iCloud 2017 Tutorial Apple iCloud

Learn about the great online tools in the Apple iCloud suite, and see the basics of how to use them. iCloud is available to anyone who has an Apple ID, and it gives you features such as online cloud storage, a calendar, a contacts list, and much more.


G. DeDeo says:

Nice overview. Does IPad offer an encryption app?


Hello man.
I’m from Colombia and I have a problem when I try to install iCloud on my computer whith Window 10
It appears to me a message saying “Your computer is missing Media Features. Please download Media Features Pack for Windows from Microsoft website, then install and try again”
Please man, help me

RFarouk Farouk says:

Although i am already using online iCloud, this is still helpful illustrated video.. thank you

Loo Joiner says:

I have a question how does an iCloud account that belonged to me that I had on an IPhone 6 that I had a contract in my name from AT&T that I broke with a hammer after it crashed my computer when I hooked it up to iTunes then I had a friend of mine throw it in the lake and I also tore up the SD cards , I didn’t have that iCloud account on any other phone. But when I logged into my account a few months ago to change my password it said I had the iCloud on an IPhone 6 from a Verizon wireless telephone number that I do not have anymore. And that phone number that I don’t have anymore had an iPhone 4 on it. I actually had a police report filled for that iPhone 4 because it was stolen out of my car.

Cristiano Ronaldo Fans says:

Hi I’m having a problem
I’m not able to sign in my iMac it’s asking a code and that code is popping up in my iPhone but I don’t know where to enter the code.
And by the way I subscribed to ur channel

Magic 11 says:

Thanks. I thought that iCloud drive automatically uploads all files to iCloud.

Accent Light says:

I am stuck, and I need help. Here is the message I am getting while trying to access photo attachments in my icloud email account: Photos can’t be opened using the built-in Administrator account. Sign in with different account and try again.
I am the only user of my PC which I have a password for every time I want to use it, then after some automatic software update I started getting the message above.
I appreciate your help, and thank you in advance.

Jarraya Bilel says:

unlock your devices through the latest method because
are not 100% amd gsx is not working
contact me on whatsapp:+2347039697367.

Yolanda Alvarez says:

Thank you , I was lost with my Iphone7

Pain ' Konan Akatsuki says:

I hate the way you speak asshole.

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