY ONE I understood! Many thanks! Problem solved thanks to you!!!!!!

lasse Goransson says:

🙂 🙂

Danielle Mclernon says:

Hi I can’t seem to find photos and videos on my iCloud that I put on my iCloud about 5 months ago it recently updated when I went onto it today and I can seem to find the previous photos I had stored as I had to get my old iPhone 6 replaced . Can you help please .

Chiro Videos TV says:

Hi – my issue is that I do NOT want my iCloud photos to automatically sync to my new iPhone 7. There is over 20000 of them. I don’t want them on my new phone. Any suggestions?! Thanks.

wisal boonnumsirikil says:

I have iPhone 5c 8 gb. I cannot take anymore photo and it said I should manage storage. So I buy more storage plan 50 gb. Then I can take more photo. Today I cannot again said my storage is full again. What should I do?

Johannes V says:

I restored my phone. I didn’t delete anything. I got my photos on my mac, but where is my videos?? Cant find them, they are not at the photo library

nichols worth says:

Thank you soooooooo much!!! I’ve been driving myself crazy trying to figure this out!!!

Tina Lynn Johnson Brewer says:

Still do not know how to use iCloud.

Melissa Hall says:

Thank you! So when we want to upload the high res to social media,etc, do we just click on the All Photos on our phone and that will access the high res? It seems like when I do this mine look lower quality online so wondering if I’m missing something?

Herson Pineda says:

I hope you respond because I have a question I want to delete my data from my phone but want to restore the photos and videos and I have ICloud library on and always been on so my question is if I rest my data can I still back them up if I log back in to my iCloud?

Harry Vowles says:

Great Help, Cheers

Damien Edmonds says:

Guys I need some help! just got myself and iMac and transferred like 7000 photos form my hard drive to it but its storing it automatically to iCloud =and now I have no more space on it, I just want it saved to the storage n the iMac. can anyone help?

Dustin 3423 says:


Jaclyn Parker says:

I just started using Icloud. I bought 1TB and started the backup. I have 99GB of pics and videos and I’ve been waiting days almost a week now for it to finish. Is this normal for such a large original backup?

Chris Newhouse says:

thanks for this deleted all photos and videos on my 6 appreciate it.

Ankur Singh says:

In my iphone icloud show 1362 photos but in the iphone there are no photos… why?

Andrew Petherick says:

Hi there, if anyone can offer advice it would be appreciated, I’ve subscribed for 200 gb a month of iCloud Drive storage. My problem is that I’ve moved all videos and photos up into iCloud Drive thinking that it would give me more storage space on my device but it says I’ve only got 2 gigs of data left in my device, ie capacity and availability in about setting., I hope this makes sense to someone.

Maria M says:

Thank you very well explained…

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