I Tried Google Photos And I’m Never Going Back To iCloud

If your iPhone storage is full and your iCloud won’t back up because that’s also full, Google Photos can help you free up space on your phone. Unlike iCloud, Google Photos offers free unlimited storage of compressed photos and videos. iCloud users who are running out of storage space on their iPhone can use Google Photos to free up a lot of space. Business Insider’s A. C. Fowler tried Google Photos after using iCloud for five years and it allowed him to finally free up space on his 16GB iPhone 6s.


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I Tried Google Photos And I’m Never Going Back To iCloud


sa6999999 says:

Okay this is kind of bias. Like girl you seriously don’t have 99 cents a month for 50gb of storage? Bullshit. Im not agains google photos but like the shade you threw at iCloud was uncalled for because you had filled up 5gb of cloud storage which is almost nothing.

Mejhul says:

To the host: Radio is good media too.

schumzy says:

great Advertorial. Wish @tech insider would tell us it was an advert… guess ethics dont exist over there.

Dan Smith says:

And that’s why you buy android.

John Buchmann says:

The funny thing is he won’t pay like $1/month for more iCloud storage to make his phone work, yet when he eventually upgrades his phone he’ll have no problem shelling out at least $750 to stay with Apple.

Kabir Parekh says:


Alex Munoz says:

I use an Iphone and I have never run out of space because of photos or videos. I just backuo to google photos so I can view it on my mac or PC. Nice if I get a new phone as well.

p e a c h ! says:

i have 36g but i’m 13 so i take a lot of photos

Finn Tran says:

iCloud is relatively safer and more private than anything google has to offer. Google Photo is simply annoying and invasive.

I had been using my Google Drive account for school and for awhile I did not notice that google was posting my YouTube comments on this Google+ thing. While also uploading my ALL pictures on my devices (which were meant to be private), onto Google Photos- which teachers and professors could have access to. It seems that i cant turn those 2 services off and it’s really annoying how Google could be exploiting MILLIONS of users who were unaware of these “features”.

Yes, Apple could be seems as money hungry with their only 5 GBs of free storage. But i think that they will increase that drastically in the future when each person has more MacOS/iOS/WatchOS devices. Apple is know for reliable, easy to use products that also cater to the professional market, so I doubt that they do not think about increasing the 5GBs floor while also improve iCloud as a safer and more efficient service/feature.

CyanXWatcher says:

*i use a lot of account for free google drive space*

SilverWave says:

And why should I trust a company like Google, who relies on selling my data?

Stan G says:

Well when it comes to stuff as personal as photos, I don’t trust Google. There’s a reason their shit are free.

Ronald Wee says:

How can you call yourself a “Tech Insider” and you don’t even have more than 32GB on yr phone or a few dollars for 50 or 200GB of iCloud storage. You might as well say you work for Google

V4Z4 says:

Meanwhile I got a 128gb Android phone for half an iPhone XS. -_-

What’s up my Neighbour says:

My apple watch got the same amount of storage as his iphone

James Friend says:

how cheap do you have to be to get a freaking 16gb iPhone 6s, that’s just sad af…

Jan Jeřábek says:

Privacy? Does anyone care about that? That google can see all of your photos all the time and they openly use them “to improve their algorithms”? Like hell naw 😐

Daniel Snoopeh says:

There is no reason to have a Iphone and use google photos…
One big selling point of IOS is security and privacy.

Thomas Staples says:

Isn’t ICloud like a dollar a month for 50gb

Alphabet 7 says:

Get a OnePlus

Maddy says:

Imagine having 5 gb of storage on an iPhone. It sucks so don’t do it.

king__harry says:

Dude, if you think your life is much better now; you should a Droid phone.
Who the heck pay for storage every month anyway?!!

TheAmunik says:

If you download the Google rewards app you can pay for the 100gb plan of Google photos by doing little enquettes a few times a month. They only take like 5s to fill in so they arent bothersome. And 100gb for photos is more then enough 🙂

Shaunik Punjabi says:

Google photo still uses ur phone data

Super says:

But what about Amazon Photos? Any thoughts?

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