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Vsolutionsupport says:

iClud support phone number 1888 886 0477 (USA-Toll free)

Carrie P says:

Great tutorial! Any tips how to free up iCloud space?

Lorraine Currier says:

thank you, succinct…no bull…….you are great

Martin Holland Films says:

What’s going on? I came here to find out!

Cynthia Kuest says:

Thank you for explaining iCloud slowly and clearly.

faraz mohammed says:

How to delete photos on only iphone device but not on icloud.

Goathead85 says:

Suggestion: Not everyone is tech savvy.  Some of us are challenged so say the least.  You cover things way to fast.  Also, use a pointer on your screen so we know what you’re talking about.  By the time I figured out where you were, you moved on to the next thing.  But it’s obvious you understand and know what you’re talking about.  Unfortunately, I still don’t!

MsRajfriend says:

I don’t understand what the big smile is about. If one is honest, one finds IOS being very awkward and, at times, impossible ti navigate and get simple task done simply. Now, come’on you know it, don’t you.

Loretta Beckwith says:

great info…show longer photos of what your talking on so we can catch up…80)

MillerTies says:

Please explain the photos/videos further. The only thing I really care about saving on my iPhone are the photos and videos and after I transfer them to my laptop and get them to CDs/DVDs/YouTube I delete them manually from my iPhone and the Recently Deleted folder they just randomly come back to my All Photos Folder and Videos folder. What is going on!?

Kendrick Dubissette says:

How save picture from WhatsApp to camera roll on your ipod

Cindy Kwong says:

Very clear and easy to understand. Not sure what happen, I accidentally turn off icloud and do not see my icloud icon on photo any more. How an I restore my icloud icon on photos? Thanks


GOVNO SI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Borut Karl says:

icloud is shit

Usman Ahmed says:

Addonis from creed

botr run says:

Great job

Richard Smith says:

For instant support call us at (1-888-828-8139) we will provide a efficient solution, Regarding any problem with your icloud.

Ellen Hallmann says:

GreAt. How long does it take to get to see the amount of stir age in settings for iCloud as I bought extra but it doesn’t show!

Anita Machlin says:

Thanks for the clear instruction! Keep it up; I am hooked on you!

Brandon Chidavaenzi says:

Thank you, stay blessed and a great video

Vincent Dio says:

after back up, how can i restore it to my device??

TheEthicalHacker says:

How to remove iCloud for free

Rikard Mattsson says:

look and learn lol

STP NPN says:

iCloud SUCKS so bad! Unbelievable that people put up with this garbage. Moving pictures is like pulling teeth.

*Owen Video says:

Man, this topic has my head spinning. Hey how did you do that with the annotations?? Just link to your own video with the timecode at the end?

Farhan Ahmad says:

Bro My mobile is taking to much time to sync photos on icloud tell me how can i fix it in just 6 to 7 hours only my 1/4 pic uploaded


Is this guy a hock?

Akash Shaikh says:

afther battry problem issu or good battry life?

Former personal trainer Near KAFB says:

,,,  we log in icloud at PC ,,,  oooooooo  ,,, thnaks   for ,,, after first icoud BACK UP ,, automaticlly ,,,  a  load off  my our ..

Steve d says:

Thanks so much for posting this video.  I have been looking around forever for a video that does a straightforward job of explaining  iCloud.  Yours was by far the best.  Very concise and thorough.  Thanks for posting!

Mandy Swan says:

Great video. I have uploaded 95% of my photos and short videos from my iphone 6 to my windows 10 lap top the usual way with a connector lead from iphone 6 to the lap top. I’ve downloaded icloud and paid for extra back up. I can’t see how to move my larger videos of under 4 min each to the icloud on the lap top. if you could advise, thank you

AmZeeeL says:

All you need to know about cellphone issues: search Amzeeel in YOUTUBE

Hari Krishna says:

hello friend my iPhone only iCloud not coming how to register

Lorraine Currier says:

how do I sync my music into Itunes on my laptop so I can hear them on my iphone?

*Owen Video says:

Alright so help me out… if I upload and store my photos to photo library then I can access them on all devices. They take no memory on the phone- correct? To delete them, I go to icloud and delete them. They’ll delete across all devices.

I can simultaneously upload to photo stream which is sort of like a mini cloud? The file is simultaneously stored in the stream and in photo library (or is it just a thumbnail of the file that is stored in icloud?). The file in photo stream is deleted when I delete it or when it’s photo #999, but it’s not deleted from icloud (if I choose to back up my photos in icloud).

Is all that right?

E I N S says:

I am sorry WTF is up with these stupid comments? is this an alien zone?
Is there any human around?

Krystal Patinson says:

If you are facing any technical issues with iCloud account then you can contact to the experts at 1-844-449-0455.

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