iCloud Bypass by IMEI – Is It REAL or FAKE?

In today’s video I will treat a topic a lot of you have been asking me about lately, that is iCloud Bypasses sold on eBay or different other websites using IMEI or Serial number. These bypasses are never free, and therefore I decided to analyze a bit how they look like to tell you whether you should try them or not on your device. When something is free, trying it doesn’t produce anything bad unless you download a malware software into your PC, but when money get involved (and these bypasses are usually sold for big amounts of money), being cautious is very important.

I’ve been researching iCloud Activation for 2 years and I can tell that the IMEI unlocks are very likely to be SCAMS. Why? Well let’s just dissect a little bit how this works: You pay, provide the IMEi address and you’re usually put on hold for 3-4-5 days or even 2 weeks, then when the time passes and the device is still not unlocked, you try to contact the seller only to realize he either blocked you or he vanished. This has happened in the past to thousands of people and this is the main reason I am making this Q/A-style video.

The websites / sellers of such IMEI unlocking services claim to have access on an apple program called GSX (Global Service Exchange). Let me tell you a little bit about it. I’ve also written an article for PhonLab about this matter, so those of you who happen to have a subscription there might have seen it. GSX IS NOT a tool made to bypass iCloud, let alone to allow anyone to do so. GSX can be used to remove the iCloud Account from a device (by making direct changes to the Apple Database) but that won’t happen, because to have GSX, your company has to be big, your company has to use a lot of Apple products and your company MUST have one or more authorized (certified) Apple engineers. This is very hard to achieve, and of course these websites looking to get your money don’t fulfill Apple’s requirements to access the program. Even if they do, GSX is verified by Apple employees. Every company’s account on GSX is checked and everything they do to their devices using the program is tracked. At some point in the past GSX could have been used to remove the iCloud account, but it has been patched long time ago. Think about it: Why would Apple created a breach in their own system?

The difference between these IMEI unlocks and temporary bypasses (like CFW or DNS bypass) is that they claim to completely remove it from the Apple server, while the CFW method and the DNS bypass only does it temporarily on the device, the server can’t be modified and the device is still locked on Apple’s server. Basically they claim they can make direct changes to Apple’s server which looks sketchy as hell.

More about the CFW method: https://fce365.info/f-a-q-cfw-bypass/
Phonlab (Has good tests of these methods including CFW): http://www.phonlab.teachable.com
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Suhas LeLiN says:

Some people said about clean IMEI & many others, what are those actually?

Thompson Vo says:

just started watching
I hope its real

Steve JobsFan! says:

U realize it’s one in the morning right?!

Hafiz Ali Imam says:

A person have GSX account can remove icloud lock from my idevice?

Paco Martinez says:

Bout time you did this video lol

Ernie Solorzano says:


Ashibur Rahman says:

Can icloud be remove by hardware??? If so how much will it cost?

Daniel Reding says:

Wow very interesting, it seems that apple takes it very precisely.

Serhat Karaköse says:

I’m EI.

Wahab Tayar says:

can you change the iphone’s imei number

Phantom Orian says:

sir dont understand what are these icloud bypasses

OBK IZ says:

Hey just curious can anyone do anything malicious with someones imei? I got a iPhone off of eBay and the seller showed off the imei, i’m paranoid that someone would see the imei and try to do something to my iphone lol

Cristian Circa says:

hi George,is there any way to get rid of a blacklist in the uk?i bought this iphone back in Romania where it worked fine.now,i moved in uk just to find out the phone is blacklisted here…any chance?

Sa Do says:

I have seen ” trusted sellers ” on ebay those who have 100% feedback with a lot of customers, say that they can unlock the iCloud from your device but you must to send them the Apple ID’s information ( e-mail – address – phone number ) otherwise don’t order the service… Do you think is fake or not?!

duy nguyen says:

can u bypass icloud on ipad air 2 ios 10.2.1?????

rithya kimsour says:

How about doulci? Is it work?

Fidel Bauza Manso says:

i do not have word for be grateful. You are amazing ..
Thanks a lot..

BlueMan_86 says:

Where we can get motherboards for iphones? Is there some sites? And how they named on ebay? Thanks..

Neal King says:

not 100% fake but almost 100% fake!
do not trust any website for removing icloud

shehryar karim says:

thank you for being real person among fakers 🙂

5Play says:

great informative video keep it up

mike boe says:

Hey man I’m one of those dudes who never ever comment on YouTube videos but tbh I gotta thank you for all of this truth you have to us in this vid. Thanks again man! Keep up the good work! You just got a like and subscribe!!!

Unknown Badshah says:

Thank u so much … Love u ❤️❤️

Toto Geenen says:

Is it even possible to unlocked a locked device? Permanent

Willem Van der Elst says:

Can you check if a motherboard has an icloud lock?

Cx Lucas says:

Thanks for all video bro !
Finaly it’s real or fake ?
I’m french and i not full understand

Fahrenheight says:

I’m honestly not sure. What does an iCloud bypass let you do? Why is it significant?

Antonio Marinn says:


Salvador says:

I am eternally grateful to you sir for shining some light on this matter. many of us spend countless hours scouting the internet for solutions, and of course only find scams. Thanks again and keep up the good work. : – )

Root Tube says:

hello thank your for your effort
are we can change imei and serial number by our selves

Gems Co. says:

Whoever you are….keep it up! +1 subscriber

Christian Ayala says:

So, real or fake? a friend in Mexico talk me about this and he talk me than only need the imei. Greetings!

Mona Elsied says:

Are you tested it

Mohammad Rais Al Islam says:

I cant make CFW method cause I got 64GB device, now idk what to do with my device except using it as paperweight 🙁

Lens Petit says:

That purple restore application how can I get it ? And also is there ways to buy brand new motherboards without iCloud on them or a legit website you recommend buying from ?

Manuel Pacheco says:

Is there a way for me to unlock or bypass my apple watch?

HUNJohnee says:

And is the igemo jb real? It claims it’s an alpha but it says it works on 10.2.1.

Randika Rukshan says:

Thanks !! ur the best (y)

Alton Kilbourne says:

It’s fake

arquevis robinson says:


Dtwist Darklitght says:

According to you what is the best method?

Steve JobsFan! says:

Pin me bro and here https://www.mediafire.com/folder/0c9da6c8cbmad (iBox compile) 😉 what are u doing a 1:00 in the morning?!

Sir. Waffles says:


Yazid AitSaadi says:

thanks alot for all the informations

Nabil B says:

Thanks for this video bro, cleared some thing up

Michael says:

I thought if ur device is iCloud locked, u better contact Apple lol
Or u have to buy a new motherboard to replace it, but the price of motherboard is too high lol

F.C.E. 365 TV - iDevice Central says:

I hope this Talk-style video will answer your questions about IMEI unlocks:)

emilio robles says:

Well, the ones from eBay maybe, but I have used this kind of bypass from other websites and they use phishing to find the password and sometimes it work, it depends if the person gives this info without knowing. Usually this serious sites, give you your money if they don’t provide you the correct password. That’s my experience

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