How to view and open iCloud Drive Files on iPhone/iPad

App – Cloud Opener
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Black Rock Shooter says:

FUCK I just want to watch the porn I downloaded on my iPhone! DAMN!!!!

EnvyTan says:

I was so excited when I saw this. However, once I downloaded it to my iphone, my files are still not there. I don’t know why they are not syncing from my pc to icloud. Any suggestions?

axramharter says:

great video and thanks for sharing the solution!
but i’m sorry i have to say this now: we’re living in the year 2016 and i need a 3rd party app to OPEN a photo or video? WTF! these are basic features. for what reason else would i store a file in the icloud? just for fun?

roslee sulong says:

Currently im using ios 9 on my iphone 6. I have some videos in my iphone and i wanna backup into my icloud on my iphone. How can i do it?

john doolan says:

no info on how to find icloud and folders on the ipad

G- Lo says:

My question is, what is the purpose of the icloud if you can’t access them when you need them? Why doesn’t apple allow it? Why a 3rd party app? So many questions, sorry. Trying to run a small business and not getting to open pics & docs right awAy sucks. Thanks for your video, yours is the only functional & understanding one. & can you answer those questions?

salsabil kassali says:

u mean i can open my icloud how can i do plz help me contact meeeeee

Darryl Cooper says:

To save & free up space on your iPad can you upload the files you want to your icloud & then erase them from your iPad? Someone please help me!! I’m new to Apple

kolimi sattar says:

my iphone 5s mobile icloud drive not enable reason is maximum number free acounts has been activated on this iphone please help me

Kulkarni Abhilash says:

Hi…Thanks for sharing…That was learning for me..Can you help me resolve my issue – My icloud says it is full – no more space to save. However, when I have a look at the contents there are no Number/Pages/Keynote/other files in it..How do I discover the contents of my icloud, so that I can delete them? Thanks

Fodor Boldizsár says:

it isnt free :c

Susan kinn says:

nice and informative video for more video visit

James Fortune says:

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nurul absar says:

i have tried this method and its work to bypass icloud activation >> How to view and open iCloud Drive Files on iPhone/iPad

Hecktic Studios says:

You’re thumbnail is shit btw

Kodiak Cleveland says:

How do I view files on my Iphone 4s? Because it says that I have all of my photos and what not uploaded, but when I go to my icloud drive, it says that i don’t have anything uploaded, its really frustrating

Lillianna’s Vlogs! says:

For the photos do U have to upload photos to ur iCloud or is it automatically

Sukhmani Kaur Basra says:

I accidentally turned on ibooks option on my icloud drive. Now i am unable to open any ibook on my phone. Help!!

gartoys says:

That shit an free it cost 1.99 for cloud open

Saint Michael says:

Why don’t I have an option for iCloudDrive in Finder?

Cathy wu says:

Excellent video! Very clear and simple. Thanks!

TJ says:

I accidentally put something in my iCloud the DU Screen recorder but I don’t have a app or anything to get rid of it and it won’t download apps know it will just keep loading and won’t download

PokéCenter says:

Damn you’re cute

horusrage says:

Now here is a question how do you transfer those files so they are locally stored on the IPAD or IPHONE itself.

EASY USA says:

Você é brasileiro? To conhecendo seu sotaque hehe

Elqueso says:

I turned on iCloud Photo Library but i still cant find my photos and the upload to my stream photos is one too is there something off?

Yoel L Nunes says:

What a cute strong accent. Where are you from ?

Kenya Simena says:

Thank You!

chaaipaani says:

Can you do it without a 3rd party app?

Nate's Sheet of Dirt Podcast says:

I accidentally put almost all of my photos and videos in iCloud on my iPad and I don’t have any other Apple product so what do I do? Someone pls reply!!

xrayhatchSteph says:

Updated 5/26/17 “notification bug fixes” BUT now my iphone5 is trapped with Apple ID and I can’t stand it ! If I sign out it threatens to remove everything I have
I can’t wait to go back to the Android Galaxy phone
Then I’ll smash this one with a big hammer. Apple is horrible and greedy

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