iCloud Locked Apple Watch!


Josh D says:

I have series 3 same thing what can I do with ut

Fluffy Panda says:

I need help with this problem

TheCheck01 says:

If I enter my own AppleID on used Apple watch I’ve just bought, does that mean I’m in safe?

StuDio 253 says:

Will I watch pair with clone iPhone?

Blueprint Cars says:

This happened with me with an Applewatch bought at Best Buy. So annoying.

Rosie’s Parents says:

Whats worse i lost my access to my own icloud and apple wont unlock it since they have mixxed all my info once before

Darrius Gardi says:

Same thing happened to me pissed

Brandon Dobraski says:

So there is no way to get it off it is over

dexsea24 says:


AnotherChannel says:

Stop commenting “how to unlock it” Haha You’re NOT

alex hergenreter says:

My dad gave me his. Is there a way I can get by it using his iCloud?

Kitten KC says:

Noooo wayyy I’m locked out from my watch and I can’t remember my old phones Apple ID!!!!!!

Diaa fityani says:

So I found an Apple Watch series 3 at my job and I was trying give it back to the owner but obviously I can’t because literally I can’t call or text any of his friends to let him know that I found it. Is there like a gps on the Watch he can track or something

Beto Gamez says:

What If u switched the battery?

TheMonsterSteal says:

What if I buy a apple watch icloud blocked ? I can unlock with my iphone?

Jorge Boffil says:

The same thing happened to me 2 days ago

JJJ JuanJesusJahir says:

This happened to me what can I do

Dustin Thomas says:

I’m trying to sell my watch and I want to pull it off my account but it is a pain in the butt. I take the watch off my account and it still there

Cesar Carrasco says:

Is there a way to check for iCloud lock on a apple watch without having an iPhone cause im trying to buy a used one but the seller doesnt have an iPhone and doesn’t know if its iCloud locked and i dont want to have to meet and it end up being iCloud locked

Jonathan Lovingood says:

My apple watch came today and im dealing with this same bullshit smh, do anyone know how to reset this ?

brian1940king says:

I think going to Apple is the thing to do. I bought one on Offer Up. Had seen a YouTube video on how easy it was to erase the watch. Didn’t work! I’m only out $70 plus cost of a charger. I’ll let you know Aug 2018

Galabuzi Arnold says:

The truth i havr tried every thing but i have failed i need help from any of you,,i bought serie one watch but the person didnt give me a correct icloud account so am just in shit,, the watch cant be unblocked, i need advise how i can unblock this please

Gregorio Esquivel says:

This just happened to me but I’m still in touch with the owner what does he have to do to remove his Apple ID?

Luca Brasi says:

Fuck this just happened to me on offer up I can’t believe that no one has come up with a way to bypass this shit unbelievable!!!!

StuDio 253 says:

I bought a second hand iwatch and I too had this problem what can I do to unlock it

Maddie 1514 says:

Same thing happened to me

Sports & Life says:

Bro the exact thing happened to me

Nanpa0 says:

It’s interesting how apple does not help found watches returned to owners and no way to have found watches find it’s way to owner. Just another way to make more money to have owner need to buy a new one.

Romondo Alexander says:

Say your meeting with the person to buy the product. Should I go through all the steps of set up and if I have no hick-ups I’m safe? Can they lock the watch later, even after I’ve fully synced the watch to my phone? I guess how do I know that the product is no longer on their iCloud? buy not getting stopped where you did on the vid?

Plainapple287 says:

if you have proof that you bought it take it to an apple store and they will unlock the watch good luck

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